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  1. Its only a 2 1/2 hr drive this weekend its closer than dubuque is to me
  2. I wish I could so I could share in your resentment but I think its a placebo effect. "I could do better if I had such and such sled". This weekend will tell , they have been on them since the day after fargo.
  3. funny thing is I was told I didnt know what I was talking about when I said Selby was amazed at how well his new doo handled last year over his cat. Also selby is racing a stocker in mod class yet since his mod isn't done.
  4. Not parts issues. Zandstra was at fargo with his kids out of his rig. It will be interesting to see what happens this week with Kenny on a team and Phillip Harr in Juddys trailer since Nick paid for both their work visas and he ghosted harr after last year.
  5. They're 16 ft truss, and he was easily 10 ft at the peak of going to the moon , the pictures and videos are really deceiving. he was maybe one to two feet away from making it and would have had the wind not pushed him sideways. Semi trailers and large budgets don't win races. knowledge and racers training does. we have the largest pro lite and sport counts we have had in my seven years of doing this , along with the highest livestream audience we've ever had since switching to Flo. The reason the pro class numbers are down I really think is age if you're not moving into the pro ra
  6. My brother has a mint 2001 srx 700 , sled absolutely sings when its out there but my fuck does my back hurt after riding it for a few miles.
  7. Anyone ever fart out a turd before ? No ? Just me in the bankers office ? Damn
  8. What oil should I run in the airon dawg ?
  9. Which one of the natives in the office of shorsey would you rather bang? the one on the left, the one on the right or sanguinette? you fucking weirdos.
  10. sometimes on a saturday I like to sit on my hand till it goes numb pop a tylonal pm , and jerk off and see what happens - do I fall asleep or do I nut - either way I am the winner.
  11. My grandpa had a saying - if you cant fuck through the fat fold the fat and fuck the fold.
  12. in New york yes, In deadwood it was yurk trying to ass pack christian in the corner after the finish and I pulled yurks ski as he tried to accelerate over me (which resulted in a broke foot.)
  13. The last non race chassis I ordered from cat I told my dealer the same and cat exchanged my track for what I wanted with minimal cost. The thing that I don't like about the 137 is the transfer isn't the same, It feels lazier to me (could be me) and there is a slight difference in the cornering when you get off one and go to the other.
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