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What's the average age of the FSCE member?

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3 minutes ago, Beavis and Butt-Head said:

just turned to the big 40 but feels like 70 some days when I wake up. 

I feel great for pushing 60. Did some crazy shit in my younger days and never thought I would make it past 30. :lol: My uncle just passed at 98 so I hope I got some of his genes. 

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51 minutes ago, AKIQPilot said:

Come on Z.  Spill it.  


45 minutes ago, ManOnManOral said:

he is haass the mental capacity of a newborn, but he is actually 71

I'm a young buck!!! I've been kidding everybody all along. :quaqmire:

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2 minutes ago, f7ben said:

Age 39....wisdom of 89.....body of 59 and never thought I'd live past late 20s

It's still early. We have our fingers crossed. :pc:

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1 minute ago, f7ben said:

You just hope I kick off so you dont have to pay up.....welcher

NO, I hope you DON'T croak, so I can get my money from you!!!

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3 minutes ago, Polaris 550 said:



1 minute ago, Kev144 said:

MOMO THE HOMO!!! :owned: 

You two obvious Sodomites should really get together you obviously are screaming for that opportunity, Faggots :hay:

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2 minutes ago, AKIQPilot said:

I don't think so.  I've thought he was my age for some time based on several of his posts over the years.  

Even if off by just a year, still a lie like every other thing that it posts.

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