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  1. I heard on a TV report here that because of the war, Ukrainians here are protected from having to go home. So I am not sure they could send him back until the war is over, if they can do it at all. The guy never should have been driving that rig under any kind of impairment, but it sounds like that did not contribute to the accident at all. Too bad to see all that death and carnage for no good reason.
  2. I'm very sorry to hear that. It sounds like he suffered plenty over the past year, at least that is done for him. Watching someone struggle is the worst.
  3. My first was a '68 Beetle. Had lots of miles, was pretty tired, bought it for $400. Once it got cold, it had to go, those things basically had zero heat. Next was a '69 Mustang, like below. Much more fun, but TERRIBLE in the snow. Even with snow tires, could get stuck in level ground if it was icy. Tires just wanted to spin.
  4. I could deal with an age limit (80?) for justices appointed in the future. But - the current ones are 'grandfathered' by the rules in place when they were appointed. Maybe a way to get term limits in congress would be to do the same. If you are in, you stay as long as you get reelected. For anyone new elected after 2026 (for example), the get two terms in the senate, four terms in congress. It would take a while to flush out the current members, but there is no way they are going to vote in term limits for themselves.
  5. Unless it's worded so that the SCOTUS terms only expire while the democrats have a president in the white house, this could very easily backfire on them in a big way.
  6. Be VERY careful with mickey mouse setups for connecting a generator. You can get a decent transfer switch installed for about $5 - 600. My son-in-law, nephew and brother-in-law are lineman with the local electric utility. I would hate to see one of them get killed on the job because someone in the house flipped the wrong switch.
  7. Is this true? https://www.risch.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/2022/3/illegal-immigrants-are-using-arrest-warrants-to-get-through-airport-security My wife ran into this story last night. I have not see it anyplace else. It makes zero sense to me, dumbest thing I have ever heard. I don't think (have to admit I have never had one with my name on it) there is a picture on it, which is required by TSA. We have to jump through the hoops to get a ReadID license, or use a passport, how can this be allowed?
  8. The have the Alpha (first letter) - I am hoping this one doesn't turn out to be Omega (last letter).
  9. The door is not supposed to open on that orange one.
  10. Sorry to hear that. Most of the arguments here really are pretty meaningless. When something that is a real issue happens, that gets put into perspective. Losing young people is the worst. I have experienced it, and years later I still can get choked up thinking about it (like right now, since you got me thinking about it).
  11. I bet there is a forum somewhere with thousands of posts about which one is best. Probably more arguing than an oil thread...
  12. She was all in for Bernie - Probably didn't endorse him last time. Probably still wants Bernie to run again.
  13. I think it is critical that they find out how this happened, and make sure it's the last time. All the crying that will happen between now and when the real decision comes down is not likely to change the decision that is made. We don't even know what it will be by the time they are done. But this sort if thing cannot continue, whichever way you feel about the question on the table.
  14. I wonder if this is all twisted around some false assumptions. Just checked, the average lifespan of a $1 bill is 6.6 years. For a $5, it is 5.7 I think. When banks get bills that are tattered or worn, they are processed (by the Fed??) and destroyed, and replaced with new. Based on that in the 2+ years since Covid started, about 1/3 of the bills would have been taken out of circulation and replaced anyway. They may not be saying that there are 1/3 more bills (by value) in circulation than there was before Covid.
  15. Not good with a FedEx truck, really scary with anything flammable.
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