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  1. Tomas.

    Beginner Motorcycles

    Ya it definitely is a little excessive but he still dragged it down to Arizona all the way from central/Northern British Columbia. I am not 100% if he is accurate. But I will pull it apart and see what's going on. May just need some rings and a hone. Valve seals are a possibility as well.
  2. Tomas.

    Beginner Motorcycles

    Yes, $900. The engine sounds good. Unfortunately it burns a bit of oil. Buddy said about 1qt to a tank of fuel. He takes it down to Arizona in the winter and lives out his 5th wheel and rides the bike. He comes back to Canada for the summer. So I don't know if the extra heat and the more "aggressive" riding he was a contributor?
  3. Tomas.

    Beginner Motorcycles

    Well too late now...
  4. Tomas.

    Beginner Motorcycles

    Is your answer the same for $900?
  5. Tomas.

    Beginner Motorcycles

    Well with me looking at bike for other people, I am getting hooked. I wanted one of these for a while but could never pull the trigger. This came up today and with talking to the guy over the phone I can probably pick it up for $700 cad. Apparently it needs a rear tire soon. Front brake pads are getting low, the choke lever is broken, decent dent on one side of the tank and the rear fender has been "shortened". What do you guys think? I know a little from the research I have done but not a lot.
  6. Tomas.

    Beginner Motorcycles

    The cheapest I found is $11,000. they are trying to keep it around the $5,000 mark so if they don't like it, they wont have a pile of money tied up in it.
  7. I am looking for some information on some decent starter bike options. The brother and sister in-law are thinking about getting into riding but know nothing about bikes. I am helping them out the best I can with my very limited knowledge. We went to a couple of dealerships today so they could sit on all different styles. The end result was she (5'10"- 220 lbs) really liked sitting on a 2013 KLR 650 and he (6'-180 lbs) preferred more of the cruising style bike. She is in love with the KLR but he although liking the seating position, is worried it will be terrible on the street because he thinks it is more geared to off road riding. She doesn't like the old man cruiser style. What they can agree on is that a sport bike which they thought they would like doesn't work for them. They will be sharing the bike to make sure they like it before they spend the dollars on two of them. Does anyone have any real world experience with a KLR or have any input on a good bike options?
  8. This is what 57 lbs of pure shithead looks like lmao. Hard to believe he was only 11lbs 4 months ago Also can we get this thread pinned?
  9. Tomas.

    Meme thread

    Lol pulled it off a car page on Facebook.
  10. Hit and miss. The little guy loves the husky. Always wanting to play. So he is constantly biting and pulling on her. She will not play in the house. So she just sits there and takes it. Outside it is game on. The husky seems to have lots of anxiety issues starting a 3 months ago. Never wants to be inside or if we force her inside, she only wants to be in a back room away from everything. When we force her to be with us she will sit there and shake for a little bit. Gets all nervous and always looking for an escape. We keep forcing her to stay with us in the house most of the time and she is getting better with it. I am thinking it is because the puppy is so aggressive and she is the complete opposite. He is losing his nuts on the 15th so hopefully he calms down after that.
  11. Just came back from tearing up some fresh snow that fell yesterday and I noticed something. The guy I bought my dragon from had to replace the instrument cluster. According to him, the driveshaft bearing blew and took out the speed sensor which in turn some how took out the instrument cluster. Unfortunately for me he was a cheap ass and put in an rmk cluster so it doesn't have the analog gauge, just the digital one. It also has an "alt-ft" screen for you altitude. It doesn't tell you your alt, it just displays a number. Mine was saying 15000 ft. I tried to change it and the lowest I could set it to was 12500. I am at 2200 ft lol. Could this be causing my low top end because it thinks it is 10-13000 ft higher than it is actually running at? @AKIQPilot