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  1. Kivalo

    My current event...

    Yeah we get a new captain for the Dutch Harbor run.
  2. Kivalo

    My current event...

    Yep, we got good radars. Furuno.
  3. Kivalo

    My current event...

    By all rights we should have tucked into a bay and weathered the storm instead we tried to steam through it and wound up changing course to Good News Bay near Platinum AK. Stayed there for a night and made our way south when we got a break in the weather. Weather reports say its pretty shitty out there right now, glad we are in protected waters because that sucked!
  4. Kivalo

    My current event...

    Just dropped the hook in Togiak, waiting on high tide to beach her and then discharge 80k gallons of ULSD#1. After that its Dillingham to offload several broken pieces of equipment and then off to Dutch Harbor and then St Paul Island. Should be home sometime in mid-december. On a pesonal note, two nights ago I was baptised by the Bering Sea. We had 25-30fters with the occasional 35er. Our crain broke its lashing so my boys and I had to go on deck and fix it. Lots of shit broke its lashing but the crain was the only one we estimated put us in danger. Anyway, I was on deck watching waves that were two stories taller than I roll buy us! I was scared shitless and in complete awe! Surprisingly tho the deck wasnt as difficult to move around as I expected, dont get me wrong it wasnt easy I just expected it to be worse. The deck was awash almost the whole time but we had no real problem relashing the grove crain. Still tho, itwas fucking wild!! The Bering Sea is no joke!!
  5. Kivalo

    My current event...

    We are in Mekoryuk on Nunivak Island waiting for a favorable tide to finish a discharge and then back to meet our lightering ship but Im not sure where it is at the moment. It moves around based on the fleets overall location.
  6. Kivalo

    My current event...

    For all of 2 hours in the middle of the night to offload 6 oil barrels and take on supplies. We didnt get to gang out tho.
  7. Kivalo

    My current event...

    Not yet but I did see the hottest native so far today. Lets be clear, she wasn't hot just the hottest Ive seen thus far! About par for the course!! Nah, not even close! Most are old & wrinkly and missing significant amounts a teeth!! Perfect for Poo550!!
  8. Kivalo

    Is it time to break up amazon?

    Dont fuck with my Amazon Prime!
  9. Kivalo

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    There is always the block button!
  10. Kivalo

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    I think so but the water is kinda brown so there is definitely still some silt in it.
  11. Kivalo

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Ice yes, probably not much mud except whats already still suspended in the river.
  12. Kivalo

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    We are pestering the boss to stay in Nome for a few days!
  13. Kivalo

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    And we got good water! Underway to Nome!