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  1. and ordering.... The time I haven't spent taking my hood off has been spent making new selby shirts so thats nice
  2. update: my shit is still sitting in the shop with the top end off waiting for the bottom end to be pulled out.. maybe this weekend.. Update2: checked to make sure my lynx is still there via text. maybe ill head up there with a wad of cash saturday. maybe ill spend it on a life size sasquatch chainsaw carving who knows!
  3. Steve has been with skidoo since Dan Benham went to them, this year he is doing what he did with cat - clutching for a team while providing baselines for the support classes. Complacency will only put cat farther behind and less relevant. I saw it when I worked for the factory offroad team that they were content where they were at and we had to beg for funding and parts. The only interesting thing is talking with Carl last night they're back in sponsoring snocross. I don't know if its at the same level as 2018 but its somewhat good news for the sport.
  4. I blame it 110% on the brass at cat. If they keep Mikes hands tied all the time while hes trying to retain talent they wont have anything to market. Davis, Turcotte, Selby, Kaufman (and having a hibbert working on the yellow flavor now) all of those larger names all left.
  5. I think this will be my new Selby shirt for this year. Technically I never stopped shitting on him - its what good friends do haha.
  6. he annouced he has a new training partner.... and life partner.
  7. sweet... a white snowmobile for racing... smh... Cat shit the bed plain and simple. still haven't heard if I am getting an xc or if I am going to go pickup a lynx in a few weeks.
  8. who the hell cares... the only race that matters is the GOD DAMN SOO!!!
  9. usually a corner seize liek that is from it cold seizing however ... my 800 had it in all 4 corners where the oil holes are and it happend miles down the trail... have your dealer make sure your oil injection pump is functioning properly.
  10. I diiiid. Theres ALOT to the story... he left a few years back to start a vac truck company in Grandby. He still bangs goats - I have proof
  11. Thats why parts of the engine are still in there. I am thinking about just sawz-alling the hood off for easier removal in the future.
  12. My shit wagon has the engine out of it (again) and is getting rebuilt top to bottom end. fabricating some suspension stuff, then going to leave as is unless I find out the blast plastics will fit on the chassis. and hopefully in the coming weeks I know If I'll have a new XC sled or if I am picking up a 850. I just need to find out if a polar bear clutch kit is available yet.
  13. No sir heading to colorado in the morning for the goodguys rod and custom nationals in loveland. Taking an actual vacation... idk what ill do with myself ha! There was a possibility of doing it later in the year but spirit mtn didn't want to... it will be interesting because rumor has it another venue is trying to back out of hosting an event without charging the shit out of isoc.
  14. I do have a rave 850 on hold per say at my dealer. They put it into the demo program but will let me do the demo for them then sell it at the demo price - it still makes my butthole hurt. It will be interesting this year with the new team out of fargo... and the riders they have signed.
  15. I weighed the options ... and I am going to instead drive my shitbox truck to colorado for Goodguys Rod and Custom nationals. I dont even know if I have a sled for this year yet.
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