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  1. I live and work with tech shit every day. I go to the northwoods every weekend to escape it and leave reality behind. I want to smell the 2 smoke on my 650 and here the turbo spool up on my 900T. So PIDD for me.
  2. $2.94 this morning in Sheboygee Winisconie for unlead
  3. New "U" variant has been discovered, we're all fucked.
  4. A05GSHO


    Going for some poutine here pretty soon for lunch
  5. Again we don't fucking care. If I was an Admin here I'd ban your ass.
  6. The question you have to ask yourself is........................ DO WE GIVE A FUCK? NO
  7. A05GSHO

    Ultimax Belt

    I can't see spending, what, $200 for a spare belt for my 2022 XCR 650 137. I see on Ebay, maybe it was Amazon, a Ultimax XS801 for $100. Anyone have experience with this belt on their Poo's?
  8. You Canadians have to stop shooting up that Canadian moonshine.
  9. May have been my avatar of Joe Pisser that got me banned. or maybe it was that survey link they have at the top of the page where I left a comment that Joe Pisser fucked up HCS. Whichever it was I've come to the conclusion to cut all ties with HCS and have deleted all favorites to it from all but my laptop up north.
  10. Well my 3rd dupe just got banned at HCS, guess I should have kept my mouth shut. PitCunt deleted my avatar of him and won't answer my PM's.
  11. Is the plug-in a one time cost? How much????
  12. What about Gorilla tape, is that good enough?
  13. and you believe what a rag mag says. CAT SUCKS
  14. I could give to shits about any of these forums anymore.
  15. The HCS/Doo-Talk member that started the Doo-Talk thread at HCS who Pit Cunt banned at Doo-Talk. Pit Cunt just so happened to join HCS and Vertical Scope gave him admin rights which we admins took away immediately. He in turn pissed and moaned to vertical scope and at that point it became PM's amongst a few of us admins and mods with VS. From there Joe Pisser jumped in and all hell broke loose. Like i said you don't know shit.
  16. Just there for the entertainment during the transition and the turbo info.
  17. Well Doo-Talk is up and running. Same look as the JUNK at HCS. I asked that Skouty Mod or whatever his name is if they pulled their rights as they did us at HCS.
  18. I see Doo-Talk has been under the upgrade since 9:00am yesterday. Can't wait to see if Pit-Cunts admin rights are cut like ares were.
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