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  1. Meme thread

    You know what I don't think is funny? Your response. NOW SAY SOMETHING FUNNY, FAGGOT!!
  2. Meme thread

    Dog house: @Polaris 550 house: Winner: the dog!!!
  3. History always repeats itself

    If history repeats itself, MC is gonna shit his pants again.
  4. More good cops

    Shouldn't they be charged with fraud?
  5. Its sad what we as a nation have become.
  6. Our Founding Generation would be DISGUSTED with us! What a monumental fail on Freedom's behalf!
  7. Archery.

    You should try 3D tournaments, when I was working in archery all the hunters talked about how much it helped for hunting. Plus it looked like a lot of fun.
  8. Archery.

    You go to tournaments or anything? You shoot pin sights only?
  9. Really? The time spent using a cell phone mitigates the fact that texting while driving is considerably more dangerous than even drunk driving? It somehow makes deaths caused by distracted driving less bad than gun violence? You are a retarded faggot!
  10. That's one of the dumbest things you've said on this forum.
  11. What's for dinner???

    Corned Beef is my favorite sammich meat!
  12. What's for dinner???

    Any of you Betty Crockers make some home cooked Corned Beef or what? Me, I cant cook for shit so I'm going to diner with friends.