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  1. Dow 26,000:

    Ride it Out! market jump.pdf
  2. What's for dinner???

    We did last St. Pats, was so good had to do it again but used the rotisserie this time.
  3. What's for dinner???

    4 hour smoked butt on left, three- 5 hour smoked corned beefs on right. QUESTION: Is the plural of corned beefs corned beeves???
  4. Pork Butt over campfire in the U.P. this AugustBaby Backs on the smoker at home
  5. What kind of wood you using? Do you keep smoking it the whole time or just several hours in the beginning? One last question, can I come over for dinner!
  6. Gotta ask, what is a Walmart wolverine?
  7. Sled Insurance

    $25 Per sled (older, 2-01 zr600 and 1-99 zrt600) and $40 for 2010 legend 27' trailer, total of $115 per year on homeowners.
  8. New Cat 800

    That brings back some great memories. (I didn't give a ship about manufacturer back then either!!!)
  9. Favorite Snowmobiling Pics

    Not much hair left to raise! Got to meet a few HCS'rs that weekend. I remember something about a kiddie pool in the bar later that weekend????? Here is another I found. I think that is the back half of my Yukon in the pic.
  10. Favorite Snowmobiling Pics

    Correct, Not sure the Sands has ever been the same. Had my appendix out just prior to the trip after a 10 day hospital stay so the sleds stayed home and we went up to get away rather than cancel. The first night up we went to the bar at the end of the hotel and it was pretty empty, they were making drinks like gasoline. It was like a game of pinball going down the hall to the total opposite end of the hotel. Good Times! I would be neat to organize another group outing like AOHL or SSGW.