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*** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***


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notice nothing about Doug Ford being investigated by RCMP








ALL SILENT because they are only here for negative Liberal made up shit


A sitting Premier being criminally investigated should be a big deal

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Doug is finally going to get beer into corner stores.   Go Doug!!!!



The Ontario government is set to announce it is fulfilling its five-year-old promise to allow the sale of beer in corner stores and end the quasi-monopoly of the province’s big-brewer-owned Beer Store retail chain.

A government source has told The Globe and Mail that late next week, Premier Doug Ford’s government will unveil a plan to expand the places where alcohol is sold, including allowing beer in corner stores. The Globe is not identifying the source, as they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

The province will also formally announce its intention for the future of its deal with the Beer Store, known as the “master framework agreement,” signed by the previous Liberal government in 2015. The deal allowed for the limited sale of beer in 450 grocery stores, but maintained the Beer Store’s exclusive right to sell packs of 12 and 24 beers.




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Not a big deal, price will go up like they have with any place in Canada with wide open sales.  Alberta great example of expensive booze.


Funny what is important to people when Ontario health care is in shambles,, homeless people, housing.

But all that is now Federal business and a Premier job is to get booze to the people


GO DRUG FORD GO great news for Ontario

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Brian Lilley CPC CON MEDIA MAN is upset as he supported this very bridge blocked during CONVOY and printed that Trudeau deserves this and did not mention Police 


Where is Doug Ford as Toronto falls to Muslims 


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hopefully they test these kids too 

produce more failing marks


Cons sure do have a weird way to educate  (remember when they said Teachers have to take a math test :lol: )

I hope these 4 year old kids are up to the task of the pressures of Math


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Where are the savings, you don't pay rent for the ones closing 


Conservatives love the lie and claim only Trudeau lies 



Don't have a real issue with this but WHY and who wanted it?  What can't the current Ontario Service open up longer hours?

THE RIGHT has all the answers


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Conservative way to govern 

Claim to not spend money

Cut services to make them fail

take workers to court so you don't have to pay them

increase debt and deficit daily

Claim to not spend


Remember when WYNN had a deficit how bad it was?  We can care once Bonnie is elected 


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Deficit DOUGIE hits new heights.

Remember when WYNN ran big debts worst in the world?  Doug is beating all that and SILENCE from the ONEWAY HATE MEDIA 


over 400 billion in debt now - not a word but when Bonnie becomes Premier it will be a huge issue again


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Which LAW?  Doug twists the word LAW and TAXES :lol:  RATES are different according to Doug


The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has approved changes to Enbridge Gas' rates effective April 1, 2024. For a typical customer the total annual bill increase will be $59.59. The total impact on your bill will depend on how much gas you use and the terms of your gas marketer agreement.


So the higher rates will be due to Doug but everyone will say Carbon Tax.

Every Premier does their own raising of Prices along wth Trudeau they know you are all blind



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