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  1. 15 belt drives in NH https://www.hardcoresledder.com/threads/belt-driven-chaincase.1887142/page-4 What a stooge..
  2. I look forward to seeing all the nsp clutches at snocross events all year long... because I have yet to see any of them.
  3. I knew this was coming ... you always leave me satisfied.
  4. I dq for anything less than 10 inches of rise.
  5. I'd do it again but idk how to spoof the ip address, I am not that smart
  6. it probably didnt have the proper bar riser on it to spray roost.
  7. He already is ... They were quick on the draw with that one , a pm saying they knew who I was and knew I had been banned and to be nice and respectful , one post and poof. So sensitive.
  8. On the bold , this is the biggest hiccup in manufacturing with plastics right now , while it is recovering resin prices more than doubled. They are coming down now as the warehouses start to rebound but man its a kick in the dick. It is the same chassis as the iqr , the rear suspension is the only thing that changed over the years, this year there will be front end change. The tooling is so warn out for that engine the circular exhaust port is now d shaped
  9. Not really the first overall , but the first TKI to run on flat land that wasn't being raced. Its changed in one model year but this entire platform has been tested for years - pre textron days. No one will see one until 2024 model year since all of the tooling isn't completed yet - hence the 3d printed parts that were on the sled.
  10. It will be at the ski hill , the good thing is they can plan for it and make the snow needed. I am just hoping for a rainless season this year, michigan last year sucked. I was amazed at how well the snow held up.
  11. I actually have been debating selling it . ISR still has a minimum build for sleds, I did not hear if the rxc will be what is on the site or if they will be the new chassis.
  12. and another snocross claim... lol
  13. I'm not saying Rick doesn't know how to clutch a sled... But no serious race team will put a "kit" in a sled and run it as is. No serious race team will buy off the shelf parts that they can source themselves from someone like Rick. And I have YET to ever see a NSP sticker or ricks magical helix in any snocross sled. I can tell you that the clutches change non stop - thats why the pros use two sleds in practice, or you'll see the mechanics changing complete clutches out after laps have been rode. So many variances and variables that one kit across the board will never work in any s
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