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  1. right? lol compare that to the 800 piston I have sitting on my desk and I just laughed.
  2. Got the cylinders back for the 340 , waiting on a plating kit so I can finish doing some parts that were rusted to hell then ill start assembling , should have it fired by christmas.
  3. Im still waiting on a check from the last atv round of WPSA lol. Yurk and Dan are back on cats for this year.
  4. back when the cancel bud light thing was going I had a buddy who was a diehard coors guy talking about how he doesnt drink that queer beer so I had to dig up some dirt to piss him off lol.
  5. https://denverpride.org/coors-light-supports-the-lgbtq-community/
  6. Who is giving you your personal tour ? I'd love to talk to them beforehand and let them know what kind of god they are about to be in the presence of.
  7. whats even more interesting to me is how different European snocross is which is more like an enduro- terrain race and their focus coming over here is snocross vs terrain racing.
  8. I did not , I've looked at a cabinet awhile back but never pulled the trigger , I just parts washed it all , then used mold cleaner to try to get most of the dirt/grease out. in the process of re-assembling it now and have the bottom end done just need to get my cylinders back to finish it up.
  9. its the same chassis you bought , But it was no where near production. from a former AC high performance engineer, and racer's mouth - if you land on the throttle with the belt drive it will pop the belt snowmobiling as a whole is shrinking rapidly. The only honest viable sector of it is mtn riding as they are the only ones with guaranteed snow. Pre covid it was 120 , not sure where its at today as there were a ton of concessions made for the brands during that time. Cats XC program got hosed this year due to allowing non es models to the consumer making for drastically
  10. Slim , going through the engine now and sourced bearings/seals , Vertex makes a seal kit and a gasket kit but they dont have the seals for the water pump bearings etc. Got pistons from koch performance and the cylinders are off getting redone. should have it together hopefully by christmas. Its got good bones , few dings and scratches but its over 40 years old. someone had oval raced it , I took off the bars that were on it and put on a pair of what I thought were the GYT srx bars that my grandpa had in his garage when we cleaned it out - turns out they were from my grandpas SSR. itll
  11. Currently redoing this turd.
  12. Except they’re supported by Polaris at a factory level they have multiple people setting them up for people at the races from kids to pros … Kyb does some for skidoo racers and Fox works for very few teams so??? I have one order for tki in, a second going in this weak for both sleds.
  13. Or because of their need to update the 2022s for season 22/23 because they couldn’t produce them in time for round one last year isr required them to wait a year How about the majority of the xc racers getting turned down for catalysts this year …
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