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  1. are those jiz stains? you just need to get the special cleaner and it comes right out.. its not a problem... but the fit and finish.. after you stuff rubber between the panels..
  2. makes sense. they should make a holder that mounts the the side of the rail.. i'm surprised they even stay up on the top like that. you could make it mount to one of these bolts, piece of angle with a notch in for the carbide tip? not sure what kind of equipment you have access too, but its an idea rather than drill more holes
  3. What exactly happens from them being stowed like that? held the shape of the tight bend?
  4. looks pretty close to my 93 wildcat chassis wise. yours is way cleaner!!
  5. snow belt capital of the world... the fuck does that mean, had to shut it down at that.... i get the job is hard but announcers need to just slow down and think about what they are saying, every now and then.
  6. I know on my wife's matrix same thing happens with some devices, the outlet its self is to tight and the device end is tapered. not sure if its the same thing but just to let you know most the time I can really shove it in but its a PIA to get out after.
  7. not the outcome I had hoped for but I gotta say that was a good race!!!!
  8. he looked wicked last qualifier. but those doos are going to be hard to beat... crazy talent
  9. what happened to cam... something looked funny when he tried to get by logan also is the big tripple gone?
  10. wife literlly just said "oh gorse do we really have to watch the snow bikes" ahaha
  11. I just hope the know who owns the field or own it. If have ater if I wasn’t so cheap I’d be running my junk in low snow...
  12. every one just wants the biggest track, biggest lug, and biggest 2S engine I mean we have some off trail stuff here... but its a trek. maybe all these people are always traveling. Ill keep my short track ditch banger.. I have yet to find enough powder in our part of the province and enough of an incline to get me stuck. **not saying ive never been stuck.. just not the sleds fault. although if I had the money... there would be a RiotX alpha 146 in my barn... not as my only sled on that note kinda pissed its not green... pickle green
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