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  1. 03 F7 all the way. I was race director for a few years at the LHSC club and they just dominated in the 700 and 800 classes in Stock form. Tearing them down everything was stock. I still am the announcer for our races and we have a couple F7's still around that take lots of wins. A great sled and especially for grass with the "hot box" for grass dragging on it. Steve
  2. 301 miles. Actually rode back and forth a few miles to get to that. Was done in North Bay to Sudbury and part way around the BIG LAKE (Nippising) and back. The ride home was brutal on the railroad grade as they only groom(ed) it once every couple of days. Did that on the ZR900. It was GREAT ! Steve
  3. Just looking to see how many people really own a snowmobile on here. 10% ? 50% ? 100% ? After all it is called Freedom Sledder!
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