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  1. US consumers too. Voluntarily shipping massive amounts of net wealth offshore every year has it's consequences, eventually.
  2. The avg US household sends $3k per year to China every year, and growing. It’s a big wealth transfer as they steal our technology. Gonna be tough times for the US in 5-10 years due to China.
  3. Inventory, or lack thereof, tells much of the story.
  4. Isn’t the latest him looking down the shirt of a staffer? If that’s sexual harassment I guess I’m guilty too. That’s fucking instinct unless one lacks testosterone
  5. Lower production due to COVID but increased demand from tablets, laptops, etc for the work from home crowd. The perfect storm really for demand > supply.
  6. If we all evaded taxes the way rich liberals do, we too could afford multiple face lifts!!!
  7. Had it done in 2006. Zero complaints and glad I did it. Think I paid $5k back then.
  8. Now that the democrats have full control of Washington (Congress and the WH), they should have no trouble reversing the destructive Trump tax cuts of 2017. My question, what will be their excuse when they don't fully reverse Trump's tax cuts?
  9. That’s why leases makes more sense. 😁
  10. Do liberals ever bring anything positive to the party? They’re like the party goer who shows up empty handed and drinks all the beer.
  11. Yup, and in 2030 they don't want to sell any non-electric new cars. Their electric grid should handle it well. United States of China by 2040.
  12. That's the liberal end game. Rich liberals and everyone else is poor.
  13. zero % interest rates coupled with the massive amounts of helicopter $$ from the Federal reserve. It can only go one way.....until it can't.
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