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  1. Holly fucking bleeding vagina. Might want to get that looked at before you bleed out man.
  2. Switching companies. After shopping around we’ve found the same coverage for under $2200. Pretty happy about that. Thanks for the replies, happy new year.
  3. I just think it should be reasonably affordable for the kids that drive properly. At least give them a chance. If they screw up, then they can pay big after that. Why should he have to pay extra to subsidize the ones who choose to drive like jackwagons and wreck shit? And we’re lucky really. While it will sting, we can pay it. Many people can’t.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Seems to be a case of this company (Economical) was the cheapest last year but has had mega claims from young drivers and has jacked their rates accordingly. Sucks that even the responsible ones get painted with the same brush but it is what it is. Insurance agent has driving aged kids and seems sympathetic to our concerns. She is hoping to find something cheaper. We’ve got a bit of time to hopefully sort it out.
  5. I just have a hard time believing $3600 is reasonable His own stand alone policy. Just the bare minimum insurance to be legal. The idea was to get him started on his own so he would take responsibility for his driving habits, I personally know three people whose kids have seriously fucked their insurance rates from multiple speeding tickets and stunt driving. We were willing to help with the insurance payments if needed, but he decided to pay for the whole year in one shot by himself. I bought the car for $200 needing a transmission, fixed it, put it in his name and handed him the
  6. My 17 year old boy has a job, his own car and pays his own insurance. Drivers education course. Zero tickets, zero accidents, nothing. His first year of insurance cost $2400 which we could understand as a new driver. Just got the renewal in the mail, over $3600. Just basic insurance on a 2007 Impala. I’m ready to loose my shit. This is fucking robbery. Obviously we’re looking to change companies, is there any left in Ontario that don’t fuck you without lube?
  7. It's a tough call. If it was a $1500 car than yeah, it doesn't make much sense to be paying for collision. The cost will quickly outweigh the potential return. But on a $4000+ car, you can be out that money pretty fast if something happens. IMO you really need to find out how much collision will actually cost and decide from there. As a 40 year old it doesn't cost me much more to have it, but an 18 year old might be a different story.
  8. That's basically the same car I sold this summer, but mine had double the mileage. Good cars, the main work we do on them is just the regular wear and tear items like wheel bearings and suspension. A drain and refill on the trans would be a good idea, and you can do it yourself. I wouldn't go paying a couple hundred bucks for any fancy transmission flush, IMO. Seen few problems with the 2.4 in the malibus, it was when they put them in the equinox that they turned into a piece of shit. You won't need an e-test for ownership transfer, but I believe they will only let you put a one year st
  9. My 3rd last winter beater was a 1997 Buick Park Avenue Ultra with the 3800 supercharged. What an awesome highway car. Great stereo, super comfortable heated leather seats. For an old beater of a car that thing was great.
  10. I had a 2007 with the 3.5L for a winter beater for a couple years, I don't remember the numbers but it was really decent on gas on the highway. I would imagine the 3.9 would be a little worse on fuel but still not bad. If you want to stay with GM, another option for you might be a Malibu 2008 or newer. My last winter beater was one of those with the 4 cylinder. I didn't think I would like it as much as the Impala, but once I got used to it, it was a really nice car to drive. The ones with 3.6L engines are rocketships, might not want one of those, lol. I'm glad they went to no e-test
  11. A cheap code reader might be a good investment if you're looking at older cars. An e-test is no longer required for ownership transfer, so that makes things easier also.
  12. Nothing wrong with an Impala for reliability. 2006 and up would be my choice. They went to a dry intake manifold and MLS head gaskets, much more reliable than the older 3.4L junk. The only way I would consider an older model would be if it had a 3.8L. Look for one that's been oil sprayed. First spot they start to get soft is in front of the back wheels, like the pinch welds on the rocker panel bottoms.
  13. Can you get charged with impaired by moving the grass in the ditch in front of your house with a self propelled push mower?
  14. I hope he gets enough to bankrupt CTV. That won't happen but hopefully it sets a precedent that annonomous accusations don't get any traction with the media. Whole thing is a joke. Society should do better than this.
  15. I don't want to judge the poor woman, she has to be in absolute agony and has to live with this for the rest of her life. But what in the fuck was she doing driving around with a three year old at 1am?
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