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  1. I got a guy in Oshawa to tig weld my kids heat exchanger on his Arctic cat . huge hole in it . Did a great job , can forward contact info if you think that is not too far . Don't know exactly where u are
  2. Not really sure the total amount was probably around 12" . then it got warm and there was some melt off . The amount of melt was as i noted above different in different areas of the forest.
  3. S aw a few sleds on trail but much less than i was expecting to see . There was probably 20 sleds parked in Bewdley when we got there
  4. Ride starting in Birkton, Long Sault trails were in great shape today . Crossed the 115 and into the forest trails still nice a bit rougher . rode the forest this afternoon and into Bewdley for lunch . Nearing Bewdley it was apparent there had been significant rain. Signs of thaw and refrozen left trails with ice patches esp in corners. having said that most of the ganny trails were quite nice and the group had an enjoyable ride
  5. Just got back from a ride in the area mentioned above . Not a big ride admittedly but have to say the Rail line was a 9 out of 10. Nice and smooth , lots of snow cover just one spot that the trail was flooded over. This spot was very well marked with warning tape hanging from above which literally touched your helmet as you approached warning of the hazard ahead. there was very few other sleds out today. Had lunch in Mcketts and some locals told me the trail was just as good yesterday as it is today. OFSC map shows limited.......
  6. I bought a used electric forced air furnace from a mobile home for the cost of scrap. turned it on its side and hang from ceiling in my garage. Only use it occasionally so cost of electricity is not really a concern. Have to say it is nice to have in there when I do need it . Heats up the garage nice and toasty
  7. so the superior propane location ? do other sledders use this location? is there any other locations
  8. Planning to trailer to Fenelon and ride from there . Hopefully mid January. Perhaps a few times . Looking for advice as to a "safe" place for truck and trailer to be left for two or three days. Anyone have some suggestions?
  9. 77 plus 40 equals 117 .... subtract your age and you come up with the year you were born , or at least the last two digits. Whats the mystery? Now that we are in the year 2018 this will soon need to add up to 118. This amazing riddle will have to be up dated to 78 beer plus 40 minus your age to work depending on your birth date.
  10. I was told he works at Blackstock Yamaha dealer. One video he rides to orono Liquor store . Def from area
  11. Looking to go for a ride , map says most trails closed . Some yellow around Bancroft is it worth it to trailer there ? Anybody know the trail conditions ?
  12. Decided to go ahead after seeing Thinksno photo . Found the trails surprisingly in very good ride able condition. Glad we went . Found all trails to be well groomed and only a few spots worn thin in parking lots or at road crossings etc.
  13. Decided to go ahead after seeing Thinksno photo . Found the trails surprisingly in very good ride able condition. Glad we went . Thanks for the heads up Thinksno
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