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    Fishing gear

    I have several Ugly Sticks. Medium action, light and an Ultra Light as well. I also like the Shimano rear drag reels. They are super easy to adjust the drag when you are fighting a fish. I usually use my Ultra Light's when fishing for bass or walleye. They make it a bit of a challenge once in a while to set the hook but you fee like you caught a whale each time you get one!!
  2. This is a slick home made groomer drag. Wish I could weld. Would love to be able to make something like that for my local area here. Great Job!!
  3. Great. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate your help in understanding the requirements.
  4. Ok well I have just a couple more questions on producing paperwork if stopped. Never really thought of this until I was made aware of our friends situation. I am sure this have probably been covered before somewhere on these 28 pages so I apologize if its redundant. We have 2 sleds and keep the paperwork for the sleds in our jacket pockets all the time. We have on occasion had times when my wife will go out with a friend and borrow my sled and sometimes I will go out with a buddy who will use my wife's sled. In these situations we would be missing the paperwork for one for the sleds should we
  5. Thanks for the response. I will relay the info. I dont believe they were planning to fight the tickets. They were confused about the private property thing. As you explained, on your own property you would not need the documents but once you are on someone elses property then you need the documentation. On the other item, I assume its up to the officer's discretion but I wonder "how far off " the stake line you would have to be running to be deemed "off" the trail??
  6. Hi Sean...was wondering if you could advise on the following. I have found out a buddy was stopped on a portage on a lake that has an OFSC trail on it. They were asked for ownership and insurance which they did not have on them at the time. These people live on the lake but were helping a neighbor doing construction on the lake so had their work clothes and no slips. The sleds did have insurance and ownerships which they advised the officer they would go and get and bring back to the the officer. (One person would stay on site with the officer and the other would go and return with the slips).
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