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  1. Does the stop sale affect matryx sleds or axys? The letter appeared to just be for axys rmk and khaos sleds?
  2. I have a 137 storm track with 120 miles on it i may swap for a cobra I already have sitting in the shop
  3. Dang! I have a 99 and 01 polaris 340 my son has about outgrown. For that money I'd gladly dump them this year. I sold our 3rd 340 last spring for what seemed like crazy money.
  4. That was painful to watch but somehow I imagine ramstad was giddy with excitement after watching it and is hoping the new ceo lady is single. How do you suppose krom is holding up?
  5. Ramstad, krom, stinki....those boys have has a few tough yrs
  6. He used to work at cat..he left a few yrs ago to relocate back to Colorado
  7. This post did not age well
  8. I'm hung up on the fact that most of the guys who made the cat sleds that created the brand loyalty are gone..by choice or were fired. Saying the old guys needed to go to make way for young blood is relying heavily on the fact that one thinks management or a big check book is what makes a great sled. I think it's the people that make the sled great. Loose the people and all you have is a brand name and a location
  9. If ones in the position to sell and wait things out until everything normalizes,then now is the prime time to sell. I sold my 800 indy last winter for what I paid for it new in 2015. I Picked up a 650 vr1 in spring with 120 miles on it for 10k. Should easily sell that for more and use the money towards the new 650 assault I sno checked.
  10. I may be looking to offload a 2021 650 137 vr1 with 120 miles on it. Sounds like now may be the perfect time to list it
  11. Why would a cat faithful buy a new chassis cat next year? All the legendary cat engineers etc were mostly fired or quit on there own. The new cat chassis will likely be a hodge podge of old cat expertise combined with new textron cost cutting measures. There's a reason alot of cat greats quit and there's a reason that some of the few who stuck it out were fired. Smells to me like textron was pushing their ways down cat engineers...many didn't like it and quit. The ones who remained either fell in line with textron or were shown the door
  12. I went 7s purely due to resale. I went with an assault and figure the assault name alone along with all the bells and whistles is more likely to sell vs the standard switchback xc.
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