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  1. mtnloverxtreme2

    Get 'em Gowdy..

    same page. i have never seen a face i wanted to destroy more than his
  2. mtnloverxtreme2

    How are these stupid fucks

    for shits and giggles MC, i have a C note saying he does. and yes i will make sure it is an american C note
  3. years ago i was in fort st. john working on some machinery and got a tour of the mill. you are right. but what ever the fuck you do, dont say plywood
  4. mtnloverxtreme2

    Meme thread

  5. mtnloverxtreme2

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    they'd never be dry enough to chafe with me around. lol
  6. mtnloverxtreme2

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    gwen singer
  7. fucking hell. i thought that cunt was dead
  8. mtnloverxtreme2

    Game of Thrones.

    hahaha. years ago, a welder at my job was mentioning he and his ole lady split and he went squirelly. ended up in looney bin for a bit. i said hmmm. then he says he met a 19 year old broad there. (we were both in our mid forties) i said oh? (good place for broads, haha) i then asked him what she looked like. he just looked at me like i had two heads and went, "gerald, she was 19!!!" just laughed. so ya, these fuckers that scorn would probably be a 2 pump chump if there ever was a snowballs chance they could land it
  9. mtnloverxtreme2

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    sal, your best post ever. hahahaha
  10. just when i think trudope and his minions cant get any dumber........ FFS he can't back down or even more people will see he is a lying cunt, or he can proceed and EVERYONE will see the inner crap of the govt and the lying cunt will be stammering till hell wont have it
  11. mtnloverxtreme2

    jagger's heart surgery

    FFS not bad. and yes slinger i hope all goes well without jesus fucking you
  12. mtnloverxtreme2

    jagger's heart surgery

    jesus fuck slinger. hope it goes well for you.
  13. mtnloverxtreme2

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    agreed. worried the cops will be at my door confiscating the computer for kiddie stuff because i looked. lol
  14. it's an aquired taste. like scotch