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  1. There is no tougher place in all of the USA to get a pistol permit, than NYC. Even if you have a permit for the rest of NY... It's not valid in NYC...and getting one in NYS is tough enough..
  2. Biden didn't follow Trump's timeline. Trump's date was (out by) May 1st if I'm not mistaken. Also, the Taliban broke the terms of the agreement which basically nullified the agreement. Biden was basically free to do whatever he wanted..
  3. 13 times? They would release the salute and he looked down at his watch on every last one,” Hoover said. “All 13, he looked down at his watch.”
  4. It's looking a lot like Biden can screw up anything he's involved with. It's covered in the other article posted, but really needs it's own recognition. Sad. Biden blasted by Gold Star dads Darin Hoover, Mark Schmitz for checking watch during ceremony (nypost.com) Sorry they wasted your time Joe. I'm sure you had better things to do...
  5. Lol... My whole reason for this topic was Jen the redhead is talking about someone (else) not having a soul... Ironic? That being said, she is full of shit. But that's her job. Trying to cover up Biden's gaffes is a lot to ask of anyone. As for Blackwater, they offer a service to the govt. If the govt doesn't like the terms, they are certainly welcome not to use the service. How much would you have to pay a pilot to fly into that hellhole? You want to rent my aircraft to do what? Some jackass might fire a shoulder rocket at it? Well, my price just went up..a lot... etc..
  6. Since what didn't work out? I'm talking about NY and how the state politics are controlled by the NYC progressives. Look up the SAFE act for one reference... Can you please explain to me where I referenced Trump in any of this? I get that you're self-described as an instigator, but you may want to consider that all non-progressive politics do not involve Trump..
  7. Although I really can't disagree with you on this, I fear what's going to be rammed down our throats in the next election. It's looking a lot like James or someone from nyc that's severely progressive will end up the D candidate. We're in a no-win situation as the non-urban inhabitants of NY. Even Hochul has come out all progressive out of the gate to appease the NY vote.. She thinks she's got a shot...
  8. Soulless....?? (oops, mistake...) Hello Pot? Kettle here... Jen Psaki says Blackwater founder Erik Prince is soulless for charging $6,500 for Kabul evacuation flight (msn.com)
  9. ^^ This. I was into the older stuff in my younger years. I was forced to learn the newer stuff and never looked back. I have a friend who told me he did a pdi on a supercharged Camaro. Was doing about 45 and kicked the traction control off. Stomped it and had it sideways.. Went on one with him on a Volt and we had the thing going up a S-shaped hill at 96 before he backed off...handled like it was on a rail.. The engineering into these cars is so far ahead of the old stuff... As for working on em, the electronics aren't so bad. If you know electrical/electronics, these are e
  10. The root cause is that they are fleeing their country to come here because of the incentives they have to come here. Free shit. Better opportunities. How's about we remove the incentives before the rats (people looking for a handout) end up sinking this ship too. This country needs to start looking out for itself. Just as we can't afford to be the world's police man, we also cannot afford to be the world's food pantry. 29 trillion and counting...
  11. You can't just put EVs in any dealership. Your average tech is not capable of fixing many of the electrical issues on EVs. There's a lot of stuff on those cars that will get you hurt if you screw up... Without the proper training AND ability? Yikes...
  12. Just got some last week on amazon. Didja try there?
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