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  1. Anler

    Ben the dumb ass rebel

    He's a fucking nook.
  2. Invisible guy said some stuff a couple thousand years ago and still watches over all 7 billion of us every second but doesn't do anything until we are dead.... Totally makes sense.
  3. Anler

    Dow 26,000:

    Beginning of the Trump recession?
  4. Anler

    Dow 26,000:

    Why were earnings low in this awesome Trump economy?
  5. Anler

    Dow 26,000:

    It was trending down before that. PE's were too high.
  6. What Ben said. Iran is in no position to control anything. Looks like the Saudis are making that play tho ...
  7. Yeah well that's bullshit. I know if a teacher lectured me about some shit my parents did my dad would be throwing that back like a mofo.
  8. I can only remember one time where an election or politics was brought into the classroom and they had 2 kids (one republican and one democrat) debate in class. But I cannot ever remember a teacher speaking about it or being biased about it. However I really didnt give a fuck about politics back then. All I thought about was getting laid and getting loaded.
  9. Anler

    He really is scared...

    Maybe you should be googling because I already know also.
  10. No never. Just for the weekend.
  11. Anler

    He really is scared...

    Did Obama ever visit the troops?
  12. Anler

    He really is scared...

    I dont like the coast guard. Bunch of faggots.
  13. Anler

    He really is scared...

    I dont think Trump did that either.
  14. My whole time in school, all the way thru grade 12 I never had a teacher who inferred any political bias whatsoever. East coast is like a liberal shit hole country.
  15. I like whores better than non-whores.