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  1. lol I dont think ill be getting another 7000 unless they find a way to get the engine lower in the chassis so it doesnt roll over itself.
  2. It was great seeing Blair at the races all year last year, sucks with COVID we are missing so many riders and guys like him in the pits.
  3. The Yamaha thing came up when Textron came up .. Yamaha didnt want it for what was being asked. I'd say its another year of BNG unless they have to do something to get sleds into canada next year.
  4. they have a +30 ... lol oh you mean vintage sled class? at one point they did at regionals but that went by the wayside.
  5. I am surprised at that... I thought they would have more of a seat like This
  6. No , I haven't had a chance to even think about it - trying to get my shitbox back together for the weekend for snowfest and geti some vintage iron done too
  7. most cant handle a 600 on a snocross track lol. I want an adult 200 class , 206 briggs engine open suspension mods
  8. Highly doubtful. The misconseption of mods its entertaining. From an engine standpoint There has not been true mod sleds since 2012/13 season (in the 600 platform), in 13/14+ the only thing you could do was twins, and a head cut until the mods went away after the 16/17 season. The chassis now is stock based with material allowed to be added but not removed - the mod chassis was open but not carbon fiber/Ti allowed and it had a minimum weight requirement. most used a stock chassis and added material. In the "mod class" they were required to have commercially available compon
  9. Tucker was a blast to watch because he would mix and match lines , it was never single lined for him nor did he follow anyone for 20 laps. Elias is learning that and its clear as day especially when you watch him passing 2/3 people a lap.
  10. You should smell the line after they leave... burnt belts like crazy. If I had to guess they had the deflection set incorrect or the ECU was set too high with the hot start and the clutch was hourglassing the belt. Usually its a DQ for jumping on yellow , but I think due to the situation they backed off the penalty. He secured a team spot with Thene motorsports late in the pre season and didn't get his "Essential employee" visa done in time for the first two rounds - he is expected to show up at Deadwood.
  11. 1. where do I put my purse? 2. will men be involved? 3. cant too busy soliciting dudes online 4. insert another joke about sucking cock here. 5. id like to but my uncle is coming over to defrigment my drive if ya know what I mean.... Joe sucks, I hope he dies of snake aids .
  12. I am not responding to that shit show on social media - what happend was frank blew a belt , the finish line flagger had his flag up but was in his normal post, and was not directing traffic on the face (like he should have been) which way to go , people jumped on the yellow (you had to commit to the jump early and if you didn't see the flagger it was too late) and that caused the pileup Norum jumped on the yellow on the second time by the finish line. They reviewed it post race and penalized him for it. Normally it would be a DQ but there was more to it is my understanding.
  13. So a few things while I wait for my 11:19 dinner after working 15 hours today on 4 hours of sleep (party) and my back is screaming.. Sorry cube - Steve Houle works for Dan B 221 clutching for him exclusively , Jeremy is working with Cottew, Cole, and Frattalone racing. And Dave from speedwerx is clutching/wrenching for both Cole boys (which explains the reason for Taylors talent for finally shine through) I sealed a total of 5 Skidoo engines this weekend , the Variance between the port specs (18 in transfers, 14 in intake ports, and 13 in exhaust ports and 8 in boost ports) is less i
  14. I think he will give the 200 a run for his money he was off the pace at erx but I think Hunter will be a force to be reckoned with this year
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