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  1. I informed a riding friend that you know of 3-4 yr old 850s for dick..he's interested as long as there female owned. I dont see such a sled in the images you have so far provided. He even said he'd take a 3-4 yr old cat 800 for dick as well....as long as its female owned. He'd be interestd in as many of these sleds for dick as you can find...again, as long as they are female owned
  2. So far you've shown fairly equal priced 600s even tho the polaris has 3 times the miles. And a poo 800 is also roughly the same price as a similiar cat 800. I'm not sure what point your trying to make but you suck at it
  3. So a blown polaris with 6 times the miles is almost the same price as this cat!!??
  4. If that was in Minnesota I'd buy it today. Wonder why he let it overheat and take out the top end tho? Don't try to tell me the top end went and then he wrecked the front hear exchanger.
  5. Where's the 3-4 yr old 850s and cat 800s tho? I just learned a 2019 cat and polaris 600 are roughly the same price used even tho the polaris has 3 times the miles 🤔
  6. Whats a 3-4 yr old cat 800 with 5-6k miles on it bring for comparison? Dick, less than dick, more than dick?
  7. A bit of misleading info in this article.... https://trfnews.i234.me/wordpress/the-evolution-of-arctic-cat-from-humble-beginnings-to-dominating-the-snowmobile-market/?feed_id=91860&_unique_id=6419c048906cf
  8. Its definitely a double edged sword. On 1 hand textron saved cat from almost certain demise under there old leadership and business model. On the other hand, I imagine, that running a recreational powersports business is night and day different than running any other business in textrons portfolio. So what is it that the cat faithful love? The heritage and legacy of the brand? If so, isn't that mostly gone by textrons own doings? Will textron be better at being cat than the old cat was?
  9. You care enough to have brought up polaris 2024 sales. I pointed out to you the enormous MFG task and market shift it would take for cat to outsell polaris for 2024
  10. I'd bet polaris makes and sells more 2024 sleds than cat. Cat would need to over double their build to be where polaris was last yr in terms of volume. Those types of volume shifts don't happen overnight
  11. I've heard multiple times Brian was instrumental in development of what was to be the procross replacement. He wanted arctic cat to retain their performance minded image, textron wanted the procross replacement to gain more sales volume. Brian wasn't happy with what they were making the engineers compromise on for the soon to be catalyst. Many of the the ideas were axed or reimagined for cost. What we now know as the catalyst is not what most of the old cat guard wanted it to become. We'll all know in a year if the old cat guard was able to influence it enough before there departure or
  12. I'm pretty sure a quick drive belt for a polaris is more expensive than a drive belt as well
  13. You're saying the average cruiser bike customer can easily mimic the loading a snowmobile driveline sees hammering thru whoops, chatter bumps, clearing approaches, etc?
  14. I was referring to the shock loads a sled see vs a big v twin cruiser or touring type bike
  15. Very different use case. Now if moto x bikes ran them successfully I'd say you have a valid point.
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