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  1. I grew up on a dairy farm Central Ontario still have a brother and a nephew milking cows. Overproduction of milk is a problem everywhere in the world need to milk more cows to pay the bills the only problem is is already too much milk on the market it's a vicious circle.
  2. I am a commercial and Industrial HVAC technician in eastern Ontario and I would not recommend anyone getting into a trade we keep hearing high demand and high paying jobs. I have not seen pay raise in over 15 years I'm constantly being told to do unsafe or immoral thinks so my employer can make a few extra bucks. My son just completed is apprenticeship in another trade is it now working for a 3rd company having the same experiences I have had for the last 35 years. It upsets me when I see advertisement telling young people there is excellent money in trades that just isn't the case. Another f
  3. Fuck the GTA they hold enough seats and every Federal and provincial election to be the Swing Vote then expect the rest of rural Canada bow down to them with their fucking stupid rules and regulations . We are over taxed so some dumb fuck in downtown Toronto who knows nothing about the rest of the country can have a job that provides nothing for the rest of the province. Why any Real Canadian would stay living in that shit hole it's beyond me
  4. Chinese are coming out of Toronto and buying real estate in my area at stupid prices and letting sit empty just for an investment tell me that's good for the country Farms not being worked Public Schools sitting a abandoned yeah they're buying Public School . There stupid fucks. My son was in trade school a year ago in Toronto and became friends with a young man from China. I meant him seem to be Ok. Calls my son this falls want to buy his hunting guns because his wife has left him. My son says no and he get pissed off with him. Yaung says the guns on the street in Toronto have got to expensiv
  5. Toronto and the GTA is nothing but a shitthole it should be fenced off with a wall and forced to separate from the rest of Canada beforre it fuck it up I live two hours East of Toronto the price of real estate is threwthe roof there's more East Indians on the streets then white people our local college is right full of them . If Alberta decide to separate I'm going with them
  6. Check out this video on another disease carried by Ticks. Killed my friend father after being bit two summer ago. https://video.foxnews.com/v/5460511749001/#sp=show-clips
  7. The three generation family sugar bush shutdown 4 years ago . No money in that either.
  8. My nephew is a Canadian Dairy Farmer in Ontario is milk check has already dropped 20% over the last 4 years and now he is uncertain how much more it going to drop. He was ready to borrow money to built a new robot barn but now it just a day to day operation and he is looking for other career paths. The Chinese already supply are honey ,garlic and can fruit. India is dumping cheap food in are grocery stores. Now the American are going after are milk ,eggs and poultry . It is not a good time to be a farmer in Canada and if we lose the ability to food our self's it could be a bad time for all o
  9. You are getting fucked. Read your warranty information that came with the furnace from the manufacture for a straight answer. I have been working in the commercial and industrial HVAC refrigeration industry in Ontario for 30 + years. Residential hvac sale man are usually paid by commission and would fuck over there own Mother for dollar.
  10. Planning on snowmobiling out of there this weekend. Is trail WN400 rideable to D trail. Ofsc map show a small section closed ? Is the Comfort inn Hotel Trail Friendly ? Thanks.
  11. All the trails we rode went yellow on the ofsc map on Friday. Lots of sleds out. Had lunch at a hunting cap on Ashby lake.
  12. Just got back. dropped in at Colyne and went to Mccarthers mills and back. Not perfect but worth the truck and trailer ride up from Belleville.
  13. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/john-macdonald-school-1.4259643 So much for unions just protecting there members right, this union wants the name of are first prime minster removed from all schools. When and where will all this political correctness end.
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