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  1. Well, you don’t just lose 10 mph and a bunch of performance if everything is the same and new, unless something is seriously wrong with the reman and it has low compression already.
  2. Assuming everything expect the motor is the same, I wonder if you didn’t get the mag version of the 350.
  3. No different then taking a pickup for instance and putting grocery gears in it vs say 4.10s. Gear ratios make a world of difference and if you prop for one and it happens to be different then what you actually have, it’s no different then putting 35s on a jeep with stock fuel economy gearing. Performance sucks and it will eat gas
  4. Something sound off. If the engine is running strong and is considered to be in good running condition and not making less then advertised power, I’d suspect something else is going on. If they replaced the gearcase with say an alpha or a bravo, and it was different then the original lower, the gear ratios could be different and you would definitely have to reprop.
  5. Shit it takes, what 5 minutes to swap a prop out? 1 cotter pin, slide it off, put the new one on, and go. If you are looking for general performance then you will sacrifice one metric for the other. It sounds like you want hole shot and midrange pulling power, so I would be looking to prop down a bit. Stainless has its advantages with a boat that big and heavy with that much torque.
  6. Same original outdrive with the same gear ratio lower unit? Both the original and reman are Mag versions?
  7. Another option is to have multiple props for various uses. One can be for water sports and pulling power that will give you a good hole shot and midrange power, but slower top speed. This will be a lower pitch prop. The other can be a more performance oriented blade if that’s what you want, that sacrifices hole shot for speed. You can’t have both, there’s always a sacrifice in propping, one way or another. You have to be mindful of selection, dropping 1 pitch increases max rpm 200 or so is the general rule of thumb. One last question, are you running stainless or aluminum?
  8. What’s the max rpm you are running on a light load? Is it in the upper range of max rpm for that 350? If I had to guess that engine is low 5s for max upper rpm range (4800-5200?) always shoot for upper rpm with a light load which will bring you to the low end of the max rpm range with some weight in or behind the boat otherwise you will be lugging and losing performance. It sounds like it’s overpropped to me. What prop are you running currently? Diameter and pitch. does the prop have exhaust venting holes on drilled in the outside diameter of the prop just above the labyrinth s
  9. I’m getting 0, you’re welcome! Nice trailer btw!!
  10. Well, not mine or Preston’s. Maybe some are but all cats are for sure bro.
  11. @ACE @bussman 800 and his buddies 2020 8000 both saw my 850 doo snow flap across the lake, couldn’t see how many sled lengths behind they were. Also, the 850 etec midrange is significantly better then the cat, it’s not even close. Bottom end Brian’s cat pulls as hard as my xcr did almost, it’s very strong down low. I liked his sled a lot he has it set up great, it just doesn’t fit me well personally. the etec 850 is superior. That’s just the truth.
  12. 7.5 shapers here with stock 4” outsides on shimmed pilot 5.7s. 129” xrs. The sled rips and handles well. I’ve used shapers on everything I’ve owned and swear by them. They’ve worn great for me, but you have to shim your skis.
  13. I like my modular 3 a lot fwiw. Obviously heavier and not a moto style but it’s been used a lot and held up very well.
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