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  1. Most of the military is from the southern states. Are you saying those from Louisiana you're including in your IQ Google perspective.
  2. Most get news via internet. Limits to contents is a violation of information. Out of country information is different depending on your location or situation. More usage of vet blood for look at me groups. Fox isn't the issue ngo and "elected" are the true evil. Sir You should be ashamed for rejoicing in this sir
  3. It's an air raid fake. Not the noise but the image being sent I'll give you some insight as why. We used to call it sphere while covering or assisting when President or hvp. in or near active combat zone The term means coverage from all areas including under ground if possible. Designate bunkers are ie air craft fortified cover and so on. Are determined by forward crew days prior The secret service had zero concerns or action. They knew it was going to happen. But do t take my word on any of this I've done over watch assistance in war zones
  4. That would depend on the situation. This particular incident would be a coalition intel community. Unless you hold a g. Level. For more that's all I can offer.
  5. More bull shit. H.v.t have different classes and actions from commander and chief to the operation pulling triggers. I know first hand just how difficult it is to bring one down. Opportunity made The world is a better place with out .
  6. I was on a comercial airplane heading north too pa. Landed in North Carolina before anyone knew. Called my wife we talked. She knew what was coming next. Week later col. Faller called asked me to come back. I was separated for 8 years or so. 3 months later Afghanistan. By 03 I'd made 3 trips neurological exam took myself and several others out. Total combat deployments 4 dessert storm was the first. It's been over the last 15 years I've paid heavily. Things are starting to work out normally again.
  7. Like mentioned bring forth facts to repudiate. The constitution is clearly written. They also have it on audio if that helps you. The formal English language was quite proper then.
  8. No in the United states constitution it clearly states sole discretion the founding fathers didn't create either of the departments they came much later. They don't have authority to surpass neither the bill of rights or the constitution. Federal court rulings have ruled on such. But if you can show presidency after that or even before judicial watch sued bill Clinton I'm all ears. We can debate reasonably of the meaning of each word an it's intended mean of the mind set of those parties
  9. Sure laws are laws we should have in a perfect world zero. Illegally entrance is just that vet and follow. I welcome all race color or cread but don't want another 9_11 because of this policy open policy. Im sure you don't either. Stay in Mexico works the wall worked and it created real stimulus through get off your ass and work. You enjoy being provocative that's ok your choice but if one of your loved ones paid a price and lived with permanent issues or worse would you still be provocative
  10. We have always had a shortage in some fashion. What's odd is Minneapolis teachers union just voted to fire white before black and brown. If it's truly about the kids and not the teachers unions the worst would go first. My wife teaches at a classical charter school backed by Hillsdale college. No unions just right to work the scores show it works. Discipline is another area some schools have it but many don't Yes many kids get pushed through because of government programs and directives. Bring back technical school programs we have a labor issue in that segment. Good life or be
  11. God country family either of my team or of my own. I'm not sure it was balls or love. Going back after 9 11 was hate. And regards to the topic. The constitution gives sole authority to the executive officer what can be classified or declassified. Additionally at the time Amy Barrett ruled in favor of Clinton of such. The case was never appealed. The case was over cassette tapes. Or video games in the Oval office. Last I checked she is considered a right wing nut job by many like m.c.
  12. Given the overwhelming evidence of videos photos and more it's not even debatable who's laptop it is. But regardless to that why isn't hunter in prison. The evidence of crack usage. By Joe's crime bill passed he should never see light of day. After all Joe is the average Joe laws have equal treatment so what's blocking prison
  13. To expand more of this topic. Obviously the boarder is wide open by any right centred or left leaning American citizen. The chief executive holds an oath to defend the constitution. It's an invasion of illegal drugs and illegal aliens. So could any president regardless of party be held or should be for mass murder or genocide by not up holding rull of law.
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