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  1. LOL sooooo dumb!
  2. Chock Full of Nuts Columbian Roast
  3. The fact of the matter is this meme is inaccurate.
  4. Sounds a lot like your excuse list.
  5. Just looked it up. It figures moto's dumb ass memes were wrong again. I shoulda known to investigate this before posting. My bad, hopefully the crow doesn't taste too bad. The "connection" is because the donation was likely made because Ivanka is a White House official but the world bank administers the fund.
  6. Several members here dissed the Clinton foundation for its saudi funding and the perceived benefit to saudi arabia. If its not ok for the Clinton foundation to get funding from Saudi's why is it ok for Ivanka Fund to get funding from the Saudi's?
  7. Can someone remind me exactly where a majority of the 9/11 assholes came from? I'm fairly certain it was the House of Saud. Fuck them!
  8. In all fairness he never claimed the magnacoaster was the future of energy either.
  9. Kournikova....STILL hot as fuck too! Just turn the sound off because that part is gay...
  10. Both good shows.Eastbound and Down is fucking hilarious!
  11. Dude, come on. You aint putting anyone against a wall. Lets be serious here.
  12. They will claim apples to oranges, just like Timeshare does.