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  1. It was a great race. Also the Indy car race was pretty entertaining.
  2. I picked up a Ruger American 308 yesterday. I have to slap a scope on it and try it out.
  3. Lol, I was talking to a co worker about that scene with George Costanza today.
  4. I'm thinking about picking up a Howa 1500 chambered in 7.62x39 to go with my SKS this weekend.
  5. I missed the race today. It sound's like I didn't miss anything though lol.
  6. That was an entertaining race. I'm watching the Indy car race now. This one is crash filled as well.
  7. Our science teacher was a religious hypocrite. All he did was preach to us the whole class. Nobody ever reported him while I was there. I hope someone did after I moved on to high school. The guy was a serious nut case.
  8. We've had to wear mask's all along. It's time to stop this horseshit though.
  9. A lot of guy's in the picker's early in the race. They seamed to settle down later in the race.
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