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  1. Riding in the wrong places, and noise are not new problems. My brother found a copy of Life Magazine from 1971 in an antique shop someplace, and sent it to me. Some cool pics. If you can read the first page, the subjects of 'off trail' and noise are right up front.
  2. Seems like a series of interviews, and some 'behind the scenes' shots of what it takes to keep trails open, and who does the work run on something like Sled TV might be helpful. Just as a way to get the word out. Follow a group of club members for a day as they clear brush and build a bridge, maybe even talk to a landowner, that sort of thing.
  3. I think local control (state) makes sense, not federal. I see no problem with some sort of proof of your identity when voting, but there should be flexibility here. It is important to let every eligible person vote with a minimum of fuss. it's not OK to build in rules that suppress legal voters.
  4. Problem is that it is not that simple. Some states, like the one they live in, allow you to put an X on your license or birth certificate, instead of a M or F. Doing this before the rest of the country is ready for it causes problems. The TSA is supposed to match up the info on your ticket (Name, address, gender...) with the info on your ID. This person has an ID with an X, and the only options Delta offers are M or F. So there is no way the info can match. This can result in a passenger not being allowed to board. The problem here is really with the more liberal states making it
  5. I have to think that if Trump had been reelected, he would have ended it, everyone would have come home. Difference is, I think he would have cleared out the civilians first, them the military, instead of the other way around. Probably would have worked better...
  6. Last I knew, Skully had retired from work. Not sure of anything beyond that.
  7. I don't think Covid was Trumps downfall. If fact, he delivered a vaccine approval within a few days of the election, I don't think anyone went without a ventilator after all the screaming. Mercy ships put in place on both coasts, even if they were not needed. There were a lot of wins in an uphill battle that no one (worldwide) saw coming. People laughed when he made a comment about cleaning and reusing masks, then they built a facility near Boston to clean masks. I will agree that the beach in blood comment is a place where he maybe should have held his tongue, but he wasn't very good at
  8. I think Biden won fair and square. I also think that if Trump had handled the first debate differently, and would have been willing to back off a bit on the rhetoric, he would have won. There were enough people frustrated with the hyperbole that they wanted Trump out, so a weak candidate (ticket, in fact) could beat him. Now, we have to live with the results of that.
  9. Some might consider it good food???, but it's not fine dining.
  10. I remember a few people were pretty pissed when he sold it, like a year after he got it.
  11. There is a pretty good chance he is in jail.
  12. I wonder whatever happened to sleddyeddie?
  13. I live in Mass, and don't like some of the things they put us through, so don't think I am defending the state. But - Do you think it would be any different in New York?
  14. Probably popular with people like trappers. Don't need to go fast. Super reliable and simple. Narrow, so fits through places a bigger sled won't, lightweight. I think they are air cooled, so good in low snow. Probably a good workhorse for that task, for small money, compared to something like an Expedition or a Titan.
  15. That's terrible, and I hate that it happened, but I hope they put at least as much effort into looking for the killers of people there as they do for the dog.
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