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  1. Morning, 60f here in Mexico City. Neal
  2. NaturallyAspirated

    It's Presidents Day

    He's a worthless one however. Neal
  3. NaturallyAspirated

    Official Iron Dog thread

    Team 20. Neal
  4. Can't be explained in simple language in one sentence, loophole. Neal
  5. NaturallyAspirated


  6. No, Trump is far and beyond anyone we have ever had in the WH. FFS man. Neal
  7. NaturallyAspirated

    ****Official Pet Photo Thread****

    Those your steeds or the neighbors? Neal
  8. Any NOL carry back/forward is a loop hole ffs. Neal
  9. I wonder how depressing works out with alcohol use... Neal
  10. NaturallyAspirated

    Hey Smails you fing idiot.

    There is snow there every year. Neal
  11. NaturallyAspirated


    Maybe... Neal
  12. NaturallyAspirated


    Republicans, and they are the 8% dick suckers... Neal
  13. NaturallyAspirated


    Well half of the population is below average, so there's that... Neal
  14. NaturallyAspirated

    Meme thread

    If we starve under both what's the benefit of switching? Neal
  15. Buddy just got his 10 year old boy a 2012?? 500 snopro. Good fit IMO. Neal