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  1. Trail Update: The Yukon has been groomed this week however with warm temps and no snow, it is in poor condition. And will not be groomed a second time this week due to temps and lack of snow. The Dixie Spur (trail leaving from club house) will be groomed if temperatures drop, but will likely be in poor condition as well. Corridor Trails ( town access trails to state trail) all grooming is suspended until more snow falls. The Corridor has several bare spots and is in poor condition as well.
  2. Not sure if he is in business anymore. All of his phone numbers I had from him are disconnected.
  3. Haven't heard anything yet from Bob, swing over to him and see what they have planned.
  4. Been grooming since 2011 with our club. We have 3 2000 series Tuckers.
  5. Really wish we still had this one. 1975 Scorpion Brutt 440 liquid cooled 3 cylinder.
  6. This is the first sled I learned on. Scorpion Trail-A-Sled serial # 2 I'm sitting standing in the middle.
  7. Looks like the weathers guessers blew it again.
  8. If the snow comes this week like the weather guessers are saying, we will be grooming the Yukon this weekend!!!
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