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  1. Hi Sean Our clubs are having a problem with sleds running on closed trails. We are trying to pack and fill in areas(Canadian Shield), pack down the swamps, and they are just getting destroyed with the amount of traffic on them. Very frustrating. Regardless of our situation, the reason a trail is closed could also be due to landowner issue, unsafe bridge, fallen trees, etc. OPP were out in TMSC (Bobcaygeon) and BDSC (Buckhorn) yesterday(third party info but they had pics) and they were only giving out warnings. (again third party info). Not much of a deterrent. Is there any bene
  2. Found on trail 430 a few kms east of Kinmount yesterday afternoon. The OPP were loading up their sleds beside us at the parking lot(north of Buckhorn) and I gave them the phone. It is at the Peterborough OPP station.
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