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  1. That's right, you need to buy a license to practice engineering!!!
  2. If you dont want us to take your money, stop breaking the LAW!!!!1111
  3. Ok so while condemning Obama for doing those things, they remain complicit when Trump does it? WTF? How is Obama so bad if YOUR nigger is doing the same shit? Trump was supposed to be the outsider, remember? Fuck he is turning into Dubya2.0. All of these pubes who were hating on him are now jerking him off. I wouldnt call that an outsider...
  4. Josie Wales is one of those movies I have seen so many times I cant count. But everytime I am fipping thru the channels and I see it I have to fucking watch it.
  5. I don't like those hipster IPAs. Budweiser FTMFW!!!!111
  6. The Daily Show has taken a major shit since Stewart left. Colbert and Kimmel suck too.
  7. Freest country on EaRtH!!!111
  8. One of my favorite movies.
  9. Minty pouches and Budweiser... Its what real men do!!!111
  10. He and _______ ______ got a get out of jail free card when Rob folded up.
  11. On fox no less... I like parody of all politicians. however I have to say that the comedians were pretty soft on Obama.
  12. I see someone put my pic on the internet again. Fucking google spy shit!
  13. Chasing pussy all over the great lakes now?