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  1. Nothing about gay pride on the Yuengling website that I can see. They do advertise a special edition with cammo and Red, White and Blue on the can, with donations to veterans groups. Looks like Sam Adams is trying to cover lots of bases. https://www.samueladams.com/about-us
  2. How would the groomer get over a stump like that in the trail? Something doesn't make sense.
  3. I think we are seeing signs of Biden's cognitive ability dropping, its hard to argue that. As far as his annual checkup, I seem to remember a number of people who didn't but Trumps doctor when he reported that Trump was healthy, so how much can we really trust those guys?
  4. I have been here for a long time. I use a different user name here, but it's still me.
  5. Sure, tides, wind and storms have an effect. But I would think that if you took the average level at any one point, it would be quite consistent. Tides rise and fall different amounts depending on a number of circumstances. There are almost no tides in places like Aruba, near the equator. The fjords in places like Norway (I think that's where they are) see much higher low and high tides, same for parts of the coast of Canada. Often, the places with the large surges are inlets, somewhat funnel shaped. Lots of water is pushed into a narrow space, causing a larger rise and fall with the tid
  6. Seems to me that sea level in Newfoundland, or Maine should be the same a sea level in Florida. Water seeks it's own level, and there should not be any difference up and down the coast, except for tides and storms. I struggle to understand how they can tell us that the rise only effects the cities.
  7. The only way we will get term limits (and I think we should have them) is if anyone currently in office is grandfathered in (can I use that term anymore? Should I say 'grandparented' in?). Any other way means the current politicians will be putting themselves out of a job, it isn't going to happen. It would take a generation to get everyone cleared out, but it's the only way to get it done. As for Cruz, if he doesn't run again, he can't put in a bill to start term limits, if that's what he wants to do, lets keep him for a while longer. We have limits for President, if
  8. As much as I hate to say this, it could be real trouble for Thomas going forward. He may have gone too far. If that is the case, the balance of the court will change again, at least a bit. Seems like an argument for not packing the court, things have a way of balancing themselves out with a bit of patience. Time will tell.
  9. I believe you cannot accept the gift if you are a supreme court justice, or most any other government employee. I did some consulting work for the EPA last year. We visited their facility, and could not take them to dinner and pay for it, they could not 'accept' the value of the dinner. Had to be separate checks. There are very strict rules around gifts for federal employees.
  10. Crazy Keith I think? If I remember right, he turned off a trail to cool his sled, hit a cable across is driveway and died in the accident. Could be thinking of someone else for sure.
  11. This could turn into a real problem. Regardless of who has them, there are way too many classified/secret docs floating around. My guess if you checked the home/office of any senator or congressman who has been there more than two terms, you would find that they have stuff that they should not have. I tis completely out oof control. Whoever is responsible for managing classified or secret materials has failed miserably, and it could cause trouble for us down the road, regardless of political party.
  12. This. Laws vary from state to state, you should find a seminar or two offered by an estate lawyer. Get information, free dinner, and a chance to ask questions. Go to two or three, it will help you pick the right firm to work with. My father had a trust in place when he died two years ago. I was able to sell his car, his condo, and send checks to my brothers and sisters in about six months. No way it happens that quick with just a will, because of probate. But - As I said, laws vary between states, every situation is different.
  13. I think it depends on the kid, on the trail, and what day it is. Also depends on the weather, and if Mom is watching. For example - Tug Hill or Rangeley Maine on Saturday afternoon is a bad idea.
  14. Yup, he always had a good forecast. As I remember, it was his first week at the station when the blizzard came. I was out at lunchtime that day, remember Don Kent on WBZ radio saying that the storm was blowing out to sea, nothing to worry about. Three hours later, it was a complete shit show in central Mass. I lived in northern RI at that time. Woke up the next morning, could not see my car, it was completely buried in snow, and it was still coming down.
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