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  1. Maybe backing up a trailer as in tractor trailer its not good principle but in the real world looking behind you is a good idea. Not every trailer is measured as a TEU,
  2. I was taught never back up a car, trailer or otherwise, without looking backwards.
  3. The way I learned to back up a trailer was to turn around and look where your going (backwards) and then go. Not looking in mirrors or relying on others, except for distance from a wall or similar.
  4. Nice pool MiSledder
  5. The bold, while true at least on occasion, once you get past the over-the-top rhetoric, the throat slitting and all, his base arguments are usually quite accurate.
  6. I let my dumb ass nephew borrow my sled to go to a pancake breakfast and the dumb ass hit the very same post in the ground, twice. Once on the way out and once on the way in.
  7. I took the opening harmonica from this song and made it my ring tone.
  8. I am forced to admit this is one of my favorite songs! Plus Megan Fox is SMOKING hot in this movie! Two of the greatest right here!
  9. @jtssrx watch this, it may give you some perspective. Its the mathematical representation of the Great Circle that we use for navigating long distances on the ocean.
  10. So you can see it, good. Let assume for a moment that a person was able to throw a baseball 26miles distant. That person would not be able to aim for the point 26miles away, they would have to aim for where that point will be when the baseball travels 26 miles. It like shooting at a moving target, you don't for where it IS you aim for where it will be.
  11. The '69 Charger is one of the coolest looking cars ever made!
  12. Oddly enough I have some T3's and I fully intend on supplementing them with Makers Mark.
  13. Must be nice, I had a damn tooth pulled this morning and the novocain has now worn off.