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  1. 04nightfire

    It's official

    I concur
  2. 04nightfire

    It's official

    I prayed every night that the sled would get stolen. LOL
  3. 04nightfire

    It's official

    Not real confidence inspiring when you are on a week trip, 6 hour truck ride from home and does it to you 3 times in one day.
  4. 04nightfire

    It's official

    Brand new battery on a brand new sled. Sled only had 30 miles on it.
  5. 04nightfire

    It's official

    Cool. Wouldn't start mine the three times it was dead on my first trip with it
  6. 04nightfire

    It's official

    I did one better. I sold the piece of shit
  7. 04nightfire

    It's official

    No it doesn't. Had one on my sled and it wouldn't start it.
  8. 04nightfire


    Good god on both accounts. That would not feel good at all. Crazy how the equipment comes to a sudden halt Great gas mileage
  9. 04nightfire


    The snowblower operator hit one in the parking lot where I work. Blew the rear window right out of the tractor
  10. 04nightfire

    Skidoo 600

    Pretty sure it was made on the Friday of a long weekend.
  11. 04nightfire

    Skidoo 600

    My 900T was a turd. Fucking thing vibrated more than a walk behind compactor and got beat by Reeves 850 on the lake. Sent it down the road this fall.
  12. 04nightfire

    Shitty day....

    Sorry to hear that Sean. RIP Rupert