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  1. One of the guys at work is relocating to Kelowna BC from Port Perry ON. He left this morning and is driving out with his life in an enclosed trailer behind a 1500 Dodge and his GF following in her car. He is supposed to start at our BC branch next Monday. When I saw the forecast I am now wondering if he will make that start date
  2. Quebec permit includes liability insurance for the season. They have a 3 day pass for $135 and 7 day for $220 https://fcmq.qc.ca/en/trail-permit/rates/
  3. Yup, we all used to work together many years ago and get together for drinks once or twice a year. None of them will have another beer past 9pm if they are working the next day in fear of possibly being picked for a breath test. They say if you fail the breath test or the THC swab, you are immediately terminated. The only hope of getting your job back is to say you have a substance abuse problem and enter a treatment program. Buddy also said even if you’re on cold medication you have to notify your supervisor or you could face severe consequences if found in your system and wasn’t reported. I’d say it’s a little extreme!
  4. Wrong. I have a few buds that are bus mechanics at the TTC. They test for drug and alcohol use daily and pick people at random.
  5. Nice property 550.. ..looks like a lot of work
  6. He means Shouldice hospital, they specialize in hernia surgeries. They do not use mesh though. Had mine done there about 10 years ago, felt like I had 3 testicles after, but was good a few weeks later. They don’t fuck around there, you’re up and walking after you wake from surgery. https://www.shouldice.com/
  7. My Edge has the 3.5L, it’s a good motor.. ..internal water pump though that are the higher mileage failure.
  8. I’m a Ford guy. Have a 2011 Edge and 2014 F-150 at the moment and have both been flawless. I was a Ford mechanic for more than 18 years at one dealer, but switched trades 12 years ago, so I don’t have the inside deal anymore on the Fords. A buddy that is still a tech there told me to stay away from the new Explorer(2020) as it’s plagued with issues, so looking around at the competition and the Grand Cherokee caught my interest. I keep my vehicles for 10 years, so want something reliable. Have a new driver in the family too, so need a third vehicle.
  9. As the title says. Does anyone own one or used to? They have good promotions on the leftover 2019’s and not a bad looking rig
  10. Congrats on your retirement George!
  11. And the Rodney King beating by the LAPD a few years before made the cops involved in the investigation already racist even if they were not. Any other city, he would have been found guilty
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