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  1. Winter 2018

    Great 4 days in North Bay, lots of snow still.
  2. Meme thread

    Polaris Faggot
  3. Seneca Allegany Casino in Salamanca New York
  4. Kody Kamm, won the final, Tucker started in back row, as they reverse the qualifiers, Tucker came from 14th to 2nd, couple more laps and he would have passed him. Weather was great 30' F for the final.
  5. So let's say you like to drink

    On average one 40 0z a week, always someone stopping by for a couple. Fridge always full of beer!
  6. Meme thread

    Just go away you cum guzzling faggot weak ass dick licker!!!
  7. So rang the fuck up at work

    Glad youre ok Ben, been in the business for over 30 years and seen some nasty stuff happen. Please stay safe.
  8. Meme thread

    What Polaris 550 fag uses on his dogs while he sticks it in their asses
  9. Barrett-Jackson

    My first car, was never as pretty as this one, 302 4bbl, the thing went pretty good
  10. Horwood Lake Lodge Timmins

    Yea, I agree on the boondocking, just jonsing for a dam ride somewhere. Dont really want to drive 9 hrs to find snow !
  11. Horwood Lake Lodge Timmins

    It says 180 klms of groomed trails, are they really just "city trails" or are the trails ofsc?
  12. Horwood Lake Lodge Timmins

    Looking for opinions on this place, is it worth the 8 hr drive? Anyone been this year? Thanks Brother Groove
  13. One minute forty two seconds on marriage.

    Polaris 550 is Paul Blart mall cop, what an
  14. OFSC Mobile App

    the app is dead no longer available