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  1. Johnson and Johnson vaccine being put on hold due to blood clotting in 6 people out of millions of doses.
  2. Doctors and Nurse suck shit they are liars and just fucking lazy... I don't believe any of this either AC - Can't believe people think these Doctors and Nurse care about anyone but themselves Fuck them - open up the Province and lets just accept your mom dying so we can shop and not wear that controlling mask. Imagine these lazy people complaining about 100 new ICU critical covid patients this weekend in the GTA area. Fucking ridiculous, get to work and stop complaining or you will be fired and replaced with a grocery clerk, they don't complain
  3. Funny how you now support protests as long as its not black people. remember when only unemployed losers protest Lots more dead coming in the next months AC Christian Church is a cult worse then regular church cults Can' wait for this to end so you can go back to normal, against any protests, support police arrests
  4. Doug taking severe action with many dead over the weekend. Transfer patient without any consent needed. transfer employees without warning ICU's are in trouble - elective surgery is cancelled over 100 new ICU cases this weekend, most under 60 are critical. Doug is thinking of taking grocery clerks to do nursing instead of RN's FS ONTARIO says this isn't a problem
  5. so now Nurses are snowflakes? fake people, useless complaining fucks. This has hit you hard it seems - You can't even tell the difference between a lineup in a grocery store over an ICU. You claim they are the exact same thing. Disturbing to say the least
  6. EZRA and his CULT followers sign up maybe RENEAGADE can register and go after one of his anti mask protests. pay is good benifits are good hours are good worry free work
  7. Dude this cult is horrible, it takes money from the weak sheep. Puts James Baker to shame. YOU must wear white underwear and socks They are telling members Jesus will save you from Covid-19 These are dangerous people
  8. These cults need to be stopped FREEDOM Join up AC you'll see how freedom works, if you think being Catholic is strict The freedom fighter tells you what to wear daily Funny the followers find these Christian Leaders as heroes
  9. Too bad it wasn't Ezra - Remember when ONEWAYs used to say just comply and you won't have an issue with police Carding Black people Questioning Black people as to where they are going no RIGHTS issues being violated just comply Now anti maskers are being beaten in the streets and it is unfair
  10. I can't find it on Rebel or Post Millennial either this is some Q shit for sure Hillary eats babies live, the media doesn't report this either
  11. where is the video of this act? what bullshit, you telling me he has no video of this? bullshit hook line and sinker
  12. How much did you get back from the rebate?
  13. The question was carbon Tax, cap and trade is and was not the same. It was cancelled for no reason, companies lost millions due to Ford. Tell me how all the prices for everythign dropped when Ford cancelled the cap and trade? CPC will be doing a carbon tax, they will just not call it that. Otoole is heading that direction..... Question IRV why do ONEWAYs always feel that these taxes go in the pockets of liberals? honest question
  14. what has pay cheque to pay cheque have to do with a rebate? Doug Ford forced this on us, Cap n Trade was way better but hey we voted for this. lol IRV thinking pay cheque to pay cheque is new in Canada We are still the richest middle class in the world
  15. $496 climate rebate for me, how about you guys? nothing I assume
  16. now you know why FORD is locking us down Variant is running in Canada - wake up going to anti mask and this is a fake virus protest isn't helping, its making it worse
  17. Stay at home but please go golfing This is funny https://www.facebook.com/desmond.edwards.5667/videos/585211212454485
  18. 2pm Doug will let you know what he will allow.
  19. Doug is going to tell you to stay home or else How do you think a Wynne lockdown would have gone over? I hope the golf coursed don't close
  20. Ontario is 38% of the gdp much of that is GTA California is 15% you are 7%
  21. just looking for more than a catch headline do you send them money?
  22. So in other words you have no story only a catch headline from a site that will only let you read if you pay them money
  23. not sure you have to pay to read, seems odd no one ever posts from that site other than the catch paragraph Full story please
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