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  1. It's definitely going up just like everything else these days but the electric utilities are more restricted than my propane supplier as to price increases hence the reference to picking up a $70 or $80K solar array at a heavily taxpayer subsidized price.
  2. I participated in an electric snowmobile marketing survey a month or so ago and commented that until the range AND performance is equal or greater than an existing ICE powered sled I won't be interested. Most of the questions centered around how much LESS range I would accept and how much LESS performance I would be willing to accept. I also got a chuckle when they then asked how much MORE I would pay for the thing. I think MC must have written the questions for the study. Yes, I would love a brand new sled that has less range and less performance for more money. Sounds sweet.
  3. Exactly, with all the shipping delays the truck full of ballots didn't show up on time but it will still get there.
  4. Obama let the taxpayers cut me a 35% write off on my Geothermal heating and cooling system so I am good until electric goes through the roof and maybe then the green new deal will pay for 30 or 40% off of a new solar array....... Thanks bidentards.
  5. Here's the kicker: "The Iowa secretary of state still has to certify the vote."
  6. Easy, MC probably tried to audition for one of the parts until he found out he was too old and AFJ and Snacks will be along shortly to say what a great thing this is for the country and how the VP deserves an award for her excellent work to date.
  7. By the time they solve for range, weight, infrastructure issues most or all of the public trails will be gone. The younger generation has little to no interest in taking over the maintenance and operation. The practicality of sleds in the mountains seems like a really long ways off unless battery technology advances far beyond the pace it is now.
  8. I emailed Gruden a link so he could sign up on Freedom Sledder - He said he is polaris550.
  9. There is already a small crack in the dem party so they are attempting to get ahead of it by filling their blind followers with more fucking lies and bullshit. A vote for dopey gropey in the last election was a declaration that the fucking shit those in power pulled was completely acceptable and so it continues. They will use more lies and fear to drive their narrative that Americans on the whole are bad and only the left can fix it when in reality they have no intention of doing anything of the sort. Next year will be another complete shit show, the BLM riots and encampments will go ri
  10. For loading in the trailer or moving around inside the garage or on the driveway I use ECO mode which backs it off considerably and makes it much less prone to spinning the track.
  11. MC can read but he has zero comprehension and proves it every day. He has been owned more than anyone in the history of forums from what I can tell. If he could find some way to get trump out of that otherwise empty headspace he might have a chance but it's quite possible, from his constant trump posts, he still thinks he's the president.
  12. Of course it's not but just based on your fucked up posts in this thread the "us" must mean you are lucky to have partners that know how to actually run a business, unless that business is barely eeking out a profit or is about to get squashed by your competition. Nothing wrong with one-upping yourself in the stupid post column.
  13. moto has no clue and obviously does not even buy shit these days. Prices of everything have skyrocketed and will continue to go up as the increased costs of everything get passed on to the consumer. That includes labor costs and taxes if the dumbocrats in office are really dumb enough to tax the very entities that can put people back to work with better than walmart wages. Some are dumb enough to believe these newly found $18 an hour non-skilled jobs are going to save the working poor when in fact the cost of living is outpacing these wage increases by a large margin.
  14. Poor MC. It has to be tough to wake up every day with that brain. I will give ol' dopey gropey credit for the two price increases I passed on to my customers over the past six months. I'm sure they are thanking him for that.
  15. The last method I would ever recommend anyone use is "trial and error" when determining the price to compete with. Since your view is narrowly defined by middle school economics I will shed more light. Some companies very well may use "willy nilly" pricing tactics, that may even work at times and there will likely be customers paying the price. The method I learned and use is to know my competition inside out and upside down. I know exactly what products and services they are providing and how I am going to compete in the market. Price is LAST on the list of most important factors and
  16. The early days of the 1200 was not iTC it arrived at the end days of the 1200 in 2016 but yeah, I agree there are many things that get's those guys panties in a bunch but they also have to deal with the gunt over on that site. I do realize that I got really lucky that both my 16' 1200 and 20' 900T both came with instant throttle response but only because I was able to order the limited editions with lester throttle blipping option.
  17. The throttle now has a cable attached to the iTC box relocated under the hood. I have not heard if there was any remapping done to it so while it will take more effort, for those that like that sort of thing, it may still be too "sensitive" for some that cannot adapt to instant response. BRP intentionally made the throttle response instant so idiot's like the lester's could not complain about lag or lack of response. Now idiot's complain it's too sensitive when all they need to do to dial it back is run the sled in normal or eco mode so they don't get bucked off. Most of the aft
  18. I really don't give two shits about your junior high economics lessons. At least acknowledge the fact there is no "market will bear" magic formula and it takes far more than middle school economics textbook lessons to run a successful company. Does not matter if your revenue is $1M or $100B. I have worked in both realities. Keep googling better. You might even accidentally stumble on the real answer but I doubt it. So far you have proven you cannot see the big picture let alone understand it.
  19. Still waiting for your "what the market will bear" formula. Take your time, google some more.
  20. Tell me economics shit for brains. What calculation do you use to figure out exactly "what the market will bear?" Can't wait. Maybe it's something I can use the next time I figure out how to price the goods and services my company provides.
  21. Even spelling it out for him I doubt moto is going to have enough live brain cells to process and understand. While his ilk see it as a fallacy other motivated people understand that they can achieve in nearly anything if they work smart and put in the effort. It's why he missed my mcdonald's response completely and why there will be wage disparities on the spectrum for all workers in all types of jobs. In the case of moto's extremely limited cognitive abilities he wiffed on two levels. First, that servers can in fact make a decent living without a degree of any kind AND that employe
  22. As usual the point will be missed by those that cannot get Trump evicted from their heads. A large swath of those chanting in these crowds actually cast real votes for dopey gropey in the hope (as naïve as it was) that he would actually do something positive for the country and maybe even follow through on the many party promises. What they are slowly realizing is that when you cast a vote for lifer, senile, completely ineffective politician that loves children that this is what you get. As for flock mentality. They are exercising their right to free speech. Something the current
  23. It may take the younger generation a bit longer to figure things out but they eventually do. This movement by students across college sports is entertaining to watch and interesting the the media is doing their best to ignore it so that just makes them want to continue to doing it even more. Even gropey-dopey is starting to get upset.
  24. Agree and some of that thought process is on display in this thread blaming "the rich" for their problems whatever being "rich" these days actually means. Fucking ridiculous and the reason it's so easy for anyone with even a little ambition to get ahead today. When every company on the planet is hiring all you need is half a working brain and a willingness to expend some effort to grab a job that just a few months ago many would never have been previously considered for. Opportunity is there but then you have threads like these that prove there is a serious problem with the declini
  25. No, you're still a fucking idiot. My post had nothing at all to do with "a whole sector of the workforce." Short of any ability to comprehend or understand business or basic economics so that's what you responded to it with.
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