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  1. 04nightfire

    Chair throwing bitch

    This is all plausible until the highlighted section. As most know, this is not accurate. Rarely do you see a cat making its way home under its own power
  2. 04nightfire

    Sledding Winter 19

    Orillia is getting the snow hard now
  3. 04nightfire

    New here.

    Never take anything trail says as being serious.
  4. 04nightfire

    Loud exhaust, trespassing = no trails :(

  5. 04nightfire

    Sledding Winter 19

    Did I hear correctly that you moved on from skidoo?
  6. 04nightfire

    Garage Heater for Home

    I live very close to two houses with air strips. One was up for sale but can't remember if it sold or the listing expired
  7. 04nightfire

    Loud exhaust, trespassing = no trails :(

    That explains it. Couldn't figure it out
  8. 04nightfire

    Polaris 850

    Nunz has over 2000 miles on his 850xc now with no issues
  9. 04nightfire

    Loud exhaust, trespassing = no trails :(

    I passed an alpha cat, 1 summit and a few other cat mountain style sleds yesterday just north of Bracebridge. Not sure where they were going to find the bottomless powder but they were out on the trails
  10. 04nightfire

    Sledding Winter 19

    137 on it. Guys want a 129 version but who knows if DOO will do that
  11. 04nightfire

    Sledding Winter 19

    SBA is suppose to be a crossover sled. It was a fun sled and worked well but was stiff trail riding. I don't find the front end twitchy on the 900 at all. You get the odd dart but nothing more than I've had on any other sled. The 900T is definitely an on trail sled. Can't say I've taken it into deep snow yet but I'm sure that'll eventually happen. Power is really good. In sport mode it pulls hard and is quite quick.
  12. 04nightfire

    Sledding Winter 19

  13. 04nightfire

    Polaris 850

    Keep telling myself that
  14. 04nightfire

    Sledding Winter 19

    Changed it just for you
  15. 04nightfire

    Sledding Winter 19

    My SBA was quite stiff even set at virtually full soft. The 900t is a very nice trail sled. Good power and very comfortable. It is not as fun of a sled as the assault was but I guess there is compromise