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  1. Still have the REV. I'll let some other members fill you in on how I tweaked it. It lasted 18 hours on craigslist at asking price.
  2. Here's a deal on a great sled if you need one Zam. 2011 Skidoo GSX 1200 LE - atvs, utvs, snowmobiles - by owner -... (craigslist.org)
  3. Don't waste your time & money. This here is ATV conditions. 2 new bridges are done though up by Reserve tracks south of 11.
  4. Nope. Rode hard and parked wet. She's due for an oil change. I did put new wear rods on.
  5. I tried my luck on the sled today. Ripped the trail around TH. Yes that was me the no helmet guy 😆. I should have had one on im not healthy enough to ride.
  6. Make that 2 people you know who have had bad reactions to the shot. I was neither for or against it at the time, it was still a choice. Now I'm full on Lets Go Brandon. Fuck all of this.
  7. I noticed a change at work 4 days before I cracked. Idgaf Was going to stay at a friend's house for 10 days and drive back. I got that now too. Anybody can get it. I brought some good ones home and a few carts.
  8. Possible psychosis. Life's been going downhill since April 19. I've seen doctors 25+ times since then. I have a nice collection of uppers and downers. I can't do shit. That little fucker Frankie might have been right about the brain eating amoeba.
  9. In Colorado, hospital employees must not be required to wear masks?
  10. It's a long story involving MN rust causing the rear subframe of my car to seperate and the wheel locked up an hour out of Denver. The train on fire was the thing that elevated everything. 1 train on fire and 2 trains stopped and waiting and then me broke down 3/4 mile away watching it all for over 3 hours.
  11. Nope I got the whole EMS crew worked up so they strapped me down to the table in ER then I told the nurse I was gonna stab that needle right in her forehead. It was lights out after that. I came too standing at Best Western with an Uber driver with my credit card checking into a room. I was lost as fuck.
  12. Hey sweetheart. I had a eventful trip to Denver that ended like this. Transported back to MN.
  13. been sick since April they want to throw me in the nuthouse! It was a Skidoo and the modules are bent
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