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  1. An n-size of 16 patients isn't much of a clinical trial at all. Sounds promising but not much to go on. You'd think it would be a higher priority. in the meantime though, yes, it'll get bogged down with the FDA for the next ? years... Bureaucracy at its finest.
  2. https://shawnryanshow.com/blogs/the-shawn-ryan-show/srs-87-michael-shellenberger-californias-homelessness-crisis-part-1 ...and part 2. Good listen about California, Newsom, homelessness, drug addicts, etc...
  3. I agree. Paves the way for Newsom.
  4. Starbucks tastes burnt to me. Don't mind Caribou but around me we have Moka, it's decent. Much prefer Black Rifle from home pot though. Cheaper and tastes MUCH better.
  5. Hosting for 7 others including our kids, plus daughter's boyfriend coming home Thursday morning from Ft. Brag...errr Liberty and my uber liberal/socialist/vegetarian/non-salt eating/judgemental mother-in-law.... Trip to liquor store on schedule for tomorrow for coping fluid! Cooking 2 chickens on the GMG, maybe a pork loin too.
  6. Yes, thanks for sharing. I was never a huge fan of the cities, but now I avoid the area as much as possible. Being from the land of cows and rocks, this just solidifies my view of the state government even further. I can about imagine how much more power they're going to try and seize in the upcoming legislative session.
  7. Yeah. I know he had some health issues, heart valve being one of them, but seemed like more, other than branch incident. People don't get transfusions for no reason, but none of my business anyway. Wishing his family peace. Lots going on with the new home and coming winter.
  8. RIP. It's weird, didn't put a whole lotta stock in his forecasts, but he nailed it sometimes and I really looked forward to his forecasts during the winter. I'll miss checking his website. Sad for his family.
  9. Also had my identity stolen to the tune of about $2500. Got most of it back but took a few weeks.
  10. Mid to late 90s we had all the Clarion decks and disk changers stolen out of the bigger Sea Rays on the lot. F-ing bastards.
  11. https://vimeo.com/event/3866742
  12. If he wants to earn peoples' votes, then he should debate. He's not the incumbent. Seems pretty simple.
  13. Nailed it. My kids had friends in high school who were gay, trans, pansexual, and whatever else they could think of. Now, 95% of them are straight, a couple are gay, none are any of the other things they claimed to be at the time. There was a teacher who started the "Gay/Straight Alliance" which, in my opinion, led to all of it.
  14. Perfect timing for this thread! I'm about 50k in on a set of Ko2s and they've been excellent up until now. Great in the snow, noisy but not horrible, rotate them about every 5k and still have good tread left even at 50k. However, they absolutely suck ass in rainy conditions now. Got them on a GMC 1/2 with a 6.2 and all I do is fishtail when it's wet out. Looking at Falken AT3s, General Grabbers, Duratrac RTs, not sure yet, but need to do something this fall. The Ko2s have been REALLY nice to have in some seriously horrible conditions so I want to stick with something more aggressive.
  15. 2019 Bourbon County Stout
  16. Too bad he didn't have the cybertruck with the bullet resistant glass!
  17. We joined the Crowd briefly just after the announcement, but went and looked at CKX helmets instead while we waited for the crowd to clear out a bit. We walked back over about 45 minutes later and there was still a considerable crowd, but we were able to get to the stage and eventually take our turn sitting on the sleds too. I did not attend last year though.
  18. Wife and I just spent the weekend at Superior Shores. Drove to Grand Marais and went to Voyageurs Brewing, then worked our way back. We drove up toward Lutsen but 61 and every stop along the way was an absolute zoo. Won't be staying at Superior Shores again. Castle Danger Brewery was cool though.
  19. I'll try and buy one if I can get one, depending on the price. I will however, keep my '20 ZR as a spare even though I'm sure I won't want to ride it after a catalyst. I normally wouldn't buy a first year anything because I've been burned in the past, but I'm due for an upgrade and I'm not QUITE ready to switch brands yet.
  20. I slept in because I had to register a truck I bought. My wife woke me up saying a plane had hit the WTC. We watched the 2nd plane hit. Went to DMV and everyone was glued to a small tube TV in the hallway. Drove to my job at a HD shop and we watched TV pretty much all day every day for what seems like months. Didn't have much for customers for a long time. Those images and feelings are still very close to the surface. Life went in a different direction that day.
  21. Can't forget 9/11, I think of it often. I remember when Massoud was killed. My daughter will be doing the 9/11 challenge in the AM with her 35 lb vest, on a stair stepper unfortunately, but she'll be doing it nontheless.
  22. I visited Dachau in 1988 when I was a teenager. I walked through the front gate, the gas chamber, and I walked passed the ovens. I saw the pictures and the film and learned what happened there. I saw the belongings that were still there from the "prisoners". This seems like another instance of applying a modern day lens to something that happened in a war where ALL experienced brutality never seen before, or since. Making judgements without the context of those who were actually there and what they experienced before and after Dachau, is just another misplaced effort to show someone's "superi
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