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  1. Do any republicans really believe Donald Trump could get the nomination?
  2. Lmao!! The new cat engine is 858cc and it's lighter than the current 600. Watch the video, it explains why...
  3. I do not hate america I hate the government for what it has become
  4. Getting my F1000 studded finally.... 1.405" Woody's Grand Masters. After I'm done studding it, DD service. Whatcha got going on?
  5. Fox News reported that the Biden administration is withholding federal funding meant for schools through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965. Their target? Schools that feature hunting and archery programs for young people. Fuck you Biden.
  6. If you think hardening our schools to protect our kids is wrong, you need to shoot yourself in the head, right now.
  7. Anyone here suffered one? tell me about afterwards.
  8. 5 minutes ago looking North from my backyard and there's smoke in the air right around the house.
  9. You nooks better get this shit under control you're stinking up my whole area and the backyard smells like a fucking tire fire. You better get it under control.
  10. The real threat Is not Islam It is the amish
  11. At least these allegations are about a female that is of adult age. Also I bet they are not even true. At least he is not a pedo like your guy is...
  12. Why don't you go Do what you do best? What's wrong no penises near you to suck?
  13. You're canadian we don't expect you to get it you are a subject. the n f a makes zero sense and should be repealed
  14. But this shit never happens. There are more home invasions than there are mass shootings per year way more.
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