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  1. I went to high school in a small town where there was one grocery store, hardware store, drug store, bank, gas station etc. Among these was a store ran by some Korean folks. I don’t remember anyone being prejudice against them, but there was a disconnection probably based on the language barrier. Anyhow, they sold cigarettes cheaper than anyone else in town so there was always lots of kids around at lunch time. A couple kids that were kinda douche bags started shoplifting from the store when it was busy at lunch. The owner caught on and one day he went up and confronted one of the shoplifters. He shoved two fingers right up the guys nostrils and perp walked him directly out the front door, basically tossed him on the sidewalk by his nose. I don’t think anyone shoplifted after that, lol.
  2. If that was my dog that fucker would be dreading the end of those 60 days. Piece of shit. Actually my wife would have already done him in so it wouldn’t matter.
  3. They never elaborated on why they liked the wood better. Could just be the placebo effect. I agree for the amount of time the pizza is in there that the wood is very unlikely to affect the flavour. Myself I was totally fine with the propane and that’s probably what I would use for the sake of simplicity. Definitely the16” would be the way to go, especially for a family.
  4. My sister has the 12” Ooni that uses wood or propane. She used it to feed about 10 of us and it was fantastic. She used propane that day because it was quicker but says they prefer wood when it’s just themselves
  5. A young lad went head first into a very large wood chipper a couple years ago. That would be a bad way to go but at least it was over quick. Another guy got caught in some kind of hopper at an asphalt plant. He was inside it servicing it, he stood on a hydraulic line and snapped it off. The resulting hydraulic leak made something come down and slowly crush him. That would be worse than the chipper I think.
  6. I know where there’s a Grand National that’s been sitting in the same driveway for at least 15 years, maybe more. A couple years ago it got moved into a field and wrapped in a tarp. Grass growing up as high as the roof. Sad to see it that way, it will be junk in a few years I would think.
  7. Let him come back but lock him in his own forum called “Out back of Sandys Sub Shack”.
  8. This one’s named Pip. His favourite thing is to find a mud hole and wallow in it. He will also dig holes in the ground, but if you catch him doing it he will lay over the hole and try to hide it.
  9. Yeah it ain’t no car show. And winter wheels aren’t gonna pull any pussy no matter how shiny they are
  10. We handle hundreds of sets of steel wheels a year. The ones that guys just brush on rust paint right over the rust look as good at the end of the season as any others. That’s about as much effort and cost that I would put into those.
  11. What are you using it on? I bought some but ended up taking it back after reading mixed reviews. Some say it’s great but others say it’s too stiff and can delaminate from the surface and allow rust between the coating and metal. I just went with regular rust paint.
  12. The dealer I work for always has about four loaner cars and a shuttle. Sales guys will also lend out their demos for good customers. Manufacturer will let us bill about $60 per day for a loaner car on a warranty repair. This winter past a guy was in a loaner for nine weeks waiting on engine parts. Problem gets to be when entitled people want a loaner car for an oil change or a half hour long recall. Then the loaner is gone for the day and isn’t there for someone who really needs it.
  13. Haven’t seen it happen on a 6.6 yet but many 5.3 and 6.2’s. The variable oil pump has a pin that the cam ring rotates on. The cam cracks at the pin and then the step that the crack creates can cause the vanes to jam and break away from the rotor. At that point it’s metal into the oil galleries and zero oil pressure. Most times the pump might make noise and engine light comes on because the pump is stuck on the lower pressure output but the engine survives.
  14. I mean I’m no engineer but if a piece of sheet metal falls against an aluminum tube spinning at 4000 RPM it’s probably gonna cut through it in a short amount of time.
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