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  1. Would a republican be given a pass if he ran on a pro segregation of schools in the past?
  2. If the account is just to pay the light bill and cable company no big deal but if it is an account that has deposits from influence peddling than warm up the special counsel.
  3. Remember how upset the Democrats were over 100k worth of Facebook adds during the 2016 election...
  4. The other day Trump was on the local radio show talking about vaccine mandates. His point is that without the mandates when he was in office there were waiting lines to get the shot but now with the mandates people are pushing back.
  5. extensive influence peddling business.......that is what the professor calls it.
  6. I think this story will be a slow burn much like Watergate.
  7. Normally I would be for a third party candidate for president but in today's political climate I feel we would end up with radical populist that would make Hitler look like mother Teresa.
  8. Mean while special counsel Durham has put forth subpoenas to the Clinton campaign law firm for billing records and emails. Tic TOC
  9. The 3.5 trillion is an investment not spending according to the woman floating around in her kayak harassing Joe Man him.
  10. I am waiting for the poll question among independent voters.......do you regret voting for Biden over Trump?
  11. Which is why Biden's cabinet members are in Mexico today to beg the Mexican president to go back to the arrangement that Trump put in place to keep immigrants on the Mexican side of the border.
  12. On my wife's side a nephew who is 30 has never held a job for more than a few weeks. A guy who used to play on my beer league hockey team had a brother with Downs syndrome and that kid had a job and an apartment.
  13. The Freemont plant was the sight of the failed GM/Toyota partnership. Elon got into that plant for light money and of course some concessions from the state and local gov. I can see Tesla closing it as new production sites come online.
  14. So Joe Biden has a Electric Vehicle summit at the White House to which he invites Ford, GM, Chrysler and BMW.........but leaves out Tesla?
  15. I don't have proof nor have I seen a smoking gun evidence but be honest do you think Biden was 6 million votes more popular than Obama? Obama was giving speeches to packed stadiums where Biden could fit most of his "Crowds" in a phone booth.
  16. The Biden presidency was always a house of cards. From the false narrative on Russian collusion to the crazy numbers put forth by mail in ballots it was all crap. The only way the Biden administration could have turned out better is if he stayed in his basement and did nothing. At least the border would still be secure. At 38% Biden barely hangs onto his most loyal followers of the Democrat cult. His presidency is over and it barely made a year.
  17. After 4 years of Biden we should be at the point of the old Soviet system where you order and pay for your new car and in a couple of years they deliver the piece of crap.
  18. 3 more years.......Sin in haste repent at your leisure. I think if you think Obama was bad at mid terms you haven't seen anything yet.
  19. It amazes me that Obama/Biden people pretend that Trump did not have a working plan for the border. Obama was no great shakes about the border but it pales in comparison to the horrific failure that is Joe Biden. If Biden had just left in place what Trump did at the border he would not be facing his awful poll numbers.
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