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  1. no, momo, i wasn't. the guy is a predator, just like biden, (except i think trump stays at the legal age creeping). there are people i don't want around my girls. trump, biden, clinton (both), rosie odonnell, etc. lol
  2. my american dumpers? hahahaha. good one. btw when i got my membership, i paid with my visa and came up as a yank. was going to change it, but fuck it. make sure the flag is correct next renewal.
  3. i thought the russians are last weeks news, and now it's cambridge analytica and facebook.
  4. ya right. he's an asshole and wouldn't even let him buy me a beer, let alone be near my girls. nice trolling.
  5. one of my fucking daughters and creepy uncle joe would be in the hospital
  6. WTF California???

    california. the big quake (which is overdue) cant come soon enough
  7. Assault weapons ban?

    until last year, there was no laws restricting mag capacity of rim fires. everyone and their dog had 50's for their 10/22's. then BAM! our fairy prime minister and his gestapo ruled them illegal. BTW, he's not my prime minister. hahaha. out west we hate the frollicking faggot
  8. Assault weapons ban?

    up here they banned ak's and the likes. they were just rifles with no bullshit, but after, they were banned and those that had them now owned restricted weapons(gun ranges only). mag capacities were limited to 5rds. those that had others were to destroy or pin them.
  9. Meme thread

  10. Any of you think Doug Ford can win?’-dislike-of-doug-ford-poll-finds/ar-BBK7BfT?li=AAggFp5
  11. Meme thread