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  1. Cwhite138


    Is that the fault of the clutches them self? As in shitty manufacturing or is more being demanded on these things than ever before? Do other MFG rigs get better life? Wonder if different drive trains are going to start being a thing on these vehicles? The mods are staring to get pretty wild.
  2. Cwhite138


    The truth hurts.
  3. You are right... Getting the rxc would be more appealing if they would let me chose a 1.75 track. You are correct that would be a good route for them but is the seating position an issue on a blast? How different is the chassis from a zr. Once you change all that
  4. Meh its more like the other MFG chassis, cant race with out brace kits. I will say they are rare to see but every single person I know that has seen one in the wild ( venom seems to be the flavor) loves the idea... just not the price. I also bang around the idea of if I would buy a blast, then I think it would be awesome if they just added a 600... they realize I can just buy SX sled.. Soo why the doesn't AC just sell the SX sled to consumers? they un on 91oct now anyway. If I could go finance one of those... I would sell my shit box. The single is neat... that's about it.
  5. post up some pictures of the plugs.. Also what plugs are you running? I know my sled isn't the same but I go though plugs if they are not iridium, BR9EIX. I also run it fat most of the time, probably doesn't help
  6. Cwhite138


    That is the real question. I have seen a few exploded cat primary's on the local sledding facebook page. I don't know the age of the sleds. I mean its different deign and sounds good. Being the low price brand doesn't bode well for having it made some where other than China.
  7. ill pull the sticks and branches that get caught between the panels. Once you don't care about how they look you can have more fun. IM scared if I tried to wax mine it peal off the paint still sticking.
  8. Cwhite138


    Not that big of a release but Seems kind of cool, less rotating mass cant be bad. I tried really hard to find the meme of the kids holding up fish... but failed. http://www.arcticinsider.com/Article/Updated-Inside-Look-ADAPT-Clutch-Interview-with-Kyle-Olason- https://arcticcat.txtsv.com/snowmobile/adapt
  9. Yea snow is like concrete here and no idlers in that location along with the loose straps.. combo of things. I do know that track is not to tight, I normally go a little on the loose side, my drivers have the Nubs that poke though the holes in the track also. I have no clue what they are called.. as far as I know everything else seems to be copasetic ITs impressive how little snow the the track on my snopro kicks up when on hard pack.. I really want to get scratchers but the more I think about it I dont know how I feel about stuff hanging and dragging.. If this kind
  10. I cant even keep my own threads on topic... I should call this fixing Cwhite138's junk sleds... Just though I would add something.. I thought the reason for my rail/slide fuckage on the the snopro was from having no idlers in the front with shitty snow season. I'm sure that does not help.. noticed last night while staring at the sled while Grilling on the porch.. My limiting straps are fucked.. The holes are all elongated and they I don't Think they are doing much of anything. Has any one ran in to this before? In my mind it makes a lot of sense that there is way more pressure wher
  11. I will be in contact at some point! Things on the sledding side of my operation are starting to slow down lol tractor and fence repair seem they they are becoming more pressing. fucking horses Looking at our forecast our season might be done this week... I will be ripping the wildcat next year.
  12. Well my wildcat still looks like this. and because i was riding is such shitty conditions with out enough idlers on the snopro the rail looks like this. Im throwing on new slides and ignoring it ahahah. We will see how it lasts...ill weld a strip on the bottom this summer if it makes me ahah Gonna get some idlers to. I knew my slide was low in that area... just didnt think it would wear down that fast on an after noon trip... i blame the loggers that turned my trail to the trail in to a road.
  13. Fair enough. over deliver under promise
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