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  1. Didnt the old skool mod sleds in sno x run 520 (or similar) chains? Like fricking dirt bike chains?
  2. Its as odd as Textron wanting Cat all those yrs back.
  3. https://shop.deere.com/us/Merchandise-Workshop/Apparel/cl/c/ApparelStore/
  4. They are in the process of buying Cat from Textron. Recently Deeres social media pages have been advertising that they used to make snowmobiles, they also came out with a line of retro JD snowmobile appeal. They are creating buzz and excitement around the nostalgia of the brand before announcing they are getting back into the sport by acquiring Cat
  5. Its hard to beat a doo if you want average. They are very quiet in comparison to poo and cat when it comes to intake and exhaust noises. Handle and ride well too. They are the definition on average. Cat missed the mark big time if that was there aim
  6. Fawk! So according to wise one here Cat is now going after the average consumer?? Textron really has fucked up cat if that is the case.
  7. Jim thinks this is an innovative and genius move by Cat and texteon and only they are smart enough to ever dream up doing something this earth shattering
  8. On ProToTyPE SwitCHBacksZzZz?
  9. So the old cat was bad? And those loyal before textron shouldn't have been? Trying to understand your logic here. What is it that makes or made cat what it is or was? The people, culture, management, the building, the town? Genuinely curious your thoughts here. It's definitely a different company now than what it used to be. So are both versions good? If so. What makes that so?
  10. Hope they retained some of the good old boys from the pre textron days. Probably not tho. Really isn't much left of the old cat as far as people and culture
  11. So, in fact, if it wasnt a production VIN #ed 2011 it couldn't even race...and poo didn't make a 2011 switchback rush....
  12. It's a belt drive system similiar to poos. Contrary to your belief and the marketing hype around it, it's nothing special. Parts will and do fail. Cat isn't using some secret belt material or sprocket tooth geometry here and surely their suppliers are only capable of the same machine tolerances for the bearing bores in which controls the center to center distances and alignment of said sprockets. Don't be an ignorant fool here and continue to believe that these are indestructible and somehow whisper quiet. Any gates poly chain used in any application or industry is capable of failing.
  13. Iron dog follows ISR rules. No way cat, doo and yammi would have allowed prototype poos to compete and win without raising an issue and getting the team DQ'ed. The pics you provided of the finish line are proof enought they they aren't the switchbacks
  14. Based on the rear torque arm location relative to the rear of the seat those sure appear to be the shorty 121 rushes...
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