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  1. Don Pedro's on 18th Street always has them!
  2. Anler

    Damn Muslims

    It seems weird but some of those Mediterranean chicks have some really curvy shapes. Sexy as hell.
  3. He's the red rocket of freedom sledder!
  4. Anler

    Haha...Bobblehead Maxine Waters!

    Team slinger looks rather ridiculous.
  5. Anler

    Impeach proceedings

    I don't doubt it one bit. But really at this point the Dems looks like little cry babies. If they begin impeachment proceedings and lose they are going to look like the biggest cunts ever. It could effect elections all over and for years to come.
  6. Anler


    Yep. If anyone thought there wouldnt be damaging info in the report they are living a pipe dream. But the scope of the investigation was for collusion with the Russian govt or conspiracy whatever you want to call it. i have never and still dont believe that charge is valid in the scope that it changed anything with the election. Now if you want to argue that foreign govts should have no influence in our elections or govt then I am all for that but historically and currently there is plenty of foreign govt influence. Just look at all of the foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation...
  7. Anler

    Damn Muslims

    They are creative writers bro.
  8. Anler

    Damn Muslims

    Do you ever think jihad watch makes up their own stories?
  9. Anler

    Damn Muslims

    No that was a different time!
  10. Anler

    Damn Muslims

    Could be right, fucking guinny whores!
  11. Keith is the epitome of angry liberal