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  1. Kind of short notice but it’s coming up this weekend……,….
  2. So now that I’ve switched over to Arctic Cat I picked up a 2007 F8 EFI snow pro. Fire it up and its running and everything’s going well. Shut it off and I get a whiff of gas smell. Is that normal too get that ……. Just curious…….
  3. Tonight will possibly be the end of an era in Brooklyn Center, Mn . The mayor and the city council will vote too remove 14 officers from its police force. Normally there is 38 officers on staff here . I’ve lived here a big chunk of my life so far , and have witnessed the downward spiral of the city. With that …..We’re leaving in the spring sometime and taking my mom from Brooklyn Park with us. When the verdict is read , I’ll be ready for what happens next in this city . All my friends will be a reach away ……
  4. We stayed Grand superior Lodge . We took the spur from rustic Inn to 60 . Yeah it was more of a get the ladies introduced to trail riding during the week to reduce any oncoming traffic that would scare the shit out of them. For being out there for the first time. Saw 15-18 sleds The entire time up there riding during the day only.
  5. Had some fun during the week on the north shore 2nd week in feb. Been too long since I’ve been back ! Had the wives with and it was their 1st time on the trails . My wife had only been riding on the farm for 10 years..... she was a bit nervous. But she put on 240 miles in 3 days which is a great start for them. Going to get back up there in March for another ride.
  6. Now there’s someone who knows a thing or two....... hmmmmm who’s out front on the last day ! How about some Lottery numbers ....eh’ Tom
  7. Saw this and thought I would post it here 😜
  8. Just out busting some trails after 6” fell. Gonna hit it again this Friday after a pedicure.
  9. Very very long read , but it is another incredible story of the Iron Dog race . Thank to Matt Trask for sharing again ....thought some of you may remember . 2015 Iron Dog was an EPIC year for the race, here is a good memory that came up on my FB feed. Enjoy... I am amazed on how many people were following us along the way, and there is probably a lot of questions. This is Chris and I'll express my side of things.... First of all at Big Lake it felt like we were really rushed with last minute packing and logistics. Didn't get to say goodbye to the family like I would have l
  10. This sorta reminds me of Days of Thunder " just give me high gear " ...lol . Thats my only thought to the situation , it is strange like you say .
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