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  1. Owned

    WTF? Neal
  2. Austin Texas Bomber

    Those guys are commonly white supremacists? Neal
  3. Owned

    No, we should do screening. That would be idiotic. Neal
  4. Owned

    To grow our economy. More citizens/taxpayers working is better for all. We can, and should rework welfare. That is a separate issue. We can afford more coming here. We just need to do a better job of sifting immigrants and fastracking those with exceptional knowledge and skills. Neal
  5. Owned

    Why caps? Why make it automatically a rule to beak? Why not have all those come through not fear getting a work visa or permit? Neal
  6. Owned

    But that's a non-answer, and avoids the solution. Neal
  7. Owned

    You seem confounded by the simplest of statements. Utterly unable to grasp any idea or to input a single original thought. You are a bore dude. Meh. Neal
  8. Owned

    I already did. Good job on not reading and comprehending... Hey, look how smart you don't look! Neal
  9. Trump WH Turnover Rate

    Now higher than McDonalds. WTF is going on there.... Neal
  10. Owned

    Ok so why, and what is a fair number? Neal
  11. ***Official BBQ / Smoker Thread***

    Like my camp chef. The blower squeals a bit when it's -10 out, but other than than no issues! You have a wireless temp probe setup? Neal
  12. The home buying party is breaking up.

    If the house is an investment though! Neal
  13. Meme thread

    Better hope they didn't use a NRA stock photo! Neal
  14. Owned

    Why, and what is the fair number? Neal
  15. Yay! Neal