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  1. Kivalo

    Predictions right here!!!!!

    Slinger and blownfuse are the political equivalent of the Eagles fan who licked shit.
  2. In New Beige we had roving bands of jackass's on scooters, modded out scooters. It was kinda funny except my window was on the street level of the road they dragged raced their little fag machines. Fucking jagoffs!
  3. I would like you to continue making him look like a jackass. Please and thank you.
  4. Kivalo

    Great Joke

    Your jokes are pretty gay.
  5. So by your own words 50% of cops are bad apples?
  6. i love that mzn is back! Boater's safety test!
  7. Been drinking these things since I've been in Boston. Pretty good and not to hard on the bank.
  8. Kivalo

    Good lord

    Yeah but fucking retarded nonetheless. Whobin their right mind claims eclipses as a sign of the end times? Who believes that crap?!
  9. Kivalo

    The road runner FTMFW!!

    Its about time you post something funny!
  10. Kivalo

    I Want To Know More.....

    Republicans would flip out and Democrats would turn a blind eye. I'd ask if you see the similarities but we all know you don't.
  11. Are you brain dead? Both of those led to huge outcries, you fucking idiot.
  12. Kivalo

    Why I hate the MSM.

    Maybe its like a midget raping cage match?