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  1. Goods services, and web/cloud foundation and operation services company. Neal
  2. He's sandbagging. If Amazon goes bankrupt the rest of the country will be in the shitter too. Apparently AWS items are booming. Wish I had some of those code certs. Neal
  3. NaturallyAspirated

    FSCE Dumpers....

    Trump seems to think so... Neal
  4. NaturallyAspirated

    FSCE Dumpers....

    RCP poll set doesn't have him at 50%. Have to use the bias to get there... Neal
  5. NaturallyAspirated

    So i got some shitty news here tonight...

    Sorry to hear Dave. Neal
  6. NaturallyAspirated

    Cancer can eat a dick

    Boo! Cancer sucks. Neal
  7. NaturallyAspirated

    Tillerson comes clean on the criminal.

    It's a toss up. Would not be as bad as the right makes it out to be. Neal
  8. NaturallyAspirated

    What a difference a year makes

    +2.8 ytd for me. Neal
  9. NaturallyAspirated

    FBI FISA Abuse

    No abuse, just catching those nasty terrorists! Neal
  10. NaturallyAspirated


    Fairly ironic after you calling me a puppet. Although I guess maturity and ignorance are not always related... Neal
  11. Perhaps you think it was only truth, but attacking an elected politician isn't abiding by the TOS. If you are reported for such behavior you can be banned. If you are intent on disparaging someone as anti Jew, you best make damn sure it's factual. She didn't do so and is paying the cost for her mistake. Neal
  12. Repeating the same question over and over expecting a different answer is a bit idiotic. You clearly have no understanding of the meaning of the word. I pity you and your ignorance. Neal
  13. NaturallyAspirated


    Indeed it is, you simply not understanding that doesn't make it untrue. A programmed puppet eh? You didn't even know what the fuck was going on here, who owned the stations, or what. Haha get a clue dude. Neal
  14. NaturallyAspirated


    Sinclair owns stations of those affiliates. Their decision to run the spot is theirs. It's an accurate message. Well the message given listed some of the qualifications for such items, as did Sinclair when pressed about it. Items such as pizzagate and Trump endoresed by the Pope! Neal