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  1. They will slowly kill all motorsports in the name of a pay check if people let them.
  2. I know hydro quebec and nb power export to Maine...and they want even more to get further south if the transmission line did t get blocked. Are you energy independent?
  3. coal is fucking archaic tech, still dosent change you can't have a full grid based on solar and wind. Makes the cheap generation a moot point in most climates. Even solar for a camp is a pain in the ass and requires a back up geni. Or a system that costs more than the fuel and generator.
  4. Didn't 840 have updates before the end of the first season it was released? That's gotta be a record.
  5. Having to store this energy makes it less useful. Something most ignore.
  6. Wind and solar Generation is cheap... storage is the issue. Storage of this energy is not cheap.
  7. I'm not sure you grasp the concept that particulate emmsions no matter their origin are the same. Which is made worse by heavy vehicles, this is on average worse for BEVs. Unlike you i do not think taxing the general public for emmisions is not the answer when there are much larger single emitters.
  8. What do you think of the quality? Nicer than rock auto cheap junk?
  9. If you banned a f150 for personal transportation would you ban a model x? That has no other uses than personal transportation?
  10. What did the coils run you? I'm trying to diag a random miss at higher rpm on my LM7. Pondering not getting ko name coils.
  11. Oh just in case... Tyre = tire Mile = 1.6km You guys use mg right?
  12. Sure. But to be really concerned with one and not the other dosent make sense. tire particulate is much worse than modern exhaust particulate. You are driving a vehicle that accelerates tire wear, maybe enough to off set ice emissions of a vehicle in its class?
  13. @BOHICA See.. I asked you if you looked in to it, obviously you have not. As it dosent fit the tesla nut riding. If you care to read about it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/environment/2022/jun/03/car-tyres-produce-more-particle-pollution-than-exhausts-tests-show And, the new gen f150 is lighter on the upper end trim levels. Which puts the body on frame truck very close to tesla sedan numbers, in heaviest format. Now let's compare a suv... the X is heavier than any new f150 you can buy...
  14. Just a FYI.... current gen f150 is 21+ are you cherry picking data? It should concern any one concerned enough to post about emmisions particulate. It's really bad for the environment.
  15. You are back pedaling... lightest model s is heavier than the heaviest charger. A 4x4 crew cab weight 4705 there model s plaid weighs 4756... there for a model S is creating more harmful rubber dust than both.
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