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  1. Meme thread

    Oh and I missed the last part of your comment MZN. No, my dog has not once in the entire time that I have owned her ever shit or pissed where she wasn't supposed to. More than you can say about yourself.
  2. Performance tire thread.

    Lmao. Not talking smack.....yet.
  3. Performance tire thread.

    I did a winter rally. It was way more legit rally than I was expecting. My WRX with blizzaks blew my mind with what it was going through. 2 feet of snow up a large hill with a hair pin, non-issue. Just unreal
  4. Performance tire thread.

    Your absolutely right. I won't be driving my car hard enough to worry about exceeding the limit. I was leaning to the 71's already but you don't know until you ask.
  5. Performance tire thread.

    I have had 2 different sets of Bridgestones under my car and loved both.
  6. Performance tire thread.

    I have blizzak ws80's and I would have to agree. They are going on my 1997 WRX. I have Potenza re-11A's on there right now but Bridgestone discontinued that model and now only offer the re-11 but unfortunately not in my size
  7. Meme thread

    Dog is doing amazing. Absolutely no damage except for at the very beginning which was posted at that time. No trips to the vet. And it would be hard to imagine life without her now.
  8. Well I will be needing tires for this summer and I am stuck on two options. I posted this next door but hoping because there are a lot more people over here that one of you guys will have had some first hand experience. One of the main reasons that I am down to these two is that they are both available from my Costco and both a very decent price I think. Both are also available in the size that I need. 205/50r16 BridgestonePotenza re - 71R $136.99 EA. Plus a $70 rebate if bought before April 15 BFGoodrich G-Force sport comp-2 $157.99 EA.
  9. Meme thread

    Thank you
  10. Meme thread

    I don't know how to embed a Facebook video, maybe someone can help?
  11. 2019 Polaris @ 8pm tonight

    I just snow checked an assault switchback on the website (didn't buy). Had the 850, orange and white colours, orang tunnel and rails, 2.0 track the fancy gauge. No estart. $21,000 cad. Fuck that noise. Sleds have gone full retard on price.
  12. All blue sidewinder

    I have never heard the term dooryard in Ontario or Alberta lol