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  1. Thats twice now you picked on micky d glasses..i love my collection ..especially the road runner ones!
  2. 90 minutes is a good part of what's left in her life even..Jesus I hope she doesn't kick the bucket right there on the stage.
  3. Not against Trump though and now with her debilitating health problems and all..it won't be pretty..cough..cough.
  4. This seems like a good idea..for sure to do a lot of ribs at once on a gas grill. http://ribalizer.com/ check the vid
  5. or the third choice ..sit your ass home..which you will do .
  6. Holy crap..I thought that would never happen to him..damn.
  7. I cook with charcoal camping though..I might try the wood chip deal .
  8. That charcoal chit will kill you!
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