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  1. I've got a 390 dedicated to one customer , and a 400 with a 54oz barrel that is for odds and ends. I've run out of realestate in the existing footprint so next on the list is a expansion to add more warehousing and production.
  2. its on my list of races, every year I say this will be the year and nope.
  3. You're right , I wouldn't know anything about it , owning a Tool and die shop and injection molding company that's ISO9001:2015 certified that produces and ships parts globally makes me completely clueless on it. Do they have a podcast where I can learn all of it ? What about a podcast where I can learn how to be a drunken spectator ? because working for the series clearly doesn't give me any credibility..
  4. I can tell you that a Jig change is not as cheap as you perceive it to be and if you are adding a rib , or welding up a tool and machining it down for a revision - it is far less expensive then changing a jig - then it goes through the same papp process to be verified for production regardless if its a jig or a casting tool. I haven't listened to it yet , but I was at the event and have been to every snocross event for the last 7+ years. there was two overflow lots for pits and that has never happened in my time going to Duluth , @Ziemann and @Zambroski can chime in to the glory days of snocross and if it happened then.
  5. changing inserts to a mud set (master unit die) or a mold base is a common occurrence and is the most cost effective way to make revisions - you remove a cavity/core and replace with another - its a fraction of what a total tool build is and is the most common practice in the industry. Most molding/casting facilities use the same base and change inserts for various tools. Did you hear this on a podcast too?
  6. @bontz @deephaven Wait. There’s numbers on a website that’s being denied ?
  7. Friday night national entries: Pro 12 Pro lite 28 +30 19 womens 16 jr 14-15 28 200 68 total : 171 now they ran 3 days with the exception of the 200 class +30 and junior 14-15 - meaning they entered every day of the weekend. (sunday they had other classes that didnt run Friday that ran sunday) Regional shootout classes : 18 classes total , 30 racers invited from each each class ran, 540 racers alone that are regional racers (some of which can run national classes on Friday, Saturday, Sunday Combined for Friday was a potential of 1053 entries, There were 1038 entries total for the weekend spanning Friday - Sunday. Math is hard I understand - these numbers came right from the results of Friday Heat 1 for all national classes on snocross.com and the schedule for the regional shootout that can be found at :https://snocross.com/wp-content/uploads/2023-2024_ACS_EVENT_SCHEDULE_09_DULUTH_300PPI-2.pdf How many entries for the entire iron dog were there? 25 teams 50 racers total. The data is in front of you , unless that's only relevant when talking about climate change?
  8. There were no left overs. F8FDE48F-3775-43D9-AA98-1F5987426773.mp4
  9. do you have your american fighter shirt typing this so everyone knows how badass you are?
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