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  1. The little girl standing in the front row distracted him big time, pulls right up in front of her and does this.
  2. His staff doesn't seem to care or they aren't very bright, his little bike mishap he is the only one in the bunch with toe clips,wtf. Accident waiting to happen and Jill is wearing her helmet like a first grader with it slid way down one side of her head, not gonna work if you fall on your right side. Nobody really watching out for these two "seniors".
  3. The races are always Columbus Day weekend. It is amazing how they have grown since I started going in 1991. All the spectators parked where the Polaris and Cat trailers sit now and just the local boy scouts selling burgers.
  4. In Colorado they park girls on railroad tracks and wait for the train. wtf
  5. They all have the MowRo autonomous lawn mowers,don't need no migrants moin no lawns on our island!! "Get off my lawn"
  6. Do you only ride in fields turning left all the time?
  7. With all the sediment that washes down the rivers all day every day don't you think the water level would have to rise at some point?? Have you ever seen the satellite pics of the Connecticut River dumping into long island sound during hurricane Irene.
  8. It's rubbing the plastic can on the plastic bed liner that gets you the static charge.
  9. Do you ever ride the Hillsboro area. I was wondering what it is like as it is close to home and haven't tried it yet.
  10. Last years pic, what little snow we had is gone with 40's and rain lately.
  11. So you are saying the engines cat bought from Suzuki were good but now they make their own not so much?
  12. I always wondered why i never saw any road runners around here.
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