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  1. my gripe of the day is cat food - THERES NO CATS IN CAT FOOD!
  2. I believe that night I was considering a swan dive off the tech trailer.
  3. The issue is noise and the dot bitching about the traffic congestion on 169 with no solution offered. The person who submitted a letter to the council has lived in their home since 2004 - 4 years before ERX was started and ERX has grown exponentially since. I know snocross has had a lot of backlash over noise since the mod days. Even Eagle River faces issues with it from what I was told when we were there for two rounds. Bro cans definitely don't help as they are louder now then ever before. Venues like Deadwood where you are literally in peoples back yards and even Jackson Hole (which
  4. holy fuck... there must be something in the water
  5. bet they'll argue that until they're blue in the face
  6. you mean the clutch kits dont protect you from fumes? what good are they
  7. I bet between You Gym and Jim theres alot of clean windows in Minnesota.
  8. oh good ... we needed another one.
  9. I hope he had his NSP clutch kit in to protect himself from the wolves.
  10. I should start a 2023 thread... Alot has gone down already lol
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