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  1. soeaster

    V-Max 540?

    Thanks! Yes, little pricey.
  2. We missed the exceptionally low rates but we're still happy with where we are. Should have it fully paid off within 6-7 years at most.
  3. We refinanced to 3.875% during the pandemic and owe well under $200k. Have 1 car payment (wife's, <$15k), a small balance student loan (also wife's) and utilities. Should all be gone by Christmas besides the mortgage. Fuck this rabid spending trend!
  4. There is a single standard for both males and females in the fire service. Women have to meet the same standards as men. Would you be able to drag 225 pounds of dead weight out of a burning building or down a ladder? If you could, you'd be a rarity. Firefighting is a team sport, they do things as a group.
  5. Both my son and daughter just graduated with Associate Degrees in Fire Protection. Both of them have been volunteers on the local Fire Dept for the last 2 years and they aren't 21 yet. My daughter was the only female in her class and graduated near the top. She did everything the guys did and some of it she did better because she's smaller than them (think confined space search and rescue). Most of the guys in her class wouldn't talk to her for the first year but she earned their respect by being a bad ass. She also rides an 800 Cat and does all her own maintenance. But maybe I should just tel
  6. soeaster

    V-Max 540?

    Anyone out there in the midwest looking to sell a mid 80's V-Max 540? I've been looking and there certainly isn't much out there.
  7. Gorgeous lake in the summer but I've never ridden it in the winter.
  8. Thanks! Looks like a spot I know on Lake Vermilion.
  9. I've done both also, plus a combination of the two. My back is fucked so I'm fortunate that I have a mostly desk job now. Physical stress and mental stress are both killers.
  10. Triple Mash Dragon's Milk
  11. Ended up with 11" locally.
  12. All the cops I know feel the same way, and that they won't be the ones collecting guns door-to-door if the order ever came down.
  13. https://cops.usdoj.gov/ric/Publications/cops-w0858-pub.pdf Summary of Findings The information contained within this report yielded the following summary of findings for law enforcement chief executives and practitioners: Calls for Service ➢ Calls related to Domestic Disputes and domestic-related incidents continue to represent the highest number of fatal types of calls for service and were also the underlying cause of several other calls for service that resulted in law enforcement fatalities, including some ambushes.
  14. ...and it's even better on tap!
  15. Loved watching those guys back in the day!
  16. Just built myself a gin and tonic. Cheers.
  17. My '96 was a rocket when the carb switches weren't causing backfires and broken reeds. That, a broken motor mount, a pipe issue... Once everything was ironed out, it was a hell of a runner.
  18. I said I'd never buy a first year sled again after my '96 ZRT 600, even though it technically wasn't the first year. Had some issues with that sled. My '20 ZR 8 is the first year with the "updated" c-tech and it's been good. The Catalyst chassis will have a year of consumer use out of the way by the time the big bore is released so at least the chassis won't be brand new by then.
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