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  1. Hayward Power Sports has been awesome for trailside service. Easy to deal with and accommodating. However, like you said, lots of Illinois and Twin Cities people that come in and point, and write a check. Happens in the summer as well. New Lund out of the checking account!
  2. Here's what's happening at the hospital in my neck of the woods. The high census consists of a lot of additional patients with Covid along with the regular population of patients that are septic, have chronic diseases that require hospitalization, traumas, women having babies, sick children, etc. Surgery has reduced the number of cases being performed due to the lack of open beds. The ER is crazy busy, every single day, and they've been having to hold patients that should be on a medical floor, for up to 50 hours. The air medical transport gets called from other facilities to pick up patie
  3. Team Marine is a good shop. I would bet they have quite a bit of experience with Opti's...
  4. Thanks guys. There's been a couple of times when I thought he was done, but he bounced back both times. Just trying to keep him as happy as possible while we still have him. 01MXZ800, my apologies, don't mean to be a downer on your thread. Congratulations on a beautiful lab pup!!!
  5. This is Finn. He'll be 11 in a little under a month. He's dying of cancer and will likely be gone before the weather gets cold. He's been the best dog I ever could've imagined.
  6. Sorry to hear about your friend...
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