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  1. The link to Trump's tweet from item 1 doesn't show anything about the FCC being called to investigate. Where is that tweet??
  2. Kivalo

    Meme thread

    The only time thats acceptable is when doing tequila stuntman style. Snort the salt, squirt the lemon in your eye and drink the shot.!
  3. Kivalo

    Exxon Refinery on Fire

    Yeah my friend sent pics of the beginning of the second fire, pretty crazy shit.
  4. Kivalo

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    This chick is hot!
  5. Kivalo

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    I follow her, too!
  6. Like or hate McCain, it doesn't show well for the President to regularly bad mouth him. Just shows poor taste when already displays more than enough of that.
  7. Kivalo

    Vlad Doesn't Fuck Around

    @Mainecat THIS is what a dictator looks like.
  8. @SVT Renegade XRSXRS This is your boys house!
  9. 63° cloudy and overcast in Ft. Myers today. Back to the real world tomorrow I think.
  10. Kivalo

    What's for dinner???

    Cherry cheescake is my favorite!
  11. Kivalo

    Jack Hallett

    @Mainecat .
  12. Kivalo

    What's for dinner???

    Cup of sweet & sour cabbage soup followed by corned beer, cabbage, carrots & potatoes. Ended with NY style cheesecake.
  13. Ohhhh shit!!! Poop550 is splattering ownage cum all over SSFB face!!