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  1. I'll put on a couple more sticks on for you
  2. There's a report of 200 homes sofar. We know of 4 friends that lost their homes and one of them lost his business as well. Total mess for sure and we have friends that have taken in these friends.
  3. There has been very little rain here in Nova Scotia for quite a while and the fire ban has been on for quite some time. The hottest weather was only last wknd sofar. We are 20 min to the one fire and 2 hours away from the other. Yesterday the smoke was pretty thick here and a firefighting helicopter was circling and fire crews were sitting by the beach nearby I guess in case something had started here. Later in the day 2 water bombers were headed towards the closer fire
  4. I spent the last few days putting up the gazebo and getting ready for warm weather. Looking at the pic it's ready for a crosswind lol
  5. I got rid of my nitro stuff and will be looking at buying a couple of gas boats this summer.
  6. We did our wills about 3-4 years ago and it was a cheap piece of mind. My brother passed away without a will and it was a fkn nightmare with probate . The fkrs questioned every receipt etc etc and I made sure I kept everything in a folder.
  7. I got parts for the corvette I was fixing up at a fraction of what the Vette parts guys wanted.
  8. A friend is in Cochrane Ont and gas is $5/ litre up in the canyon and not sure if it's still cash only. In town there it's $1.60/ liter. Talk about getting hosed at the pump.
  9. We went to a family members place and had a great time. The firepit was roaring and the weather was good albeit a bit of rain off and on but not miserable. The wife got hammered lol and she's flaked out on the bed now. I don't think she'll be moving too fast come morning lol
  10. We're going to a Christmas Eve get together today and I made a couple goodies. Spanokopita ( spinach pie) and a cheesecake that I'll put the topping on shortly.
  11. That was one hell of a wind/rain here in Nova Scotia yesterday. We are only seconds away from the ocean and the sound from the waves crashing was unreal. The rain / wind has stopped and its 41 deg out at the moment.
  12. Money is the root of all evil lol. We have joint accounts and it'll save alot of grief if one of us goes before the other as well as having wills made out. One day I asked the wife how much we had left and she came up $50K short and I'm thinking WTF where did we spend that lol. She forgot one of the accounts .
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