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  1. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    See... Already moved to insulting my sled. Total busslummox move.
  3. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    More slingeresque. Slinger will never admit defeat after being overwhelmingly destroyed by everybody. Just keeps shuckin and jivin and deflecting...
  4. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I'm thinking you couldn't find your own ass with both hands after claiming that bush has no blame in the sub prime crisis ...
  5. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Bush absolutely has some culpability in that mess. That whole subprime ramped up big-time under bush and promptly imploded. Worst president ever... By alot.
  6. Thanks Trump you fuck

    It's a sign the market is improving. Thanks Trump!
  7. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Time to double down broski cuz Trump is gonna send the market into outer SpAcE!!!!!11111 We are all going to be zillionaires!!!!!1111 Unless Obama ruins everything...
  8. Sled pics from last season.

    Run out of gas don't count!!!!1111
  9. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I know, I won like a million dollars today!!!!11112222
  10. the girls....

    There are plenty of broads who will fuck whoever they have to to get where they wanna be. He is probably used to that and when he throws his greasy junk at girls who don't want it he looks like a creep. Once again it's the broads who cause all of the drama and problems...
  11. I was watching one of those documentaries about the pot biz a while back, before legalization and it was like 50% of the households in some of those areas are growing pot. Its part of the economy there, a big part. The emerald triangle has long been a big producer of some of the best weed in the world. Fucking beaner terrorists!!!!11112222
  12. See! When Hillary talks about Russian interference she knows wtf she is talking about!!!!11112222