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  1. His shitisms were priceless! RIP Mr. Leahy.
  2. Why? Just noticed this...

    When I rode with one of those it was fantastic in small stuff, really good! But it was not so good when things got rutted out amd real shitty. JMO
  3. Music

    Been listening to a lot of Kristofferson lately.
  4. I guess I read it wrong. My bad, Dave. Shut up, Meg.
  5. The clue he needs would be prohibitively expensive.
  6. No. The reality of having to leave a website for 3 months (a fucking website!!!) because his "girl" lost. For real!!!
  7. So... The Bitter End, which is located in the BRITISH Virgin Islands is in fact US territory? Good to know...
  8. Meme thread

    Somewhere some guy is sick of her bullshit. Its not me or anything...
  9. Ford escape with Vt plates