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  1. I met John a few times, usually at Dixie's.
  2. I messaged Michael Brandt about it on Facebook. He said indeed, the trails were open. He said he would look into why the signs were still up. This was well over a week ago now, but I ain't been up there since, and this weekend, we're riding in Sconnie. As long as the gates let me thru, I'm going.
  3. I rode my wheeler on the Wild Country Trail yesterday out of the Alger (highway #2) lot in Two Harbors. I saw there were many places along the stretch that had signs up, saying the trail was closed until further notice, but... the gates were all open, so I went up to Finland for a burger at Our Place. Why would they leave the signs up?
  4. Never enuff!! Only 2800 for me, usually in the upper 3k to mid 4k. Not gonna be riding in May (or even April) this year... drat!!
  5. Could be my last ride of the year... most everybody says this winter sucked for snow around here in Minnesota, and a short season happened. But, I did manage an early ride October 28th, and today is the first day of Spring. I got only about 2/3 my typical mileage, and this stint shows the last remnants of the only decent snow left. Areas in this video were from Grand Portage, and the Moosewalk near Finland. The hardpack base is almost gone, so new snow will barely hide the problem areas now. Everything is soft, and like mush. Rocks and dirt are prevalent. But, I had to get out one more time!!
  6. You only miss that corner once... No need to ask how I know!!
  7. Just a little heads up. Still planning on getting this ride in. Keep in mind, conditions might not be perfect, and we will most likely encounter some snirt, bare spots and hard trails in the early mornings. I would suggest having scratchers, and avoid over heating.
  8. For those who have gathered here, I want to extend an invite to partake in a riding opportunity... from HCS: Still figgering out the exact agenda, but suffice it to say, finally, we will be starting this edition out of Silver Bay. Saturday, March 6th, at the first lot, about 5/8 of a mile up from the only stop sign on the main drag thru Silver Bay. Leaving at 9:00. If you are running late, give me a call, otherwise be ready to go!!! 9:05 it's eating dust time, and playing catch up!! Phone is 218-391-8507. Texts will carry when the cell phone coverage begins to fade, so t
  9. First post on here... I'm still on HCS, just breezing in to see how things are going over here. I was hoping to have had a couple dates for a Brisk Pace ride, but with the crummy trails and late start to the season (Boy did we get a great season in last year, or what?!?!), I have been reluctant to confirm a specific date. We did ride in the Portage a couple weeks ago, and those trails are/were about as good as they come. So, we will prolly have one of those late season rides up there. I'm anticipating on getting my new sled (the old "Timebomb" is long since passed, but do have my crusty ste
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