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  1. Good stuff, and sorry for your loss.
  2. Even page one was full of prophecy..... others..... not so much. :)
  3. Quiet in here! 'tis the soggy boat season..... Didn't Fail say Doug would never get elected? Lol
  4. Abrams would tow that, no question.
  5. A girl I know got service dog status assigned to her 6 pound purse dog. She can now bring the little fucker into restaurants, onto aircraft, etc. A couple places tried to refuse, until she produced documentation. lol
  6. Wait...... didn't Poncho look over that Polaris flower planter to buy, if memory serves? The Rottweilers, the Polaris hull in the yard, washer/dryer, wife beater with spaghetti stains...... it all fits.
  7. C'mon...... aren't Poos of comparable vintage worth at least $900?
  8. Illegal to discriminate. That's like saying "No Asians".
  9. That place has Brampton written all over it..... likely new Canadians.
  10. Puzzleboy


    Why is it that all the gun control proponents, are not demanding that vans be banned?
  11. A fence blew down from the wind? Maybe you'd better hire a pro next time.....
  12. Nope, just correcting posted errors.
  13. You're talking about a different company. :)
  14. Who's taking their mistake personally? Lol No, I posted all the bullet points, and provided the link. Anyway, come back when you learn how to read a financial report. In any case, I find it most interesting that there is "growth" in the PWC industry.
  15. Well, as long as you're done. But the courts aren't, yet.
  16. Saw what? A snippet of video, yes. Did you see a video of him brandishing the knife near the infant with his pecker out? No, you did not. Yeah, death is a bit harsh. And that's probably why most of us don't get on a streetcar high, with a weapon, and our dicks out. Even Pete Z wouldn't go that far. Good way to get shot. Cops don't only use force "after" he hurts someone. They are trained to stop threats, pre-emptively. And that's what we want. Maybe Forcillo made mistakes, and the court/jury agreed. So be it. In any case, the extra one year of sentence for usi
  17. Agreed.... plus, the cop on Yonge could see the prick was holding a cellphone and not a firearm (he stated so). However, it is interesting that when he repeatedly reached into his pocket, the cop still refrained. In any case, the 2 situations are not comparable, despite liberal MSM's efforts to do so. They keep using terms like "de-escalation" when it is not warranted. There was nothing to de-escalate at that point - the guy was brandishing a cellphone.
  18. Pretty sure the reason, was that he was brandishing a weapon (and had brought it dangerously close to an infant just prior), had his pecker out, and was acting like the drugged loon he was. I'm not saying he should/shouldn't have..... but look at the facts.
  19. Was listening to a radio show yesterday, talking about Millennials and real estate. They can't afford houses, so are living at home until they're 30+. I kinda laughed. I saved and scrimped and fully renovated houses, flipped bikes, etc. in my spare time just to get into the market. Not a dime from my parents. The sense of entitlement today confounds me. Why can't they just get off their asses like we did? Houses were expensive then, in relative terms, too. I was tempted to call in and mention that not everyone should/will own real estate in Toronto.... market forces are just that.
  20. Cool story..... but incorrect. Q1 has not been announced yet. That is Q4 from the previous RY. Better leave this one to the adults. lol Anyway, good to see Poo turning a profit, after net losses the previous year; competition is good for all. Here are the real numbers from last RY (including Q4) for BRP. Record revenue of 4.5 billion. Profit of 115 mil even with the new product introductions. Respectable, but EPS could/should be better. But $15-$52 in 3 years on Doo-T ain't too bad for us little folk.... But the real question is...... how are they even making money wi
  21. I'd wear your helmet, if you're going to attempt it.
  22. One of their streets is named Baja Avenue, so can't be all bad.... although that could be the projects......
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