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  1. Sadly more common than you'd expect. I'd say 2 or 3 occasions per shift.
  2. That's fantastic! I'm glad they listened to your club. We don't want to lose trails any more than the average sledder!
  3. Lmfao!! Seems I may already have an invite I just can't refuse!! And thank you. Hopefully it's a better season!!! 🍻
  4. Hey Dan, This is an ongoing provincial problem. One we keep talking about within our team. Off trail/trespassing, trail pass and cans are zero tolerance within our unit. Reaching out to the local detachments is the best idea. You can request to speak to the operators manager or the traffic/marine management officer. Keep me posted. Sean
  5. Great news!! Once again, and with help from you guys. We've once again surpassed our goal!! Thank you!!!
  6. Thanks Irv! Dialed it back a bit this year. You're always one the first! Thanks for the generous donation!! Sean
  7. Despite Rupert passing in December.2019 we are still trying to give back!! Every year Rupert and I raise funds to give back to the organization that saved his life and enriched mine. I know money is tight and I don't want anyone to feel any pressure to donate. We are accepting positive thoughts and comments as well!!! As many know, Rupert was hit by a car Christmas eve 2009. I found him while on duty Christmas morning. He was in the median of the 401 and had been there so long his body heat melted the ice and snow leaving him in a puddle of water. Despite several broken bones in hi
  8. I have no idea what happened so can't really offer any insight. If I knew, and it was allowed to be public I'd share. SIU gets activated if the injuries are serious in nature...broken bones etc.
  9. Enjoy the party!! And if it's yours.... happy freakin birthday!! For what it's worth. We are not actively looking for these events.. it's nosey neighbours calling it in.... last thing we want to do. Ugh.
  10. Honestly, in my region we've only laid a few. And they were laid on out of area people...that were...ummm.... not doing good things... I wouldn't be surprised at them being withdrawn/dismissed just based on the climate. I can't see a valid constitutional argument though, given it's an extreme public health concern..
  11. In my experience it's always case by case.. Most modern vehicles do not leak much if any fluids any more . If there is environmental hazards such as fuel or oil spill the owner of the vehicle is responsible for all costs relating to the clean up. Those costs can be big. We had someone sabotage a fuel line on one of our bigger boats dumping 100 gallons of diesel overboard. Cost about $50k to clean up. Given that cleanup and recovery are all the owner you don't often see fines for vehicles through the ice. If there is wilful neglect or criminal intent that's a different situation altogeth
  12. Lmfao! Saw that earlier this year. Funny AF!!
  13. That's awesome. Glad to see you out enjoying the trails. The Mazinaw trails have always been my faves. Best kept sled secret!!
  14. That's a fair question and not putting me on the spot. Crown attorneys and Justices always want the most applicable charges laid. In this case the Motorized Snow Vehicle Act has a built in flight/flee offence so it's always best to use that. Hope that helps... if not, let me know.... Sean
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