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  1. brother groove

    Furnace and Central air warranty/protection plan?

    I guess my supplier is cautious of some dummy blowing himself up and being liable, may just be their policy. I know lots of people who shouldnt fuck with a furnace haha.
  2. brother groove

    Furnace and Central air warranty/protection plan?

    tell me where you can buy a gas valve for your furnace, my supplier requires a gas fitter license to sell one!
  3. brother groove

    Furnace and Central air warranty/protection plan?

    You are not supposed to be able to buy gas furnace parts unless you hold a valid gas license. Suppliers will not sell parts around here unless you are a licensed gas fitter
  4. brother groove

    Leafs 2016-2018

    How can you say the Leafs dont have heart, are you in the dressing room, do you know them personally? They are young and under more pressure than most teams being in Toronto. In my opinion we are way to weak on defence. Dont forget they won 49 games this year most ever by a Leaf team, Marner seems to have heart , and plays hard. They will improve and with experience will be in the mix for years to come, which hasnt been the case for many years. GO LEAFS GO
  5. Im 6 foot 1 .... Tucker is not 6 foot 2 haha
  6. brother groove

    Winter 2018

    Great 4 days in North Bay, lots of snow still.
  7. brother groove

    Meme thread

    Polaris Faggot
  8. Seneca Allegany Casino in Salamanca New York
  9. Kody Kamm, won the final, Tucker started in back row, as they reverse the qualifiers, Tucker came from 14th to 2nd, couple more laps and he would have passed him. Weather was great 30' F for the final.
  10. brother groove

    So let's say you like to drink

    On average one 40 0z a week, always someone stopping by for a couple. Fridge always full of beer!
  11. brother groove

    Meme thread

    Just go away you cum guzzling faggot weak ass dick licker!!!
  12. brother groove

    So rang the fuck up at work

    Glad youre ok Ben, been in the business for over 30 years and seen some nasty stuff happen. Please stay safe.