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  1. 2 years ago today south metro Twin Cities 60 miles that day!
  2. So in other words, there still is NOT that "You'll never get sick again pill"? I think I'll just keep living the way I am and be happy. MORONIC! I know....
  3. Anyone else notice that "omicron" if you change up the letters spells "MORONIC"!!
  4. This is it!! The same medication I used last year to survive the Covid!! Go ride the sled, ignore everything you see on a screen except Temp and Fuel gauges - it worked last year, and I'm sure the same can be said with this years variants!!
  5. What's my prize for smashing all the Christmas Lights at the top of the page??
  6. Plenty of north shore food runs that resulted in destinations like this! Did any of you run that beginning section of the Gunflint trail off the North Shore where is was pure ROCKS at the end of the season last year?? Nothing but ROCKS for almost 2 miles!! Should have taken a pic of that one for the books.....
  7. The Hi/Low shocks on the bailer XCR's were a major improvement from the "clickers" the Pro-S came with. "Firmer yet smoother" was my description..... And I only ran them about half way up the firm scale. I'm sure I could have tightened them up a bunch more, but for the way I ride, it wasn't necessary. Stud Boy 9" dualies work great for me as well, no shims. I ride plenty fast on trails, I am not looking to test out a tree, nor an oncoming sled.
  8. LOL - Waaaay back when I went to college, a guy I hung out with was going through the Law Enforcement program. Graduated and got a job right out of school as a CHiP. He didn't make it 6 months before crashing into someone and fled the scene while he was drinking..... POOF! Career over just that quick! We all know there are bad eggs in every walk of society....
  9. A from new, trail ridden sled. 1750 miles she seized up solid doing about 35mph.
  10. My company is doing this, because the first ones that WANT to go back in the office, were the ones who were staying in their house for months, and are the first ones telling the rest of us HOW to do it - Masks, Vax Mandate, stay home if you have a sniffle. Meanwhile, the son-in-laws company across the street has ZERO rules, and not one case of Covid in the office.
  11. THIS - And for the record, I think "Xi" would have been a much scarier name than Omicron.....
  12. Does anyone else think it’s funny you took that meme personal, and suddenly…. TDS!!
  13. If I had a family member, or even a friend of a friend do something like this guy, I know I wouldn’t be setting up a GFM or any other type of bail - you’re staying in the Kilnk!! Rationally thinking people don’t give a pass on running over people in a parade….
  14. I can agree with the bold. The way we have handled this from the start, kept the can going down the road….
  15. Looks like it could be functional, but the ATV mounted one doesn’t reach high enough.
  16. Why don't you call that place and ask them what they were charging for a Turkey the last three years and come back and tell us why its TDS in your head..... Again, Dumbass.
  17. There have been probably over 100 turkeys to choose from each day for the last 2-3 weeks in my local store. And let's be honest @Mainecat - That place has a line for ONE reason, and ONE reason ONLY - They grow really good turkeys at that place, and people are WILLING to wait in line for one!!! Dumbass.....
  18. THIS is more true than any meme could possibly show. It's too bad their memories are as short as a rock, and the Media has absolutely ZERO self awareness. And just for the record, Robyn Roberts is a complete MORON.
  19. Same thing is happening in central Sconnie - a bunch of Hospital workers didn't want the Vax so "Available Capacity" went down. But the media doesn't report it as that. It gets pushed as "Full hospitals" due to Covid. But wait, 40+ get run over in Waukesha, did we hear a single word of those people not being able to get in?? NOPE.
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