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  1. @f7ben how many people did you call a faggot and tell to kill themselves before you got the boot?
  2. Dog dick is a terrible human.
  3. Can, ski, mods, etc... How many miles should I do a rebuild? It's pretty mind numbing.
  4. I've never had an issue on dootalk and I've thrown alot of shit. I got banned from totallyamaha years ago for some really silly stuff. Actually I got a "suspension" for some silly stuff and then when I got back I attacked those faggots and got the boot forever. No loss.
  5. There's a couple guys on there that know their shit. Almost every other thread is "who has the best clutch kit?"
  6. I have one by my office. I'm going to go there tomorrow. Thinking about going to the urgent Care today to get some pain killers, I've tried everything and nothing is helping.
  7. I'm not getting on the floor, won't be able to get back up. I'm in bad shape.
  8. Anler

    New members

  9. Anler

    Meme thread

    Been done already, faggot!
  10. Anler


    Cops are fucking liars, you know this.
  11. Anler

    Amsnow Shootout

    That blue and white color scheme is a winner. Great sled, too bad it's a cat. If it was an axys it would be the best sled of forever and all time.
  12. Yes I had it done about 12 years ago
  13. Anler

    Amsnow Shootout

    What happened to your a arm khoshoggi?