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  1. Eclipse

    We took apart one of the goggles my dad bought and taped the filter to his camera. I think they came out well. I'll post them when I get a copy.
  2. Upcoming eclipse

    Just now...
  3. Eclipse

    5 minutes ago, Owasco Lake, NY.
  4. Upcoming eclipse

    As of a few minutes ago in CNY.
  5. secret service, broke

    Bullshit "within reason" is what the R's tried to say and your side defended the spending. The fact is the Obama family vacations and secret security costs were a constant issue and your side and you specifically defended it. Now your complaining about the cost. Don't even try to go with this "within reason" bullshit you pretentious twat waffle.
  6. secret service, broke

    Yes, just like we were responsible for the Obama family's security as they continued and expanded their life style.
  7. secret service, broke

    With all the complaints around Michelle Obama's SS cost and the cost of her vacations this should be an easy decision for the right.
  8. Damn! The US Navy is having tough summer!
  9. I have a 2003 Sunesta 243 that new forward running lights Anyone have a good online source that has good prices for this sort of stuff?
  10. I see momo supplemented his fecal matter dinner with alcohol tonight.
  11. I got it bad!!!!!11

    Its now quite clear i havent been in the cockpit for over 15 years!
  12. I got it bad!!!!!11

    Do it Ben its fun! I have my solo certificate or used to but I never finished. One of these days Im going to get my ppl tho.
  13. I don't think he did either but his ability to communicate clear thoughts is even worse than GWB.