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  1. Yeah, it's your guys bet, I was just curious if it was a 1 on 1 trump vs Biden bet, but it's a Trump vs the entire Democrat party bet...... I don't pay much attention to the nit picking bitching like a woman, so no worries..
  2. I think that him being able to run would be a reasonable request for the bet and not something way out of line
  3. What happens with the bet you have with Viper if Joe bows out?? Is it just a draw/wash?? Wasn't sure of the exact details of the wager.. @ViperGTS/Z1
  4. Agree, that's friggin cool, l definitely want to see what he did
  5. I bought one 2 years ago, still in the box on my garage..
  6. I was surprised that the SS didn't have a drone in the air to keep an eye on the roof tops and tree line. Pretty simple and inexpensive way to keep eyes on the area
  7. I don't talk to everyone, just my buddies..
  8. Naah, still the same person I've always been sport
  9. Don't worry spinner, you still have 42,000 more posts than me, would take me 30 years if you stopped today to get there........
  10. Is it normal practice in your past career to give accurate physiological evaluations based on what you see posted on YouTube, TV, and an obscure website with never actually talking to the patient or family members??
  11. I don't need to have the same argument with the same people every single day for years on end. I don't need to win the internet, And Trump or Biden don't consume my daily thoughts, life, and actions.. I appreciate the compliment but that doesn't make me wonderful, mentally stable and not obsessive, yes. Wonderful, naah..
  12. You can go in any thread and read the same thing over, and over, and over..Same people typing the same thing every single day for what 6-7 years now.. Intellectual elitist they claim..
  13. I get to plant my ass in a lot of cars, I have to admit I like the larger 4 door cars with performance attributes.. I just feel more comfortable like when I'm in my truck..Plus it's always fun being in a big old hoopty and some dude in a 2dr sports car attempts to make a pull and I just drive away in one massive vehicle..
  14. Don't get that channel..Looks like it's a WEC from Brazil replay for me
  15. RIP, watched a lot of 90210 when I was a kid..
  16. You might want to read a little further in the thread, he apologized for saying what he said to you..
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