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  1. Kinda getting bored ......can we return to the finger pointing and the name calling now?
  2. Not really interested in following the clubs . Like i said b4 ......i am out anyway ..
  3. Looking at the map i noticed all my local Northumberland Forest trails were shown . There is no snow here so they were the expected red colour. I was surprised to see them on the map thou as i was told the trails were permanantly closed. Got excited thinking something maybe changed. Emailed OfSC asking if the trails were going to re open and that is why they were showing on the online map. They responded the club controls the trail colour and that i should stay off them if they are red. I also received an advertisement to buy my permit early lol. Makes me wonder how many other non existant tr
  4. Interesting . where can I find this ? Did some searching and I did find this on CTV news which seems to agree with the chart you have posted. "Of the new infections reported Tuesday, 673 cases involved people who are unvaccinated, 132 were in those partially vaccinated and 148 were in individuals whose vaccination status is unknown. The remaining 2,500 infections involved people who are fully vaccinated."
  5. Not to minimize the gravity of someones death. Id like to point out that based on the numbers posted here the number of fatalities in the above example using 25,000 people would be 5 not 50.. 25,000 x 99.98% =24,995
  6. Wife works in nursing home. Something like 250 residents in this home. All residents and staff vaxed. Couple months ago they had a breakout in one ward . Staff moved quickly to isolate that one ward and contain virus . Iirc 27 residents lived on that ward . End result every single resident on that ward contracted covid . 5 fatalities. Vax was miserable failure. Health unit reported to the public that vax was huge success because in a home of 250 residents only 27 got covid and only 5 deaths . They did not lie ..... they just did not tell the truth.
  7. your answer would be Nov 9 2020 6:45 AM when they told us the first vaccine would be more than 90% effective in preventing Covid 19....
  8. Wow lol ..... too much coffee this morning haha
  9. Sad but true . I think as all the southern ontario riders slowly realize this and begin to drop out the ofsc is going to feel the pinch more and more due to the reduction in permit sales . It just looks like things are going to continue to decline for this sport.
  10. I respect your choices as well. To each his own.
  11. Very true. Even vaccinated it is best to try to avoid as much contact as possible .Thats why I stand by my earllier statement. I personally have no interest visiting the one country which is currently reporting by far the most active cases on the entire globe.
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