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  2. paid cash, reduced my TNW by 17.5k, was a good year trucking hot oil
  3. That poor thing. Why are libtwats so upset about people that are "going to get what they deserve"? Imbeciles.
  4. No pain. Just shaking my head at what a bunch of fucking pussies and imbeciles America has collectively become. I guess it's true though, you are only as strong as the weakest link. I just wish we'd quit manufacturing the weak ones. Poor, poor victims.
  5. the car manuf. love it. They know majority can get financing, so they up the price of the vehicles more and more and low and behold, people still come up with the financing. Brilliant!
  6. Funny how they mot only don't have to disclose any of that with the vaccine because they have media and govenment running there marketing campain . Bit my favorite part is when someone posts what has happened to them after there shot in any negative way they are booted from that fourm . Merica
  7. Much more likely? Really just today you told us all in another thread we are whopping 11% more likely to die oh my . 11% is much more keep your sppin straight
  8. Just called a propane supplier to get a set date on switching my tank at the cabin from another provider. Now mind you I called a couple of weeks ago and the new customer price was $1.49 a gallon. Today that price was $2.09 a gallon. $.60 difference in 2 weeks. Unreal......
  9. My fucking god now your an airline travel scheduling expert too? Speaking of conspiracy theory Queens, what weather event was large enough to last for three days but only effected one airline and nothing else? Bold describes your time here perfectly
  10. Do you think the extra wind the super charger produces will keep the engine from not over heating in snow?
  11. Last time I checked, propane and NG do not come from an oil refinery..I could be wrong, but pretty sure I'm right
  12. You must be so proud to have your fluffers backing you up .
  13. Right there I know you ride alone . Do you ride with your wife ? to ride with one kid two kid three kids four kids or 3 or four kids and a wife? Then you’ll say you should either make more money or not ride with your kids. Skiing ? 80 per person per day. How about that gas in the truck that you need to do work out of that’s extra hundred a week. If You’re not an average American don’t talk like you are. Not all people do things on their own. There are things called families. And btw, everything else is up too. Makes it real hard for lots of folks. And since when is an issue fo
  14. You fucking idiot, read the fucking title to the thread..
  15. Easy. When supply catches up. Is home oil processed through the same refineries? I honestly don’t know, but if it is, see above.
  16. Again, the topic was fuel costs. Not my fault you can’t follow a topic.
  17. I think less than half of that is actually for infrastructure to boot.
  18. When there’s snow at home I’ll go throw down 50-75 miles in an evening - ride over to a buddies shop, shoot the shit for an hour and head back. I’ll do that 3-4 days a week if there’s snow at home south of the Twin Cities. If the snow is non-existent for riding there, I’ll spend 4-5 days at a time up north mostly weekdays, with at least 2 10-day saddle bag trips, couple hundred miles a day. I usually burn about 25 days of my PTO during late December through March if snow permits. Someday soon I’ll just take the whole winter off work. Is it about the miles? Yeah, to a certain exten
  19. I have always taken the 60 just in case somthing happens and more often than not have them paid in 24
  20. Cool story bro, so when's gas going back down?? Everything is wide open now..People are traveling all over again..When's it gonna happen?? And why is my home heating oil so high priced, it doesn't run in a car and obviously with people home they they are consuming more, same with NG and propane?. Why so high?? People we're home and consumed more??
  21. Well to that I say if you want NASCAR watch NASCAR. F1 is a race to the finish NASCAR would be even worse than F1 if it wasnt for all of the "Competition Cautions" keeping the pack all bunched up artificially. F1 is the closest thing to run what you brung run it as hard as you can and see how you stack up. Nascar is a manufactured joke in comparison. I like both by the way but are different classes in every way
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