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  1. On my way to the Trestle, and more sunset pics from today. Axles are nice and quiet again. Creeks are scant with water, saw 1.5 puddles along the trail.
  2. I've been to a few of these... Great stuff!! https://grantsburgwatercross.com/
  3. Rode last Friday from Two Harbors to Finland. Any time I slowed to under 15 mph to negotiate a part of the trail, or stop to take a picture, the bugs swarmed on me like a neon sign said free lunch. I got a couple axles grinding on me, so I gotta replace em again before another venture happens.
  4. Sez the guy who sold his sleds and moved south...
  5. I met John a few times, usually at Dixie's.
  6. I messaged Michael Brandt about it on Facebook. He said indeed, the trails were open. He said he would look into why the signs were still up. This was well over a week ago now, but I ain't been up there since, and this weekend, we're riding in Sconnie. As long as the gates let me thru, I'm going.
  7. I rode my wheeler on the Wild Country Trail yesterday out of the Alger (highway #2) lot in Two Harbors. I saw there were many places along the stretch that had signs up, saying the trail was closed until further notice, but... the gates were all open, so I went up to Finland for a burger at Our Place. Why would they leave the signs up?
  8. Never enuff!! Only 2800 for me, usually in the upper 3k to mid 4k. Not gonna be riding in May (or even April) this year... drat!!
  9. Ya, we base out of east of Spooner for most of our rides in Sconnie. Plenty of fun stuff to ride.
  10. I was referring to big Zambo... he's lost several years of riding when he was around. And often late to the show... We'd love to get with you in Solon, you guys do a great job on those trails. Only problem I have is those boring straights, although not terrible 'cuz there's no speed limit. i like that part. but some of those corridor runs are snoozers. Yep, when we can put together a Brisker, I'll get hold of you and see what you have going. Many of our "scouting runs" we get in before the main rides are pretty fun, too!!
  11. Could be my last ride of the year... most everybody says this winter sucked for snow around here in Minnesota, and a short season happened. But, I did manage an early ride October 28th, and today is the first day of Spring. I got only about 2/3 my typical mileage, and this stint shows the last remnants of the only decent snow left. Areas in this video were from Grand Portage, and the Moosewalk near Finland. The hardpack base is almost gone, so new snow will barely hide the problem areas now. Everything is soft, and like mush. Rocks and dirt are prevalent. But, I had to get out one more time!!
  12. Nope, just pop in once in a while here. Lots of guys I knew over there made the migration permanent.
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