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  1. I really didn't want to have to go in reverse, but ended up reversing over 200 yards to a spot I could turn around.
  2. Ran into a family Saturday, didn't get sprayed but the black and white devil was flying down the hillside and around 6' from my door by the time I got it in reverse.
  3. Wish i seen the ad sooner, could have gotten the full 2nd sled the motor was pulled from.
  4. Removing old product from the vending machine at work, noticed the Gatorade that was in the display case for 18 months no longer looked like the drinks inside that were from the same package. Cap was bleached and the cool blue drink turned greenish.
  5. Mostly got it to replace the 1998 600 i have with a crank that is ready to snap in the same place as my last 600, may look for a new 700 crank to drop in the motor that is in the sled (pto snout snapped off in primary) but plan to use the 700 motor on my 2001 project sled
  6. Faint in idaho but still visible.
  7. Boise to the West. Mountain Home to the East
  8. Holy shit, three new pages of memes to catch up on today..............
  9. Some kids suck! Had them clean the garage 2 weeks ago and I came out to grab some elk meat last night, about 100lbs thrown out......
  10. It's the exact same spot as my last 98 crank that went. Maybe try to find a 700 or 800 to drop in next season but for now I put it back together and parked it for the summer.
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