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  1. Father in law seen some long track Taigas in qc they were not allowed to take pictures of.
  2. Apparently this is a required item.. https://www.gorillawhips.com/ Fuck SXS owners are even gayer than jeep owners
  3. I have the same gas gauge, I didn't do every gallon tho. just a 20L mark But made sure to put an empty line... I found our the hard way just because you can see fuel doesn't mean its sucking it up lol when its at the line go get fuel NOW
  4. ITs sad I only got out once... shitty winter and when it was good I was away for work.
  5. old people love their gadgets to play with.
  6. I think the t cat will look sick in real life. still all lame
  7. Yea the srx is always sick blue and white. Then 22 red white and gold lettering classy
  8. Cwhite138

    Gas Prices

    if you don't mind me asking where abouts in NS are ya moving?
  9. Cwhite138

    Gas Prices

    I trully think NS is better than NB. We have a lot of red tape.. even for stupid stuff of transfer of owner ship of vehicles. our insurance has killed motor sports events and stuff here also while they seem to have a lot more grass roots stuff going on in NS.
  10. Cwhite138

    Gas Prices

    ah... well shes a shit hole down here bud... less traffic tho?
  11. ..maybe the create is actually top secret this year and every one is gonna be surprised. yea that's it...... they got some super secret plan... its gonna be awesome
  12. Cwhite138

    Gas Prices

    THere is a god damn refinery 45min from me... but QC blocked our pipe line IS this the first time NB gas prices are worse than ONT??
  13. Odd. Essentially all original except one jug replaced and new pistons.... i sucked in snow though the intake box boot a long time ago. I didnt fix when that happened tho so who knows why it different Im gonna run fuel line the same just seems odd. Honestly the two fuel pumps seems really over kill too. Thing is hard on fuel i guess I must have spent 20min trying to put them between the rubber and mount... no way they were going. Seen that diagram on country cat and just put it where they showed. Then got me thinking it could be for clutch aliment correction? Who knows been a
  14. I finally quit being so cheap and bought the stuff to rebuild the skid. I know not a lot of people from NB around here but in case some one see this Bob and Kim at Thunder N lightning are the best. https://www.facebook.com/ThunderNLightningMotorsports i got new and used stuff from them. great service. Either way throwing some dough down made me get back to work...get it ready for next year, if not lazy ahah while throwing the engine back in I got a real kick out of this engine mount... is there a reason for the shims other than the bolt being to long lol? Any one kn
  15. that's be cause so many idiots cant drive and flip them... my dealer shit said once a year they have some one flip on in the parking lot..... easy sale i guess lol
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