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  1. This is at a shop basically in Edmonton. Home every night.
  2. A fairly young welder (early 30's) I work with was complaining that it sucks to live pay cheque to pay cheque. He said $5000 take home a month isn't enough.....
  3. After a fuck around getting the wires for the Arctic cat from Arctic Cat dealers to put on a heated helmet cord, I have it all installed. I am getting 14.5ish DC volts at the helmet. Does that seem right? Also I am running a 15 amp fuse. Is that to high?
  4. Apparently this is comfortable......
  5. First time at the dog park. Did really well.
  6. Tomas.

    2014 AC ZR 6000 RR.....137?

    I used to work/sled with a guy a couple of years ago. Well our last ride together he got on my sled and made it about ten feet before planting it into a tree. Wreaked upper and lower arms, tie rod, and everyones weekend. Never paid, offered a cent. Didn't even offer to help fix it. Well I read in Facebook that on Sunday he tweaked his s module on his 2012 summit and it brought a bit of joy to my day lol. Not overly related to the topic but you s module comment made me think of it lol
  7. That shipping quote is for both. I had no idea that tyc lights were bad like Sal mentioned it. There are multiple options all greatly varying in price.
  8. for the win!!!!!,2008,malibu,2.4l+l4,1441621,body,headlamp+assembly,10762
  9. Tomas.

    2014 AC ZR 6000 RR.....137?

    I am still trying to figure out how a 4 year old sled is worth $10,000 or how he still owes $10,000
  10. Tomas.

    2014 AC ZR 6000 RR.....137?

    Said in one of the comments that he bought a new one and that's why he is selling this one
  11. Tomas.

    2014 AC ZR 6000 RR.....137?

    Look at this gem posted in Ontario