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  1. nice to see someone from outside canada is seeing through this cunt.
  2. Evil Knows

    just watched it for the first time last night. got a hell of a kick out of it.
  3. Chicago LOL

    what the fuck monkey language is that?
  4. we have a bunch of fires over here now, towns evacuated, others on watch. a lot of people here are wondering about these type of aircraft not being used (martin mars for one). what it comes down to is turnaround time. if you can have choppers and smaller planes buzzing repeatadly between lakes and fires it is good. and the smaller craft have an endless supply of big and small lakes and rivers to feed from. the martin mars, that has been used a few times in the last few years has a feeding area that only 15 or so lakes in b.c. can accomplish.
  5. Hope for humanity...

    nailed it. always has to be a new boogeyman since the last war.
  6. Will Canada be the new World Leader?

    please guys. the people that voted this twat into power were frogs, ontario minorities and maritimers on the dole. nobody out west can stand the fucktard. BTW he won the election with just 40% of the national vote. 60% didnt want him. and racinfarmer, thats great clip, that is exactly what the cunt is, a little fuck wanting to hang around the big kids
  7. fun stuff
  8. Canadian daycare

    love it
  9. did you read the article? Merica?
  10. The gooks of Hazzard

    never gets old!!!!! thanks, forgot about it. awesome
  11. Meme thread

  12. i think the best thing that could happen is that we discover life elsewhere and that will put another nail in the coffin of the monotheistic religions that have plagued us for the last few thousand years. dont the religious ones all think we are the special place that god 'chose'?
  13. hahaha. find fat broads hideous. but a buddy said they give the best head, for they know there is a hot snack coming
  14. mc, that is the funniest thing i have read. lets see now, 40% want him gone. didnt hillary get 47-48% of the pop vote? sooooo, if i was a pollster with an agenda, i may say that 7-8% of hillary supporters think he is fine. if clnton won, i am sure there would be 40% wanting her impeached over whatever. this is a non news thing. i cant believe the shit that comes out of people. (both sides) the election is over. wait 4 years and give her another go. it seems the american election has made people unbalanced on the road to full on retardedness. my guy didnt win our last election, but i curse, hope for the best and hope he doesn't fuck it up too badly, and wait for the next election
  15. Meme thread

    there you have it folks! the only thing faggier than a bag of cocks