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  1. I purchased an older bike for my kid to crash test his bike helmet(LOL) the guy told me that there was a few pin holes in the rad...does anyone know of a welder to weld the holes who works in the city...Does Bondi do it?
  2. Hi Guys Im from ontario canada, but willing to travel to get this trailer. I'm looking for a clamshell or lift open 4 place trailer, Do you know of any or where to look for them in your state? thanks,
  3. Sunday in Orillia at a friends house. First ride after a new top end installed. my son on the Rush VID_20190210_152744.mp4
  4. Found a guy in Barrie that works on weekends
  5. I have used Cam the plastic surgeon for a ton of stuff. His work is great.
  6. Does anyone have access to a skidoo buds system or know the mobile buds repair guy"s phone number. I just rebuilt an etec and need to have the computer switched in to break in mode, valves synced, and the oil pump purged all electronically, don't have the time to drop off the sled and leave it for a week.
  7. Hey, I have a 2010 Polaris rush 600. motor is blown and I have traced the fuel injector wires on the PTO side upper injector. The 2 wires have been rejoined with a wire connector. It looks like the belt blew up and ripped the wires, the previous owner reattached the wires but I guess he didn't do a good job because the pto side over heated, my guess is the injector did not get the proper amount of current from the patched wires. I don't want to rebuild the top end only to have it blow up on me. Can you swap out the harness and injectors with the motor in the sled? does any one hav
  8. Michelin x ice 2 yokohoma ice guard 51 Hankook I pike rw11 in that order. I hear the blizzaks are the best but wear out fast... tinker evidently did not like them...Tinker can you comment on the snow and ice grip? this will be the last year on the Hankook, then I will be looking for Michelin's next year. I drive a f150 and around 40000km per year.
  9. OMG the price of used seadoos, sellers want huge money for piles of shit. People want almost full price for skis with engine damage or major issues. I guess sleds aren't any different come fall. I guess it is good in one way as I sold my jet boat for way more money than I was expecting WATCH OUT if you are on your phones while driving. The cops are driving a full size white chevy van with ladder racks on the roof, also driving a black chevy truck 1500 crew with a cap on it... guess who is driving in uniform with undercover flashing lights on the front and back
  10. I went in the winter to baview wildwood a few years back and yes the train was obvious. It is the wife(girlfriend) that doesn't want to cook, she want a real vacation...
  11. I have stayed at baview wildwood, nice place but there is a train that runs right by there.
  12. Hi Does anybody know of a pet friendly resort on the water with a meal plan. with in 3 hrs to the gta
  13. I'm looking to buy a 4 place aluminum encolase sled trailer, even an older one is ok. will drive up to 10hrs from Toronto to pick up. do you know of any available?
  14. if everything is done electronically, cost are kept down for passes. I have to trail pass 4 sled for 1 day as I don't have a cottage and I want to get out with my family. forget all the other costs which are considerable. for the 2 times a year I can get away with my family it really add to my daily bill 4x$70 for a day pass. $35 would make it more reasonable for a day trip. otherwise I will wait till simcoe freezes and just go and ride the lake and canals for a few hours(not as fun as trail riding) I like to use the free weekend to go away and get 2 days of riding in. my kids love it. now tel
  15. back on topic I would like to see a 1 day pass at @$35, instead of having to buy a $70 pass bring back free family day passes I was driving in Quebec the last week end in feb. lots of trails run beside the highway from montreal up to Quebec city. sleds wiping by 100 kph, ATV trails run right beside the sled trails. I saw more groups of atv and SxS on the trails than sleds. the same was evident driving all through the province. that should be an option for the ofsc also. I feel that an atv is not the same rush as driving a sled... you are still getting out and having fun with fri
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