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  1. I figured everyone would go quiet on this one .....
  2. We have been spoiled in North America for many decades enjoying low fuel costs as compared to the rest of the world. We have spent minimal resources on public transit,rail system etc. Many of us have arrogantly driven huge 4x4 v8 gas guzzling trucks back and forth to work. Not because we needed to but instead because we wanted to compensate for our undersize wiener. We typically avoid carpooling etc. because we are able to enjoy the freedom and convienience of operating our own personal rolling monstrosity equipped with every luxury imaginable . Grandpa never would have guessed the futu
  3. I doubt he was positive the first time. Just did not want to face the "small fringe minority"
  4. As I mentioned above , I have heard from a friend that he intends to continue running used parts plus
  5. No, just noting one less powersport dealer in the area
  6. Buddy tells me he is still running used parts business
  7. Drove by Polaris dealer in Bowmanville and all signs are down yard is empty . Have not been by in awhiie . Another one gone ....
  8. All I said was that i saw the above screenshot posted on social media today. Nothing more . You are trying to put words in my mouth which I never uttered.
  9. Great link thanks, this clears up lots of stuff.. Get certified every 2 years FALSE ...I did not say this ? Get etest every year FALSE .... I did not say this ? Your sticker is free of fees TRUE Diesel transports large buses rated over 4500kg All Gas vehicles are exempt These heavy polluters need to be in check. Seems like all the up roar was fake news - thanks for clearing that up ######LEARN TO READ######
  10. Guess you can't read . As I posted originally, I got this off social media .....nothing more ... But I looked up the link for you . Appears to be Commercial vehicles to start. https://www.ontario.ca/page/driveon-emissions-and-safety-inspection-program
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