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  1. All closed in now. Electrical has been inspected, heat recovery system and heat pumps are roughed in, ceilings are ready for insulation, plumbing almost done, all the walls are framed and bathrooms roughed in. Kitchen has been ordered and booked for end of January. Moving along and can't wait.
  2. Greek vegetable dish called Fasolakia. Green beans, potatoes, zucchini, onions,tomato paste and diced tomatoes with various spices cooked in a pot.
  3. We're watching Breaking Bad. We watched Better Call Saul prior and there's characters in Breaking Bad from that series.
  4. I watched it all awhile back. I enjoyed it.
  5. The build is coming along and the windows/doors are in except for the 3 upper windows and garage doors. Electricians and hvac guys are working away, kitchen person is doing the measuring and the deck is getting done.
  6. Wife took this one with her phone on her daily walk along the shore by our place
  7. We're on the 2nd season of Goliath with Billy Bob Thorton.
  8. We can see the lake from the deck or inside of the house. That's actually the back of the house but turned it around and have it facing the lake. We have a driveway going around from the garage to the other side to unload groceries etc.
  9. Only 1468 sq ft main floor and same with basement. Garage is 26x26. The deck is 48x12' with 2 covered porches. Basement will be the party room with pooltable, 2 dartboard, dry bar, big TV bthrm will have a urinal as well.
  10. Love the progress today. Six hours to get the trusses up.
  11. We're almost ending another week and the concrete will be poured late tomorrow. Just in time for another storm Sat/Sunday.
  12. The holiday Aug 1st is called Natal Day. Fkn stupid Bluenosers
  13. I had to look it up!
  14. Truth and Reconciliation Day! WTF! Government,schools and daycares have the fkn day off. WTF do parents do if they have little kids and have to work.? Inconsiderate Government bastards
  15. It's some weird holiday today here in Nova Scotia and invited the son/wife/ grandkids and a friend for dinner. I'm doing 4 racks of ribs, wife baked a pumpkin pie and daughter in law is bringing some side dishes
  16. Big F"n rock! Only about a foot sticking out of the ground and he wanted it out. Now it's gone to the rockpile
  17. Energy efficient, airtight and definately solid. Too bad we don't qualify for the heat pump rebates here on a new build. We're going with all LED lighting, propane stove so most of the power usage will be from the heat pumps,dishwasher, washer and dryer whenever they're being used. The weather here isn't that bad during winter and the wood burning fireplace can provide some heat as well. We have plenty of trees to buck/split so getting wood won't be a problem
  18. Our builder prefers ICF and we've been to his last 3 builds throughout different stages of the builds to completion. He is fussy and his main guy is meticulous so we're in good hands.
  19. I forgot lol. Basement walls are up and poured ,septic tank is in,weeping tile around the house is in and backfield. Lower doors/windows are ordered as well
  20. We're into our 5th week sofar. 1st week was cutting all the trees down,moving them out of the way and start digging for the footings. There were some serious boulders/rocks under there. 2nd week was digging,measuring etc for the footings then pouring. 3rd week building the frost wall/rebar and pouring. 4th week was putting in the sewage/plumbing and getting the well drilled. 5th week they're leveling the gravel and putting in the rebar or whatever and pouring tomorrow at 8am.
  21. The wife's craft room (15×13) can double as a bdrm for guests with an inflatable airbed or they can sleep in the garage lol.
  22. Strip loins on the Q and lemon roast taters in the oven and maybe peas/carrots out of a can
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