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  1. Dude that is the biggest pile of shit you have ever posted. From my first day of kindergarten we were required to stand and say the pledge if allegiance everyday. And all you have to do is log in Facebook and look at the dozens of memes and posts about hero and flag worship. Obviously you haven't shaken the brainwashing yet...
  2. That would be awesome...
  3. I hate people like that...
  4. You can buy 3" pretty much anywhere over here. Over that you need a connection.
  5. I just reserved a foursome for Joey's on the 21st. We are gonna play the highlands because we are drunks and don't want to deal with all of the poseur pros trying to play the brute. Got one of the young hotties in my foursome too....
  6. Pussy is better than dog...
  7. Back to fighting Isis by attacking the guy who is actually fighting Isis? Crickets... Trump was just sucking Saudi cock a few weeks ago. Not a peep...
  8. Yeah but dogs are our friends. Eat cats instead...
  9. YOU do the crime YOU do the time...
  10. It's ALOT easier to change state laws than federal laws.
  11. We are born and bred to worship the flag and celebrate soldiers for "defending our freedoms". No soldier in our lifetime has ever defended our freedoms. When soldiers have that come to Jesus moment when they realize what they were actually used for, now all of the sudden they aren't "heroes"? We really need to think about what freedom actually means...
  12. 26 states have already changed the laws and your bootlicker fascist republican cock suckers are trying to turn them into criminals. Time to end the federal government.