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  1. the pathological liar in the white house does it again.

    Sandy clam or what? Neal
  2. Why doesn't he hang the current flag? Neal
  3. ****Official Pet Photo Thread****

    Penn coming up to say hi! Neal
  4. What's for dinner???

    Smoked pork chops and taters. Neal
  5. another "that is what i was told"

    People who approve of either one are morons. Neal
  6. another "that is what i was told"

    Lawd yes. Neal
  7. another "that is what i was told"

    Not so, and she is looking better all the time. Neal
  8. Meme thread

    Damn Bitcoin! Neal
  9. Bad Ombre!

    No, can't have hombres here, ask Trump. Neal
  10. another "that is what i was told"

    Trump is a pile of garbage. Neal
  11. Trumps just a real prick

    Trump is a pompous ass. Neal
  12. CBO, ending Obamacare subsidies will increase premiums.

    I'm just going by what all the right wing radicals used to criticize Obamacare... Neal