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  1. the comments... smh Cat will be in Pro class in 2023/24 the nose cone was painted, the upper fairing was painted, the only thing wrapped with vinyl was the windsheld (maybe not sure on this) and the side panels. Tunnels were powdercoated. so I'm not sure where 25lbs comes from but thats an interesting take from someone who struggled on a skidoo that had direct kyb support and steve houle clutching the sled... Just naming the facts here. The "rumor" was that all finish was lighting up skidoos phones before halfway through the season wanting to work on next year. Same person told
  2. You talked about no one ever burning down a ctech 2 , this is talking about that remark.
  3. the only difference from 2019 to current in the sx short block is in 2019 they used a single ring. from 2020+ they use a dual ring thats identical to the production ctech2 and still cracks as Racinfarmer has shown.
  4. Fwiw in 2020 when cat didn't build a race sled and went to the "update" they moved the injector back to the throttle body like the successful 18 suzuki built mill - plugged the injector port on the cylinder due to the 2019s failing exactly as racing farmer has explained. in the future they stuck with this design (injector in the throttle body) vs the injector firing through the slot. They still crack pistons over time with extended time ran at higher rpm (you'll never see that rpm at 55mph) but its been reduced from 2019.
  5. The App isn't out yet. This one proves what we all have known , the factories dictate who goes to what class (ie lebel not moving into pro this year) and what stirs up the sandbagging heartburn from other racers. this is also why the pro class numbers are down , they want to hold racers in classes to talk about championships and market it accordingly vs letting them grow their talents in the premier classes where they may not get the championships This isn't Just skidoo that is doing this for the record.. I'm just using them for example due to the picture shared.
  6. There is a substantial difference of where you ride vs where COR can have a race at. I know Todd and Andrea from COR have worked their asses off to have races in areas that get snow but sometimes its just not possible. State parks, Native reservations etc are not easy to get permits to have compeitions at and sometimes have substantial fees associated with it. Ski hills are a possibility for both XC and SX in the future the difficulty there lies within availability - that's why we were in Iowa in April.
  7. in 2022/23 - 3 heats of pro lite, sport lite, 2 heats of pro women , 2 heats of sport and had to send riders packing .. not to mention the junior, transition, 200 classes that were huge this year. I would say its doing just fine. XC has to build 150 sleds a year. To be honest I think XC will grow in coming years with Skidoo coming to offer support now to racers as well. It has a stronger support section IMO than snocross. My honest opinion , with the weather patterns and the way the seasons have gone (other than this season which is insane for northern, mn and wisconsin and mi
  8. It was worst case - he stepped out after Lieders was committed to the jump. Just like the incidents in the downhill , hard to control jumping on yellow when gravity is working against you and you're already jumping from the top down in rhythm. Docked positions and Jordan didn't even argue what he did. Record attendance at almost every event but Fargo, highest viewership on live stream since switching to flo sports (cross promotion seems to be working), More semis in the pits since I started working for the series 7 years ago, and more pro teams hosting satellite riders in th
  9. you can thank Geneva for that . Isoc wanted to come back but the resort priced them out of the venue .. Also Canterbury is the best spectator viewing in the entire series. the issue with the pro class numbers being down is partially on the series and partially on the oems. The series allows people to defend their title one year after winning it , then they have to move up and have no formal if you place in the top 5 etc in points you must move up. The oems (using Lebel for example) dictate who goes to what class, since they are not forced to move up and you want to use snocross
  10. were they cows, pigs? or other?? I mean that might effect the currency... maybe what we need is a dick expert to weigh in here.. @ZR6000RR @Simple Jim @Gym Ramstud care to weigh in ?
  11. honestly it felt like i added another 50 hp to my sled when I put it in , the weight loss was eh but the rotational mass loss was substantial , we actually went and went higher gearing in it because at the oem gear ratio it was allowing the clutching to shift past 1:1 and it was blowing clutch belts. we have it set now where I can top it out and its not extending past 1:1 and its still accelerating like a freight train... So many dick sales going on , I am curious how many dicks will a used catalyst go for in 2025?
  12. Fwiw I’ve ran a tki now going on 5 years. No failures and the belt is not a rubber belt like people want to perceive it. cat racers have been running tki belt drives on the rxc on ice for even longer than that. The gates carbon chain holds up to shock loads without a slipper get on a 180ish hp sled. the real test will be when they pinch Pennie’s on the belt to see how it survives.
  13. Yes .. that’s why I have more short course race wins and podiums to name in a crew than anyone else within arctic cat offroad including Robby Gordon you dipshit.
  14. That was 110% Claude.. he wanted something big for the 50th and pushed everything for the most part that was 80% in development out the door. The wildcat line they were trying to figure out how to keep the wheels on them without snapping stub shafts off while they were still rolling down the line. Between D&P's Dean Bulloch , and the things we developed with the race program with made them last until you went to larger wheels. Claude and the bean counters gave the wildcat group parts from the mud pro and said make a side by side with this... with zero re-tool budget aside from exhau
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