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  1. looks like your situation is permanent. sorry bout your luck
  2. still stuck on stupid. Trump is your daddy There was a plan in place but nobody followed it because trump. And we got what we got. You were and still are part of it. embrace your other true daddy biden
  3. just remembering an abject failure that caused real people to die. Sharpie gate did not fool
  4. So biden has secret back-channel communications with guess who? russia Sounds dirty just like spins underwear
  5. you are a democrat the pure definition of a racist. Embrace the history it is you
  6. still hiding behind cabinet confidentiality to discuss details. Wierd that science and canadian health care is so important they cant openly discuss it. needs to be done in secret. so purely political and all of the propaganda claiming otherwise it is very unpopular across the board. This has to hurt as all of the liberal clowns supported this and tried there hardest to not let this go but nearly 100% opposition to it and the political fallout was too great to ignore any longer.
  7. veto pen will be busy? So he is pre-emptively claiming to stop legislation that hasent even been drafted yet. Sounds like quality leadership for everyone. What A fucking joke
  8. not my problem you outed yourself. candy van man
  9. I would bet he needs a drool cup so it doesn't puddle up on the floor and cause a slip and fall hazard.
  10. his entire purpose is to be a contrary asshole. If you said the sky is blue he would claim otherwise
  11. and you chose to be an idiot. all your choice
  12. I dont think anyone wants to hear your personal preferences
  13. dude quite being a fucking ass People were forced to take it. Not everyone was but that was more due to legal ramifications that some corporations were unwilling to take. Governments did not care and rammed those requirements into effect. So either get your memory checked or just do some research or fuck off. your choice
  14. clearly he has had a medical issue and so has biden. both should step down and leave this business of running government to capable people who have the brain to do the job entrusted to them.
  15. this is about you. your words and actions fit this video clip perfectly. To a Tee
  16. Wouldn't it be funny if what trump had stored away was all of the hilliary stuff and all of the hunter stuff and the fake whistle blower stuff etc.. all boxed up and in one place and there for all to see. Kinda gives a reason on why there has been no leaks as to the contents of the documents.
  17. LoL do you really think the dems will act any different to the new rep devil? It will be the exact same act with a new name. 90% of the crap was dems throwing a tantrum. I can 100% guarantee if desantis is running for potus the same play book will be used. Funny that you would just roll over to stop the dems from pissing on your face. wierd. that's why biden is in power cuz everyone wanted it to just stop but now we have it even worse.
  18. So I'm speculating wildly here but it may be possible while a phase separation is occurring that the induced movement of the 2 liquids separating could build up a charge. Especially if both liquids have a different molecular charge. It would be similar to a galvanic voltage that is produced in dissimilar metals. Proper grounding would take care of this issue.
  19. is that your issue numbers make you go funny?
  20. not quite but he does resemble you in many ways.
  21. just like hunter your personal hero
  22. you never said why you finger paint with the load in your diaper...................
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