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  1. I dont know.. Eletric vehicles are fast for regular cars. But once you get in to actually fast vehicles they lack. I don't think a sub 7 1/4 mile eletric exists. I wonder how it would translate to a sled? I've been reading up on it a fair ammount lately and the dyno curv does make big power but peaks early and nose dives as rpm increases.. not alot of stuff on making big power, people seem to be hush hush. But I heard on one podcast even if they can slam more juice to the motor the cases will explode with higher power levels at high rpm. Even an S on ludicrous only made less th
  2. 2015 was a banger year here in the east so can't be too bad.
  3. Porsche just had its ipo late last year but really only split as they think they can raise more money. rimac has vag as a big investor. Bugatti is now a joint venture with Porsche and rimac. I think this is just a way to make the companies seem more prestigious but still very much VAG. I would not be surprised if we start seeing the same smoke and mirrors with Lamborghini.
  4. You could care less, meaning you care some?
  5. Oh yea forgot rider forward dosent mean the position of the rider...my bad. Back cattle ass. Little too late but it does look good.
  6. Did they have this on the 05 sno pro.. and angle adjustment 06
  7. You do known its not new tech ... just has a gay name coined by tesla. The US government funded alot of the large presses for this after ww2.
  8. They will slowly kill all motorsports in the name of a pay check if people let them.
  9. I know hydro quebec and nb power export to Maine...and they want even more to get further south if the transmission line did t get blocked. Are you energy independent?
  10. coal is fucking archaic tech, still dosent change you can't have a full grid based on solar and wind. Makes the cheap generation a moot point in most climates. Even solar for a camp is a pain in the ass and requires a back up geni. Or a system that costs more than the fuel and generator.
  11. Didn't 840 have updates before the end of the first season it was released? That's gotta be a record.
  12. Having to store this energy makes it less useful. Something most ignore.
  13. Wind and solar Generation is cheap... storage is the issue. Storage of this energy is not cheap.
  14. I'm not sure you grasp the concept that particulate emmsions no matter their origin are the same. Which is made worse by heavy vehicles, this is on average worse for BEVs. Unlike you i do not think taxing the general public for emmisions is not the answer when there are much larger single emitters.
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