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  1. Cat will have a new trail chassis, new gauge pkg, refined ergos, rear skid changes but in limited pre order only qtys.
  2. Cat claiming DSI injects fuel into the crankcase and transfer ports. Krom knows better tho...
  3. Wasn't an emissions change. They touted the 1st gen ctec as epa compliant. Theres no way with All the marketing hype around the slotted piston design they engineered and supposedly perfected that they knew it was a 2 yr wonder motor and were already planning ctec 2.0 to meet emissions. That would be terrible product planning on there part. Ctec 2.0 is a complete reaction to 1.0s durability issues.
  4. Sure do. Just took my 11yo on a 50 mile loop today. The 4yo just got his 120 for christmas so he's still getting used to it
  5. You'll see more and more like this...cat guys are converting in big numbers but still want a way to visually reminisce about the past and to also match there cat outerwear they refuse to upgrade. It's gotten so bad that that cat faithful are convinced that the cat green color and the town of TRF are what made cats great in the past and not the group of guys that defined cat heritage that have since quit or been fired since the textron takeover
  6. Looks like stinkipinkis f8
  7. Cat has a proven track record of great business decisions....
  8. I thought polaris did limit orders? I recall on HCS mostly, but also other forums, screenshots of the snowcheck site with limited availability or sold out on some sleds and people claimed it was a marketing gimmick by polaris to get more orders. Then it turned out polaris was rejecting orders and those same people bitched and complained there order was rejected.
  9. I just pulled mine out of an old toolbox the other day.
  10. Does the stop sale affect matryx sleds or axys? The letter appeared to just be for axys rmk and khaos sleds?
  11. I have a 137 storm track with 120 miles on it i may swap for a cobra I already have sitting in the shop
  12. Dang! I have a 99 and 01 polaris 340 my son has about outgrown. For that money I'd gladly dump them this year. I sold our 3rd 340 last spring for what seemed like crazy money.
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