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  1. Just the GPS map view on the helmet shield along with the crash sensors will be more than worth the $1800 price tag.
  2. Went with a titanium upgrade for MY22 and beyond.
  3. Been using a BRP Mod2 for years. It's starting to show it's age I bought a CKX Mission. Didn't get a chance to try it out on the sled yet but gave it a try in 15 degree weather on the ATV and it works good so far. https://www.ckxgear.com/en-us/products/snowmobile/helmets-goggles/full-face-helmets/ckx-mission-ams-full-face-helmet-solid-winter
  4. You putting handguards on it? Rox had them on sail for $174. Scored a set for the XCR
  5. Congrats Nick. I have a new and a couple used Poo belts from my previous 800's, not sure if they'll fit though. I also have a brand new still in the shrink wrap 6" set of Woody's. Got a smoked dark gloss black windshield as well from my 2020 Indy. Let me know if your interested. Any hits on selling the Fusion?
  6. Standard here, I ride to get away from all the tech and the world. IT by trade.
  7. From what I hear from the two dealers I spoke with sales are UP on everything with Polaris and their having a hard time keeping up with the demand. Hell weren't they shipping MY21 sleds without shocks because Walker Evens couldn't keep up. Part shortages because of this C-19? I know that two VERY large construction projects at work are WAY behind schedule because their having a had time getting construction materials, same for the power sports industries as well I suppose.
  8. Got my email before I got in my truck at the dealership.
  9. Got this email response from Polaris as well. Polaris PGA Customer Experience Thu, Mar 18, 5:33 PM (10 hours ago) to me We do apologize. Not all the 2022 snow check informati
  10. That would be correct. Public information even for those that are banned.
  11. Part# Pro-CC Matryx INDY Description Driver Weight Range - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2884973 Kit Light Duty up to 180 lb. Sq .347 Sq .359/80 7045190-329 7045191-329 - LH Standard RH Standard 140 to 260 lb. 2884974
  12. I ended up going with the HD torsion springs, part# 2884974 when you build the XCR on line, when I ordered my XCR. I specified to the dealer I wanted the .375's he not only called their parts dept at that dealership but also their parts dept at their other store. I was told the 2884974's, kit part# are the .375's, I go 300lbs OK I'm confused as fuck here. The attached says the 2884974's are stock when you look up that part number on the Polaris website and the 2884976 are rated for riders 220-350 WTF? Two conflicting charts from Polaris attached.
  13. They own Iron Mountain Power sports as well, at least they use to. If they do ask them if they would haul to the Iron Mountain store for you and save you some miles.
  14. Right across the bridge across the street from the Ramada Inn. and lookie there, there's your sled.
  15. Not much as far as tourism up the central UP, less traffic as well. Trails are well maintained, good snow and the scenic value is fantastic. It's nice IMO you can go to the south, east, and west, not to mention north to Big Bay where you can do some off trail.
  16. t's OK we understand that both of you clowns, Chris and Nick, are severally suffering from no riding syndrome 2020/2021.
  17. Beaver Dam's just up the road from me, perhaps I may have to visit as well and have some tricks installed.
  18. I'm in, I'll have to load up both so you can take the Mach Z for a run. Odds are if your up there # son will come as well.
  19. Hello my name is Nick and I'm a snowmobile addict. Couldn't find one a bit closer? Congratulations
  20. Ordered and confirmed email before I left the parking lot. Ordered a set of Rox hand guards this morning as well and they shipped them already. Should have those Tuesday.
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