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  1. Time to kick them out But who? Jews, wops, chinks, gooks, who are not considered another culture? anybody not from England area is considered a immigrant Time to rid Canada of these people writes THE SUN paper of HATE
  2. Lying PP says your Trudeau increased your taxes - he didn't but FACTS don't play a part
  3. Most overdoses in Canada and this fucking lying Premier is blaming Trudeau how pathetic. LET THEM DIE as I LIE
  4. Funny how CANADA isn't growing Tomatoes carrots peas or any of that during winter months so CARBON TAX is not applied to the growing of our food today Mexico doesn't have carbon tax so delivery isn't taxed eiter THE LIES ARE AWESOME Food is expensive YES is carbon tax the reason NO
  5. The DISRESPECT these RIGHT WING PARTY show for our Political System is disturbing and all over the country. This is awesome being called out by SPEAKER Fuck these PP lead fucks
  6. Amazing how THE RIGHT cries foul daily all day Here you will not fund any University studies unless UCP approves of their political views FREEDOM why so many LEFT JOURNALIST I don't know maybe they enroll more?
  7. CPC reporters are hot on the trail today Jagmeet is very calm doesn't lash out at an obvious planted reported by CPC PP hate machine. interrupt constantly, don't listen to the answer, interrupt again again and again. NDP never said they didn't support Carbon Tax CPC media is going nuts
  8. TRUE NORTH trying to do PP work and keep asking about labeling Iran as terrorist, not sure what this will accomplish but sure is a talking point for PP I like how questions are answered without anger, once PP is in power every answer will be done with ANGER and lashing out at reporters. Even PP owe reporters don't get lashed out at.
  9. I am pretty sure Israel knock down 99% of anything shot at them How is Canada not selling move weapons to Israel changing that? Do you think Melissa has her own agenda going here? Pretty hateful peron
  10. of course soaring inflation isn't their fault any educated person would know this, so when you say Trudeau caused it just shows you are uneducated on the topic and like MEMEs
  11. What raise in taxes? they cut taxes down 1.5 points highest single cut in history PP LIES and you's BUY
  12. FIRST TIME EVER a PM is responsible for everything down to the crossing guard Strange how all of a sudden 7 provinces turn Conservative people lining up for food miles long, can afford rents or even a seadoo. You don't see the relationship to your idea Canada is failing
  13. Year-Round Product Sales Were Up Nine Percent BRP breaks its products into two categories in this report: Year-round products and Seasonal products. Year-round products include side-by-sides, ATVs, and all the three-wheelers that Can-Am sells. Seasonal Products include snowmobiles, personal watercraft (Sea-Doo), and pontoons. For FY24 Q4, BRP reported a side-by-side sales rise in the low 20 percent range, an ATV sales decrease in the low single digits, and a three-wheeler decrease in the high 20 percent range (definitive figures not listed). people owe for their life style and in Canada most are living quite well
  14. 16.33% of the GDP for Canada so a big piece but than again not so big like Ontario the real economic center has 37.26.. OIL is 10% of that 16.33 take away the natural resource they offer very little fact checked https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canadian_provinces_and_territories_by_gross_domestic_product
  15. PP won't post about CANADA 14 of 15 CITIES in NORTH AMERICA worst pollution 10 of the 14 are in Alberta holy fuck Fort McMurray, Alta.; Peace River, Alta.; Yellowknife; Fort St. John, B.C.; Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.; Spruce Grove, Alta.; Edmonton; St. Albert, Alta.; Sherwood Park, Alta.; Saskatoon; Canmore, Alta.; Cold Lake, Alta.; Leduc, Alta.; Beloit, Wis.; and Prince George, B.C.
  16. hey I think we found our douche bag? Is this the same guy REal class act, certainly appears to lower educated people My son can't get an apartment because of you you piece of shit - yup classy guy must have a classy kid
  17. ever notice the base of HATE in CANADA is Alberta and where CPC base is at its most, all they do is talk about in this case BC or it is the FEDs, never anything about their failing Province They seem to be all connected with their posting styles must be all on the same payroll UPC CPC is the same
  18. Best selling has to do with number of books sold so yes you miss lots of things daily Like She was in Maher because she is an expert you missed that too i guess
  19. Kind of nice to set it CLEAR FEDs are not responsible for building of homes PROVINCES are responsible PP LIES ToSlow your wealth has never increased as much as it has under Trudeau same goes for millions of others
  20. See you really are clueless Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else is a book about economic inequality by Chrystia Freeland, first published in 2012. In 2013, it won the Lionel Gelber Prize and the National Business Book Award. Wikipedia Originally published: October 11, 2012 Author: Chrystia Freeland Awards: Lionel Gelber Prize (2013); National Business Book Award (2013) ISBN: 9781846142529 I won't bother with anything more as you will just deny it https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/books/first/f/freeland-sale.html Sale of the Century Russia's Wild Ride From Communism to Capitalism By CHRYSTIA FREELAND
  21. Yup low interest rates cause mass buying on credit as everyone has the F-150 4x4 couple of 4-wheelers and big trailer to move the toys around. Dropping boats in the bay by the 100's seadoo's you name it. I am sure all on some sort of payment plan I see it everyday AC while you toss big numbers around with your HATE you spew. Not a thought on what it the debt that people are carrying or WHY IS THIS TRUDEAU'S FAULT you have so many toys?
  22. Funny the comments are all about her 'twitching or not twitching' instead of realizing she is a world leader in International relations her 3 books on the topic are best sellers Peoples hate comes before anything else
  23. CPC voters are awesome douche bags This idiot will be a hero to the CPC support of HATE groupies
  24. notice lying PP doesn't state these people can own one once PP is elected all he states is Municipalities will build more homes - NOT THE FEDS the guy has people hooked like bass
  25. CPC LYING MACHINE loves them edited clips. Never show the entire clip 2 hrs of Trudeau answering questions and this is it for CPC
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