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  1. Brisk Saturday morning here. Bailey just hanging out in the back yard enjoying the morning. Sorry for the bad photo. Used a ton of zoom with the phone from inside the house because it is too cold for this guy for a picture lol
  2. This is at a local dealership to me.
  3. Ffdp is awesome. I would say that 80% of their songs are awesome, 10% are still decent and the other 10% are just not for me.
  4. We finally have a decent amount of local snow but we are currently experiencing -22°f/-30°c as the regular temp. A little nippy for my liking lol
  5. I currently live in Alberta. I moved away from Ontario in 2014. I just got my red seal jman millwright ticket. I bought my first place 3 years ago, so I haven't even finished the first mortgage term. I pretty much have everything (within reason for age and sillyness with money when I was younger) I could want. I don't drive fancy anything. I drive a 1997 Subaru with over 207,000 kms and needs a bunch of work but I don't have payments and that is ok with me. My current job is shit (politically and skill building wise) but it pays (currently but will change shorty for the worse) $39/hr with being 20 mins from home. My boss is a stellar human being and I like the people I work with. So with having a decent life here, it makes it hard to move home. And if I was too move home, I would have to deal with outrageous housing prices, go from 5% tax and 0% on used vehicles to 13% on absolutely everything. Both the wife and I drive right hand drive cars from Japan and for some reason Ontario thinks they are the devil and insurance on them there is retarded. I would like to be closer to my Dad and he would very much like the same but it is really hard to walk away from what I made for myself here.
  6. If Ontario wasn't such a horribly managed, over regulated/taxed shit hole, I would move back. I have basically been offered a job making $40/hr at a sweet facility but I just can't move back. Not yet anyways. I hear they are hurting for industrial mechanics (millwrights) there.
  7. I have a question, hopefully someone can answer for me. So my 08 rmk has dual ring pistons which are early production. The cylinders that are on it are late production numbers and should be for single ring pistons (that I know of looking at a parts breakdown) Would that mismatch have caused the piston ring to catch the port in the first place? Or is that irrelevant?
  8. That's what buddy called it lmao. Definitely ran out of oil. One cylinder was good but unfortunately it is the wrong one. Upside is buddy wanted to get rid of as much as he could so I got a rolling chassis, 2009 dragon console, Polaris Jerry can rack, mint lightweight rmk seat, all can, chain case and some other bits and pieces for $150 and he delivered it tonight as he wanted the room lmao.
  9. Kind of off topic but what would be the benefits of a single ring vs. a dual?
  10. That's what I was thinking. He is desperate to get rid of everything. Offered me the track, rails, straight tunnel for $80 each, hood for $40. Claims he needs to make space and wants it all gone. Everything is already stripped and ready to take home.
  11. Buddy is selling the bad engine for $80 cad
  12. After talking to you, I remembered babbits parts. So it would appear that 07 and early production 08 use a two ring piston where the late production uses a single ring piston. Went through some pictures of when I got the sled in September and.... These look like 2 ring pistons to me lol. That 07 engine should be the ticket.
  13. Ok. So if my 08 is an ep08, then zero issue. If it is a lp08 then different cylinder, pistons, TB, fuel rail. I wonder if i do have a LP 08 if I could use the 07 cylinders and just use that style piston. And get the tb and fuel rail to match?