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  1. Too bad the cat greats that initially started the development of this were either canned or left due to textron. This sled will not be released as what was originally intended to be by the guys that started this program. I wish cat/textron luck but don't have much faith
  2. Yamaha argo partnership rumor seems like it could be legit. The 23 cat sled has been butchered down By textron so much that most of the brains behind it are jumping ship....the sled that will be released will not be what the cat greats had intended
  3. Another bad day for acat...Joey Hallstrom has left to work at argo. How are the cat faithful gonna spin this news?
  4. Oh my, ive been around atvs for 28 years and I recall once in my life someone bragging about buying a cat atv...that was a cat brand loyal buddy who bought a Thundercat around 2008 or so...he quickly changed his tune and bought a polaris 850 xp a couple yrs later and has since only owned polaris dirt products while staying loyal to cat snow product....until 2020 when he switched to a polaris 850 xc.
  5. If you were referring to a front suspension id agree, however this is the rear suspension and no ball joints to my knowledge as the rear wheels aren't steerable. By mounting the shock on the upper arm it requires a beefier upper arm as well as a beefy lower arm (rock hits etc). A longer shock generally means a better ride, longer shock stroke etc. This whole atv is laid out very odd by using the wildcat transaxle forcing the positioning of the engine rearward. I'm curious of any other serious off road machine that mounts the rear shock to the upper arm?
  6. You do.realize the new alternative 600 rear suspension shocks are on the upper control arms? I can't think of any other best in class atv thats mounts the rear shocks this way. This is completely a cost sensitive move on textrons part, made for low cost, not for performance or best in class ride and handling.
  7. I predict a "me too" quick accessory add on similar to the lock and ride flex from polaris and linq from doo
  8. 850 miles on my 21 650 vr1 and it fouled 3 sets of plugs during break in, been good since. I blame it on my 11yo son taking it for short rips around the yard, everytime a plug fouled was during warmup after he rode it last
  9. Not his, possibly others. Its definitely in a climate controlled 24hr surveillance bomb proof building getting personally checked on by security every hour.....his dealer says so
  10. I think what's partially killing them is morons like Jim not Gym ramstad not ramstud. Who wants to buy a sled risking running into Jim's type in public and having them try to start a conversation with you based on owning the same brand sled? For me as a customer I'd be fucking embarrassed knowing I paid with my own money for a sled of the same brand ramstad owns and the association that goes along with it. Its bad enough I am on the same sled forum as him, not sure I could handle him thinking were buddies based on our sled brand
  11. If you can't "buy" arctic cat then what argo is and has been doing is probably the next smartest thing for them. Cherry pick their talent, move into their backyard, work a deal with yamaha, etc
  12. Cat won't come with their new chassis until doos patent expires on the pyramidal design. Yammi said fuck that so will go to argo to co develop a sled.
  13. The building Argo occupies in TRF is merely there for ex Arctic employees that have ties to the area but are fed up with, overworked, underpaid and under appreciated by cat. It was a great move by argo and yammi, get the knowledge and talent from ex cat employess without paying the price to buy the whole company. The ex cat employees don't have to relocate to another city, state or country this way.
  14. Its near the main argo factory. Its the new partnership for yamaha. Argos gets to use yammi powerplants in their bathtubs with wheels and the joint venture between the 2 will produce sleds. Yammi is more serious about sledding than textron is so the partnership will dissolve and will allow yammi to pursue more market share in sleds with an Argo partnership
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