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  1. I have those same scratchers and I didn't trust them staying up no matter what kind of hinky bracket I could make. I used a heavy duty zip tie on each side to zip it to the rail. 300 miles on so far this shitty snow year and I haven't had to snip them loose yet.
  2. Consider using locktite or at least lock washers on the nuts for your little brackets there.
  3. Scratchers will help the slides from melting to the rails also.
  4. 75 miles on today. The wife took it like a champ! She'll sleep good tonight!
  5. It's thin but 10x better than the Yukon. We are riding the ditch back to Hugo's. Forrest Roads from there to Kane Lake.
  6. Ha yeah Yukon is brutal. Came from Hugo's, at Pequaywan now. Trails are spring like crap.
  7. They have fire pits and wood fuel where the gas pump used to be lol. Looks like they got a dusting there and didn't get all the rain.
  8. There has litterly been cars wrapped around the building at all times since the first shutdown.
  9. I'd say he's winning getting his insurance company to pay for a big 10 inch. His favorite Culvers has cars lined up around the building all day long. Drive thru only. Maybe try that on a sled
  10. I don't think he'd say anything, just a blank stare.
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