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  1. How about something from the mid 60's? I'm driving and my sister "skibogening" Old Scorpion with serial number 2
  2. Silver rapids lodge Ely Mn. Huge cabin called the retreat Also has a sauna in the cabin. Fireplace in the basement. Clean and friendly people .https://www.silverrapidslodge.com/
  3. Were they taking lessons from the Duluth planning committee???😬😬
  4. I realize the risks involved. I have step by step instructions for the wife on how to do the transfer. Now whether she follows them or not is a whole another situation.
  5. For my place, I decided to go with a portable unit. I disconnect the main breaker in the house and back feed from my garage. Only the well pump is 220 volts in the house otherwise everything else is 120 volts.
  6. I installed a 11,000 KW generac in my dads place 6 years ago. Came with a 200 amp transfer switch. Very easy to install and works great. When the power goes out, he has power again within 30 seconds. As long as he has propane, he has power.
  7. That Super Stinger right next to it was also a very fast sled. CCW 400 reed valve. Easily do 70 MPH, My neighbor bought one brand new when they first came out.
  8. A little story on the old Trail A Sled. The big wigs from Scorpion got word of the sled my dad had and he ended up getting a free Scorpion Mach 1 sled for from them.( which was the biggest POS that my dad ever owned) We got a tour of the factory in Crosby Mn. and got the sled right off the assembly line. There was an article from Snow Goer magazine and I'm in one of the pictures. I was around 8 or 9 years old at the time. The last I heard is that the sled is in the Crosby fire museum but that was many years ago. My dad told me that if I could start it (8 HP Kholer) I could drive it. He didn't realized that I was determined to drive it. It didn't take me long to figure out how to start it. Back then, I thought I was king shit and rode the crap out of that sled. That picture is of my two sisters and me up at our cabin north of Duluth Mn. I'm in the middle.
  9. Sure wish we still had these two. 1975 Scorpion Btut 440 triple liquid cooled. Eary 60's Scorpion Trail a sled. Serial # 2
  10. Bought my grandson a Polaris 120 5 years ago for $1,000.00 and sold it last week for $2,200.00😳😳😳 People are completely insane out there.😬😬😬
  11. Just got off the phone with our groomer coordinator and the Yukon from Kane lake north is now opened and groomed. I will be grooming it again Thursday so with the snow in the forecast for tomorrow it should be in great shape for the weekend. Looks like the rest of the Yukon will be groomed tomorrow.
  12. Deal of the day!!!!!! only $3100.00 https://duluth.craigslist.org/snd/d/beaver-bay-1996-polaris-sport/7426103039.html
  13. Trying to get the Yukon open for business as soon as we can. Still a huge mess where the Greenwood fire went through. There was a logging company that WAS supposed to clean it up for us being as he is logging in that area but he didn't so we have to do it the old fashion way. Two of us spent the whole day yesterday ( and 3 tanks or gas in the chainsaw ) cutting it all up so the groomer can push it out of the way. We are still trying to get it done before this weekend but with the cold temps. coming in, it probably not going to get done until next week. There are still a few spots in the swamps that are not frozen yet and no way to by pass them. With the cold temps this week, they should freeze up. Fingers crossed. Other club members are working on the southern part of the trail but last night a track broke on the groomer so they are doing a rescue mission today. 1.4 MB Views: 0
  14. Apparently It's gone now . Someone wanted $5,000.00 for an 02 Polaris 500 Classic.
  15. Someone is on some serious drugs. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3267229533514861/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_general&referral_story_type=general&tracking={"qid"%3A"-7183677220300679198"%2C"mf_story_key"%3A"989488864506503893"%2C"commerce_rank_obj"%3A"{\"target_id\"%3A989488864506503893%2C\"target_type\"%3A6%2C\"primary_position\"%3A12%2C\"ranking_signature\"%3A8892338927164194816%2C\"commerce_channel\"%3A501%2C\"value\"%3A1.0138046066532e-5%2C\"upsell_type\"%3A3515%2C\"grouping_info\"%3Anull}"%2C"lightning_feed_qid"%3A"-7183691927116773518"%2C"lightning_feed_ranking_signature"%3A"7669330986580049920"}
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