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  1. Yup, as far back as I can remember. I think he may be pawning off his mistake on the dealer! Regardless of the law, it makes interactions with us so much quicker. You approach me, I see your pass, numbers and Val tag all visible from my point of view I generally hold you you less than a few seconds. Makes both of our lives easier.
  2. Left side as you sit. Did I win you a beer????
  3. Wow, that could've ended badly. I agree should have that overhang marked. But there really is nothing that would cover that scenario for lighting. I'll keep digging tho.
  4. You are limited, both vehicle and load to a maximum of 2.6m or 8.5ft. Length of veh can't exceed 12.5m or 41ft. Hope this answers your question
  5. I want to make sure I understand correctly. Are you talking about the vehicle/trailer or the sled?
  6. In all honesty, the only time I want ti see the documentation for the trail pass is when the pass isn't affixed. I've found a percentage of riders travel with the pass in their pockets. Either because they share it with others or don't like the looks of it on the sled. In both cases we're making you put it on trsilside PLUS the ticket for failing to have it displayed. Although when dealing with a good attitude and hearing a legitimate reason I may be flexible. Now as far as a legal requirement, the OFSC stipulates you must have the the paperwork AND it must be for that sled and registered ow
  7. The mere fact you're operating a MSV on public property is reason enough to stop a sled and verify documents. Similar to vehicles on a highway.
  8. odot1

    Gas in Coe Hill

    Was there on ATV patrol Saturday (10SEP22) Had some chicken fingers at Gas and Country I saw several people refuel....Sooooo, I assume there is fuel available now. Having said that, it is north of 7, so things could change any given day!!
  9. For anyone following... we've hit $2010 today!!! Thanks for all the support!!!!!!!!
  10. Despite Rupert passing in December.2019 we are still trying to give back!! Every year Rupert and I raise funds to give back to the organization that saved his life and enriched mine. I know money is tight and I don't want anyone to feel any pressure to donate. We are accepting positive thoughts and comments as well!!! As many know, Rupert was hit by a car Christmas eve 2009. I found him while on duty Christmas morning. He was in the median of the 401 and had been there so long his body heat melted the ice and snow leaving him in a puddle of water. Despite several broken bones in hi
  11. Part of our initial 2wk marine training. Then we have another 3wks for those of us driving our larger vessels.
  12. Sadly more common than you'd expect. I'd say 2 or 3 occasions per shift.
  13. That's fantastic! I'm glad they listened to your club. We don't want to lose trails any more than the average sledder!
  14. Lmfao!! Seems I may already have an invite I just can't refuse!! And thank you. Hopefully it's a better season!!! 🍻
  15. Hey Dan, This is an ongoing provincial problem. One we keep talking about within our team. Off trail/trespassing, trail pass and cans are zero tolerance within our unit. Reaching out to the local detachments is the best idea. You can request to speak to the operators manager or the traffic/marine management officer. Keep me posted. Sean
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