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  1. ANTIFA domestic terrorists

    I wonder if snake wears a mask when he is slitting throats at night?
  2. ANTIFA domestic terrorists

    Dude is a ninja, better watch it!
  3. It's like deciding between a cuntwagon and dickcycle. Both are fucking gay.
  4. ANTIFA domestic terrorists

    This is the agenda. To limit free speech, restrict or eliminate right to assemble or protest. Only a fucking Meathead would give a shit about any of this stuff. White supremacists and anti fascists meeting to battle over America! Who fucking buys this shit?
  5. Eclipse

    We went to New buffalo Michigan and was sunny as fuck! Clear view of the 90% eclipse
  6. Bring down all statues. What does god say about idol worship anyway... ?
  7. I don't think you have ever seen a Mayweather fight. He doesn't fight like that. He is going to bait Connor and the Meathead Irishman will oblige.
  8. Ali was a great boxer and he used mental warfare on mental midgets to take them out of their game. He was a brilliant strategist. Just look at how he handled foreman. Connor is a great mma fighter but his is not his arena. Anyway with this big Payday they need a lot of subscribers, Connor is getting the. Floyd should suck his cock.
  9. Everybody with a bRaIn knowz God is an aLiEnNn....!!!
  10. They mad cuz they can't shoot up the hood in the day hours in the dark like white can...