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  1. What are you drinking?

    Thanks , had to have them done before my trip to France
  2. What are you drinking?

  3. The French are rude fuckers.

    Have a great time, heading there in Sept for the first time.
  4. Any HVAC techs here? AC question

    My bet low on gas , compressor getting hot ( working too much) and compressor tripping on internal overload, compressor cools down thermal overload resets and starts again.Or it is running too much on hot days and compressor getting too hot, tripping internal overload.
  5. Winter 2017

    haha actually put 600 miles on two CATS in 5 days
  6. Winter 2017

    Over 600 miles in 5 days in Petawawa, lots of snow, trails were being groomed on weekend
  7. Winter 2017

    Lots of snow in Petawawa , groomers are out and trails shaping up well, nice 85 mile run yesterday to start the season off!
  8. Petawawa area

    Will be in Petawawa between Xmas and New Years, anyone have any info on how the trails are looking in this area, Thanks Gord
  9. Truck/trailer /sleds stolen

    yamaha, polaris, ski doo , arctic cat, whatever, sucks that his kids sleds were stolen, you are not funny with your stupid comments!
  10. Truck/trailer /sleds stolen

    yeah maybe not the greatest sleds but they mean a lot to his kids and their family time this winter
  11. Truck/trailer /sleds stolen

    A good friend had his truck trailer and sleds stolen. Here are the sleds and trailer that were taken from out front of Brant Transmission in Burlington Ontario Sunday at 9:45pm. - 1992 Yamaha Venture (Black) - 2007 Yamaha Venture (Red) - 2002 Polaris (Blue) Please keep a look out and PM me with any info Thanks Gord - Ch GMC 2500 Duramax Blue
  12. Robbed in Rio

    Bullshit! A gun to his head and he says whatever, bunch of lies!
  13. Olympics could be a big failure

    Have many friends (TV guys) working at these Olympics, first hand info is its not as bad as everyone is saying, just stay in Olympic compound ( dont go looking for cheap hoes) and you should be alright, they have been told to not venture out to city though.