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  1. Relax and at least man up and own your actions,..it's getting ridiculous Steve..
  2. Dude, check out track days there, BMW club goes there too, you'll shit your pants going around with someone who knows how to drive..Check out the IMSA race, T/A race or Indy car..(I think Indy still runs there) if you're near it go
  3. First you never did it? now you did? and now it's not you?? lol... Fuck you've turned into a heaping pile of crap..Knew it after I read the slimy messages you sent me..way to fuck over someone else for your pathetic ego.. You can eat a bag of dicks and
  4. Nope, only summer, I do it thru the BMW auto club, you don't have to own a BMW, as long as you want to drive and have something capable. It's a lot of fun and great people!!
  5. I went to driving school at Watkins Glen, This will be my 6th season ..Chances are you'd shit your pants in my truck with me going around a corner, you'll scream like a woman in the 7fity...
  6. Ahhh, so I'm not a liar, and you did exactly what I said..Why would you say that?? Who is trying to "join over there to continue wars with people" Friggin scummer.. Fucking up Johns site with your petty BS so bad that we are leaving..The lack of respect you have for him is utterly disgusting..He's a great guy..SMH
  7. Was posted in the forum, Id think you would have learn by now about your slimy PM's to people who don't have your fucked up thought processes
  8. HSR messaged the site owner and said FS people are trying to get in over there to continue their battle with DB, HSR is already a member, You and DH are not and the only 3 people that have issues with DB..So take it up with HSR..Orrrr he's trying to black ball all FS members from going there by saying that to keep them here..Which all members should take issue with.. So I'd take that up with your boy HSR. Ask him if he ever sent that message.. Seems he's quite the slimy fellow with all his other flaws..
  9. You're the one trying to get in next door to continue following DB around and causing problems...And that's Per HSR.. That's fucking triggered bro, DB living rent free in that block on your shoulders
  10. He's an Internet bad ass or pussy, I'm going with pussy based on his PM's.."You liked badgers pic and not mine!!" This is my life!! I need likes!..
  11. But can't do a single fucking thing..Update, nope, brought in Neal, moderate, nope, brought in Doug and Joelle..Apparently he's pathetically useless..Shocker..
  12. Like I said Homer, sold the business in October..woot woot!! And kept all assets..Cha ching!! Oh look, the Internet!!
  13. Poor Homer to busy with the Internet while ignoring everything around him..
  14. Sorry, I missed where you said someone was a thief at their career choice and I asked you what you did, missed the answer to that one big guy
  15. Why do you make light of someone's job, marriage history, vehicles, family situation, food, past employment??
  16. Like I said earlier, mold your self into what ever you want, you'll be treated accordingly by the members
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