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  1. I'm holding out for the heads up display option, or Terminator Vision.
  2. I think it'd be great if he got a severe case of covid and became a long hauler. That would be the icing on the cake. If he doesn't catch the cold then he'll still be the same asshole.
  3. Oh yeah we talked about it today haha. We won't be missing that one again. I even circled it on the map in the shop.
  4. So I blew a corner last week and turns out that orange skidoo found the same corner lol. Pretty low odds of that happening.
  5. I was banned from hcs again for dup acct.
  6. Same puller across decades of Polaris clutches, same clutch puller I bought for an Indy 500 works on my RZR.
  7. To update the OP I have decided to rebuild this engine myself to save some money, the snow is gone so the hurry is over. Al's is getting good reviews and I bookmarked them for future reference.
  8. Lutsen to Portage with the hcs crew today. Awesome ride!
  9. Starting point moved to Lusten lot off co. Rd. 4 at 9:30.
  10. 91 miles tonight. Met 2 northbound groomers and 1 southbound groomer on the NSST. Rode to The Trestle which was closed and back to the Frst Hwy 11 lot, with a little side trip to the straight stretch south of the NSM RR tracks. Best trail is north of the Hockman Trail turnoff, pretty choppy south of that. The Tomahawk is choppy. Great night under what looks like a full moon. Only met 2 other sleds.
  11. I'm riding after work tonight from the Silver Bay hwy 11 parking lot about 9:30 PM, heading north.
  12. I used to do my cars and trucks every spring. Cars would take a good 3-4 hours good detail & wax, trucks are a good 5 hour job. I'm done with all that shit now, it rusts out anyways.
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