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  1. That guy is useless as mammory glands on a bull. (Because we can't say tits at work any more...)
  2. My father-in-laws favorite was Can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit.
  3. Seems do me if she did ask these companies for their algorithms, they would tell her to pound sand. I don't think she can force it, particularly for Tic Tok, since they are not an American company. Same for verifying names, I don't see it happening, especially on day one. All these candidates promise to do this or that on day one, would be a very busy day, They would be lucky to get through most of it in a year.
  4. My daughter has a Mitsubishi Outlander that works like this. Batteries are smaller, it has a 20 - 25 mile range on electric. Then the gas motor starts, and she can go till she runs out of gas. It's AWD, with an electric motor front and back. No transmission, gas motor only charges. For running around town, taking kids to school, or going to the office, she rarely needs the gas motor. It has been reliable for four years, and drives very much like any other car, but quiet. It works very well for her needs.
  5. Ran across this on another forum. Simple message, could clear up a lot of noise about the crap that happens before a sports event. https://amazingpandph.com/disrespected-anthem/
  6. 2012 TZ1Touring for me, and a 2003 Polaris Trail Touring 550 as a backup. The Arctic Cat isn't new, but has only about 2000 miles on it, and is really clean. Runs fine. My wife rides with me sometimes, when she doesn't, I take the back seat off and cruise the trails in comfort. Just don't get it stuck, it is a heavy bugger.
  7. My kids were working for tips in the restaurant. With the tips, they were making $12 - 14 an hour as I remember, in the 2006 - 20012 time frame. A good step better than minimum wage at that time, and they learned valuable lessons about customer service, dealing with people, what it's like to have a job, and personal responsibility. Most of that is worth more than the money they made in my opinion. We had dinner at that restaurant a few weeks back, with my daughter. The owner stopped by, and had some really nice things to say about her and her brother during their time there.
  8. My kids waited tables at the local family restaurant when they were in high school. It wasn't the kind of place where you had a 'bar full of grown half drunk men' to be concerned about. If someone (typically a mom or dad eating with their family) wanted a beer or a glass of wine, my kids could take the order, and drop it at the bar. Then, another server had to pick it up from the bar and carry it to the table. Not a lot of value added at that point if you ask me. I would not have a problem with my kids delivering alcohol in that scenario. If they ever felt uncomfortable, they could always ask
  9. There will be much less of that going on if there are term limits. Not as much time to get into the favors game.
  10. There was a time where someone like that would typically be in an 'institution'. They were sequestered away there, and could not hurt anyone. Downside of that is that they were sometimes abused in those places, and it's like being put in prison before a crime is committed, not an easy thing to justify today.
  11. They are never going to cut their own throats. I would like to see a plan where anyone currently in office can stay as long as they get reelected. But - any new Congressman or Senator elected after 2024 can serve two terms in the senate, 4 terms in congress. Then they are done. I think there could be a chance of a plan like that passing, even though I agree it it isn't optimal.
  12. The warm winter may well have an effect on this.
  13. You should hear what my wife thinks about this stuff - I would get severely punished. (and yes, I do agree with her).
  14. I just looked up the lyrics for this song, and watched the video. I really don't see the problem. Can't see that it's racist, people of all colors doing crappy things in the video, doesn't call out much of anything other than disrespect for each other and our country. Why the outrage?
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