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  1. This isn't new calitopia has been doing this for decades. While I was spending time in San Diego it was happening 02 time frame. On another w.t.f are they thinking. La is now giving government jobs to illegal immigrants.
  2. My first car started out baby blue end result was this. My one employee was kind enough to replicate paint etc.
  3. Apparently Biden and the call girl have quite the following. Rather then bash put up proven fact of the accomplishment this administration made. That helps Americans help improve are security,freedom,or your family. I'd like your list please I thank you in advance Best regards to you and your Forrest
  4. Without understanding what one politician is thinking your expendable statement is not wrong. What would be terrifying is knowledge of how much each thinks. That in mind we all entered with one principle of making or helping the world be better place domestically and foreign. I agreed to the known and the not. In 89 I went to Paris island. Then to the 2/1. Applied and went to jump school. Went to desert storm came back and went on to recon. After 9/11 I was out for many years I was granted re up without details publicly but yes same job description. Did 3 more 2 Afghanistan on
  5. About sums up the truth about the bill failing. Put up a bill with no additional items less b.s
  6. I took a 2 year break come back to Maine cat out doing himself. At least you survived Maine f,d up lock down bull shit.
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