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  1. Bought two or three ugga-dugga's should get her to stay put Jim.
  2. Cat fans standing in a field in Eastern Minnesota this morning........
  3. Nearly same sled i built, 2001 mountain cat 600 with a 98 zr motor, doesn't get out of the hole fast either but as soon as it hits 5k it takes off as it should, those old non power valve 600's have no bottom end so clutching is key
  4. Doues not look like a great deal of fun..
  5. My guess is it's a boondocker kit since he tagged them in that post.
  6. Knew it wouldnt be long before someone boosted a catalyst..... https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cpl8L4cjvBy/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. Here is some footage of what YAMAHA has been developing the past few years with their single greatest engineer inside japan....
  8. To me its a little young, could be an area with minimal traffic but idk. On dirtbikes my 5 and 7 year old sons can ride but are learning so i only take them around camp on singletrack trails, or ride on the 3 acre track i built last year at home, I just dont trust other people enough to go out on larger ohv trails.
  9. There was, then there wasn't........then look what we have this year....
  10. Right? Just like the catalyst "cougar" photos that went around last summer, pretty sure every windows pc has snip-it as a standard program or download another screen capture app that doesn't look like ass.
  11. Not really even BNG from cat for the non catalyst (legacy) sleds, same graphics just swapped the 2023 orange accent color for green in 2024....
  12. Another interesting patent i just noticed, a flexable front skid arm. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20220396333A1/en?assignee=Arctic+cat&oq=Arctic+cat&sort=new
  13. The only benefit i see here in Idaho is certain mountain passes do not allow trailers such as Teton pass between Jackson hole and Idaho has a no trailer policy during the winter, other than that i rarely see a sled deck where i ride, its either trailer or one in the bed by itself. Damn things cost more than a decent used 2 place trailer, and really no easy way to load a broken sled other than rope over the cab.
  14. "Its a really good engine"
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