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  1. Or how many politicians lie...
  2. All examples of cops being cops?
  3. Well I am trying to be nicer...
  4. too late! I am triggered now!
  5. Oh well fuck you too then. Is that triggered?
  6. Hey nigga he basically said the same thing I did but without the thoughtful analysis...
  7. Ohh who's triggered now?
  8. Like I said the statistics can be manipulated any way you want them to. One statistic can show that by numbers more white people are shot by cops but there are more white people in the united states. If you change to percentage of whites by population it can look different. That is how they make Chicago look like dodge city. There were 1,100 shooting deaths in Chicago last year but if you go by percentage of deaths per capita it is lower than many other large cities. The bottom line is fuck cops.
  9. Hey I am encouraging the coronavirus. I would be good for the country.
  10. I agree with you except when you try to act like you are not a vampire mortgage hustler...