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  1. Kivalo

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    coffee should ONLY be served hot, strong & black
  2. Kivalo

    Anyone listen to Podcasts?

    I listen to several podcast but mostly centered around history. A few of my favorites are The Explorers Podcast and Ben Franklin's World.
  3. Kivalo

    Random Photo Thread

    First ink... Yeah, I can use a sextant if I have too & I can box a compass too.
  4. Kivalo

    Meme thread

    Sweet fuck, I hope this is a joke!
  5. Kivalo

    Does the pee tape exist?

    Spincry and Timeshare must be R.Kelly fans, too!
  6. So did my Pixel 2 but of course that means I need to have it with me. Fuck that!
  7. Dillingham Alaska 10 days ago. Took us 3 tide cycles to get out. VID_74490123_110836_176.mp4
  8. Kivalo

    Random Photo Thread

    Sloppy ass sailor! Coil those fucking lines!!
  9. This shut down holding up my license upgrade.
  10. Kivalo

    Am I Bitter...Poll

    Who is "Pete"?
  11. Kivalo

    Am I Bitter...Poll

    Smales, I'd get drunk with you anytime! We can swap stories about sinking snowmachines and dropping boats!!
  12. Kivalo

    Why is F7Ben such a faggot.

    Fucking ben gets PWND!!!