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  1. Drove three hours last night to pick up a sled in dire need of some love, moving up from a 2001 Mountain cat 800 to a 2013 M8000. Cons: steering slop, need to remove wrap, broken ski loop, no keys and im sure ill find more. Pros: 12 years newer than current sled, reverse works, paid less than $3500, has clean title, great suspension, no missing lugs, under 3k miles.
  2. I think i found all the remaining SnoHawks in existence for sale, cheaper than a kit for your bike....
  3. IDK what was said in the video but snowest just pulled it down....... i only seen the first 22 minutes. This is what they put out, its a shorter video.
  4. Here's a summary written up by snowest Forum member boondocker97: "Just listened to the hour and twenty minute long SW podcast on spotify. Here are the main points: Tested all 154 length tracks. Some 3" lug and one 2.6" lug. 3" was the definite choice in the deep snow they were in. 2.6" trenched a little more. SW staff does not like the current Alpha Ascender. Like at all compared to a Polaris or Ski-Doo. Catalyst feels nothing like the current platform. It's lighter, more balanced, predictable, and the Alpha skid in this new chassis doesn't feel like the Alpha in the current ch
  5. 2-up snowbike for the trails anyone?.......
  6. This is what was in our company sleds at the start of the season, boss has an account with local GS and puts in 91 (w/ethanol) the second time we went to a Mountain Top communications site one sled would barely idle then die, brought them back to the shop after suspected fuel issue, the blue tint was from the running sled, and the other from the non running sled. Dumped both sleds tanks into a new trash can at work then skimmed the gass off the top (coworker put it in his old pontiac) and we were left with 3 gallons of Ethanol/water out of 20 gallons total. Replaced filters and fuel
  7. Sundays maiden ride of the Black Frankencat was a success, the Wife really enjoyed riding it over her 98 ZR 600.
  8. Another Arctic insider article posted about the Riot. https://www.arcticinsider.com/broken-arrow-studios-2024-arctic-cat-riot-catalyst/
  9. I keep going back to look at that patent and the PPE patent and looking at their catalyst to see if it is possible to shove their parallel path turbo system in there (particularly the one with the turbo right off the Tri-pipe). would love to see a video of one of their turbos in testing even if its on a bench to see why its beneficial to seperate the turbo from the pipe. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20220170407A1/en?assignee=Arctic+cat&oq=Arctic+cat&sort=new
  10. Had the day off today, got 7" of snow while I was home, test drove the 600 mod then got into the scrap pile and fabricated a rear bumper for the 800 that i put used running boards on last weekend.
  11. https://www.arcticinsider.com/first-ride-on-2024-arctic-cat-catalyst-models/
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