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  1. Problem with speed is aerodynamics. When speed doubles, air resistance goes up 4X. The difference in power required to hold at 75 compared to 50 mph is a lot more than you would think. Especially with something like a truck, compared to a smaller, more aerodynamic car.
  2. It has been a challenge. They kids are doing well overall. There are days when I need to talk my wife off the ledge. She wants to call or text him, and give him some serious shit. Especially today. As much as I agree with her, I keep telling her that we need to back off. It only makes my daughters life harder, which the opposite of what we want. Its not always easy to take the long view, big picture attitude when she wants to go to his house and slash his tires (for starters...). We babysit when we can, spend some extra time with them to help out. I have fun with the grandkids, and
  3. Catalina

    2 up on a Matryx

    A dedicated two up will have a more comfortable seat, foot rests, and heated bars, generally more comfortable for the passenger. Depending on how big you both are, the suspension may squat too much, maybe stronger torsion springs will fix that. It's worth a try. if you both like riding that way, you could consider selling her sled for a two up that you can ride together when you want to. She can always ride it by herself some days. You can take the back seat off on most of them these days for one up riding.
  4. For some people, getting vaxxed (or not) is based on what they call research. Good luck if you do your research on Facebook. I don't think most know how to really do the research, and could not understand the data anyway. For some, it is political, seems to me that making healthcare decisions based on politics isn't going to end well. Some people have a REAL fear of needles. They won't tell you this is the reason, especially some of the men. We once convinced a coworker to get a flu shot, he said he thought he didn't need it. The nurse was cleaning his arm getting him ready, he fa
  5. It's complicated. The girlfriend is new, and seems to be leading him around by the nose (or some other body part). She is starting to call the shots around stuff that has a direct effect on my grandkids. I agree that some compassion is needed, but I'm a little frustrated today. I also think that recklessness is going to get someone sick, and that some common sense and extra care might have been nice. My daughter has wound up a single mother, because he chose to end the marriage while she was 5 months pregnant with their second daughter (long story). So she has wound up in a single parent
  6. So much for all of the reports last year that kids don't get it, no need to be concerned... I'm not the alarmist type (My kids call me a 'low flagger'), but I believe that this is nothing to fool around with .
  7. My ex son-in-law's girlfriend has it (tested positive), found out today. She is not vaxxed. Says she already had it, don't need to vax. My granddaughters where there the other night. Find out today that their father (vaxxed) isn't feeling good today. Nightmare for my daughter. has to keep the kids (two and five) home from daycare. They were supposed to spend the weekend with their father, that isn't happening now, so no break for her. If the kids get sick, this could get messy. My daughter suggested to her ex just last week that it wasn't smart to expose the kids to this gir
  8. I guess I don't know how to respond to this. Are you trying to say that you could have predicted this was going to happen on September 5? I would love to see some evidence of that from you. I think were ALL very surprised and shocked that day.
  9. I'm not sure how anyone can blame the president for the terrorists on the plane. Seems to me that carrying a small knife (a box cutter isn't very big) onto a plane was legal. I think every hijacking before that day resulted in the plane landing safely, even it it was diverted to a different airport. I don't think anyone expected a plane to be taken over by a group planning suicide at that time. I went to California in June of that year, on flight 11 from Boston to LA, for my sisters wedding. My wife is very sure that the terrorists were on our flight that day. She noticed a group of peop
  10. I was at work. Heard some rumors, found a TV in a conference room. My first thought was that it was a news helicopter, or a small plane that hit the first building. I was surely wrong about that.
  11. Why can't these kids be given up for adoption? I have an aunt who had one baby, could not have any more. They adopted an infant girl after that (in the early 1960's). She has had a good life. I can tell you she is very happy that she was not aborted. Seems like kids wind up in foster care, and it is much more difficult to get them out. My sister could not have kids. They wanted an infant, log story short, they went to Russia for two weeks, adopted a six month old boy there from an orphanage. Records (which are spotty there) showed that he was left in a park within a day or two of w
  12. I'm OK with letting people make their own decision. Mandating for or against this seems like overstepping to me. Unless you work someplace like a nursing home. Then, bringing Covid in can kill lots of people, that is irresponsible. I am OK with a mandate for jobs like that. Also - if you don't want it, you may have some consequences. We don't know for sure, but I am thinking Cam Newton may be an example of that thinking.
  13. First, I am not sure I believe everything this guys says. Second, I believe that you need to be careful with the dosage of this stuff. Too much can do a number on you.
  14. That fine, if someone wants to stay, no problem, they can stay. I'm talking about the people who want to leave. Seems like this shitshow at the airport could have been avoided. Clear a path, put a ring around the airport, and its 'all ashore that going ashore'. Only then do you pull the defenses.
  15. For the life of me, I cannot understand why they didn't get all the civilians out while they still had soldiers there to 'hold the fort', then pull the soldiers out. Seems like a lousy strategy to me.
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