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  1. It was my grandfather’s also im excited to get it in working order.
  2. Don’t know for sure lgt 145, 78 to 83.
  3. Welp didn’t have anything small enough at the store fit the plug hole. So i threw the plastics back on. For shits and giggles i tried bump starting it 3 times in 2nd 3 times in 3rd. Squat. I dont even know if you can bump these new bikes. i did find if i try to normally start after bumping it i could make it back fire out of the exhaust... anyway I ave up. Have my own engines to fix. Picked up a little mower that smokes more than snoop dog on 420 and needs 900cca to start lol
  4. I feel like he is on it constantly but who knows. I hear so many bikes but never see who it is from my yard.
  5. honestly feel bad for the grandmother lol Your right tho, I'm gonna get the adapter for my compression tester tonight, now that I know I am missing one I want it lol. throw it on see what it says. Either way the plastics are going back on tonight and bike up the road to its owner. I sent a message and I guess the valves were lashed recently that's why they are in spec. So knowing people, bike wasnt working right, valve lash was long over due got that done. Now the real issue is showing. I also read one post last night that there are cases where these bikes are messing up
  6. I just checked the valves One intake was .002mm over other was .102mm. Exhaust were both .203mm. Here is the spec i was using. Pulled off the inter web. i guess i need to do a leak down test next? Tested fuel pressure, because i didn’t know what to expect i used my small gauge which went right up to 50 psi which is its max. dont think thats the problem. lastly chucked some fuel in the cyl just to see what would happen... got a pop out of the exhaust and thats it. didn’t have alot of time thats all i checked tonight.
  7. that's the second tire! I think he drives it on the road more than the dirt honestly. I feel bad for his grandmother that bought it for him just to wreck.. jealous too.
  8. Not knowing what it was like new, I do feel like it spins like it has compression. I even put a new battery on it as the kid killed his. I was going to make an adapter at work for a leak down & compression test but I do not have the 10mm x 1.0 die needed for the tread pitch...
  9. @Gocky It is pretty roched, you should see it up close. yea has spark.
  10. just looking for some advice, this is the newest thing I have touched other than trucks. kid next door wanted me to look at his 2020 KX250 four stroke. It shunt down on him and will not start. no smoke before hand. I do not know a single thing about this bike other than its newer style engine because there has a second injector in the intake that came out in 2020. I can not find any identifiers any where on the frame for specifics on model. Its got electric start so I am assuming its the cross country model. Of course the kid has no specifics. No hour meter and I know he
  11. 100% Ford cant release anything right now.. and have been fucking up releases since 2019 starting with the new explorer. New F150 issues with the windshields, bronco issues the tops... mach E had some sort of mass recall really early in production but I forget what it was for. how ever if it was some one like tesla.. they would most likely ignore it. They are on a thin line.. however might be a good time to buy in it is going up... if they can actually deliver vehicles. Although not my taste but the new maverick will be a hit. They have something for everyone rig
  12. Oh yea feel the passion. Depressing eh? I've done presentations in front of 300 people when I first started at the company I'm at and it was shitty...so I get it.. I also don't make the Quid she does
  13. its about 5,000 depending on options... so you would be right there
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