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  1. Haven’t seen it happen on a 6.6 yet but many 5.3 and 6.2’s. The variable oil pump has a pin that the cam ring rotates on. The cam cracks at the pin and then the step that the crack creates can cause the vanes to jam and break away from the rotor. At that point it’s metal into the oil galleries and zero oil pressure. Most times the pump might make noise and engine light comes on because the pump is stuck on the lower pressure output but the engine survives.
  2. I mean I’m no engineer but if a piece of sheet metal falls against an aluminum tube spinning at 4000 RPM it’s probably gonna cut through it in a short amount of time.
  3. I don’t think he ever kept track but I kinda did. There’s about $13,000 into it the way it sits in this pic. But none of it was financed and it’s much cheaper than a new one. New AC compressor, even got heated leather seats from a Lariat now. The blue one in the background is the next project. Now he doesn’t want to drive the white one in the winter so had to buy a beater😂
  4. Over the last year and a half we fixed this up for the oldest boys first truck. I bought it for $800 with a burned valve. Cab, frame, doors were in excellent condition. Box was screwed and fenders not so great. We pulled the heads in the driveway and got it running right. Southern box, new fenders, complete paint, wheels, mirrors, weatherstrips, door hinges and a ton of odds and ends. Mechanically it was pretty good but still took quite a bit to get everything right. He paid all the parts himself. Probably has more money in it than he could ever get out of it but that doesn’t matter be
  5. I bought the cars, they pay the insurance. Teaches them to be responsible for their own actions. If they fuck up they won’t be able to afford the insurance and the cars will be parked. And it keeps my rates reasonable. Seen a few people we know where the kids have gotten huge speeding tickets, cars impounded for stunt driving etc. Cost the parents tons of money.
  6. I bought both my boys their first cars. One was a 2007 Impala that needed a transmission for $200. The other one a 2007 Buick Lucerne that had blown brake lines for $500.
  7. Make sure you put the bleeder screws toward the bottom so the fluid drains out easier
  8. Probably why it only lasted two years, it is odd. I honestly like the FXDR a lot. And while they’re not fast compared to a 1000 sport bike, the 114 is no slouch either. My local dealer had a 2019 in stock last time I was there, but the same bike with 5000 miles at another dealer was about 10 grand cheaper. Storage options are pretty much nil on the FXDR. And being a two year only bike parts will become scarce. I tend to keep things a long time. I think I’d go for the Low Rider S.
  9. Yeah those fuckers that get dressed head to toe in overpriced clothing from the dealership crack me up too. Especially the ones that get an attitude and act all hard. The only clothing I have that says Harley are a couple jackets I bought used for 1/4 of the original price.
  10. Can anyone explain the hate towards Harleys? I don’t mean this thread, but in general people are always talking shit about them. Like I think Volkswagen’s are junk but if someone shows up to a bbq with one I don’t feel the need to tell the owner what a lousy car they are. But wear a Harley shirt to the bbq and some loudmouth idiot is bound to say something about leaking oil or turning gas into noise without the harmful effects of horsepower
  11. Nah it’s correct. But you’re right it does look backwards. Many front tires are like that
  12. Bought the blue one new in 2006, still have it. Picked up the green one this spring because I felt guilty fucking off and leaving the wife at home, now she can go too.
  13. BND Big New Dildo. Because pretty much all Cat riders are faggots
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