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    If I had to guess And it is a total guess, The XX has some wild harmonics through the engine and that is a contributing factor , but in the polaris rzr's case where the sheaves were blowing apart - thats piss poor casting. On my Old X you could see pits on the faces the the clutches, and I had a primary failure then was replaced with a totally new design - still shitty porous castings. That being said... The team tied that most race sleds use are gorgeous with little if any casting flaws that you can see with your eyes , which makes me wonder are they manufacturing the oem high vol
  2. fortune46x


    Theres alot of strain between Cat and Team in regards to the boss driveline , I can say the team clutches on the race wildcats aren't lasting but 2-3 hours before needing buttons and rollers
  3. got me a 7 day facebook vacation over that thread lol. Stupid holds no bounds there clearly..
  4. and for the love of god dont buy a zr200 - they drill extra holes in the head then cover them in rtv.... smh
  5. Awesome thanks guys! if anyone has any suggestions on vintage forums please drop them below too please. This is pretty foreign to me I just want to bring it back to its glory haha.
  6. Anyone have any good sites/places to look for NOS or otherwise center drive tracks? Got my dads gp433 running this weekend and the track is starting to show signs of weathering. on a side note - 40mph on this thing feels like 100 on my 800... Idk how people rode these damn things.
  7. Lol.. It did turn the sled into a straightline monster but no. literally turned the corner pinned it - it accelerated and boom not even at top speed, I broke the engine free luckilly and went to ride back - still ran great so I thought fawk it and rode it the rest of the day and it didnt miss a beat.
  8. Yessir I did I looked at a 925 with speedwerx, problem is just like everything else the zuke is aging and so is the demand for parts, I would need to buy multiple pistons/gaskets for when they are discontinued if I plan on keeping the sled longer than a year or more. So stock bore it is. I'm pretty sure mine was as uncommon as it gets - when everyone that looked at the piston/cylinder that went down and they find out I had 4+ miles on before it seized they're stumped as it looks like a cold seize (it was in the lower 30's that day and the sled idled for close to 5 min then I t
  9. 4k out of a top end on that 500/720 isn't all bad... 2300 on my 800 zuke and she gone....
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