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  1. Oneida County opened yesterday 1/26 based on the 3-4" of fluff we got Sat night/Sun morning. Don't expect much if you do decide to ride them.
  2. As long as lug height is proportional to the number of power bands being used....then I would say yes lol
  3. Currently 2 sleds, a Cat & a Doo Trail rider/Lake Racer
  4. Maybe not a sled, but it's used on my WI golf course...lol
  5. If you want real F7 intel, someone needs to reach out to the F7 whisperer/poet...Icemanjoe lol
  6. The '03 was the lightest of them all. Subsequent years were built to actually survive a bumpy trail. The '03 with a hot box is still a contender most places.
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