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  1. the fucktard will be dead soon. he may start prattling about the hollyweird/dem shennanigans on scale with himself. the clintons john wick is on his way. lol
  2. good lord! all trumps fault. listen, we all know you loathe him, but c'mon now. the blame on NK rests a lot on st. obama too, (check out hillaries take on this too). and we can go all the way back to slick willy and his less than stellar handling of them. the three before trump handled it just as good. hahahaha. mind you, who gives a rats ass, except the govt and press to keep the state of fear going. germans, japanese, russians, chinese, north koreans, vietnamese, khomeni, saddam, isis, chinese again, russians again, venezuela, north koreans again. jesus fucking christ! it never ends a fucking tempest in a teapot. nothing will come from this shit, except more people will be afraid of another boogeyman and let the fucktards in power, be they repub, dem, yogic fliers, whoever keep feeding the insatiable appetite of a certain industry.
  3. another GOP cakewalk.

    i remember all the so called "experts" prattling on like crack chimps about the huge casualties the coalition would endure before the first gulf war. hahahahahahaha. war has so many variables, it's not funny. all wars and battles, while similiar are never the same. i take these arm chair experts with a grain of salt. (sort of like pollsters)
  4. jesus! i've seen better faces on clocks. what a hound
  5. Tom Petty

    fuck sakes! he was a gooder!
  6. Michelle Obama

    michelle obama. hahaha. who cares what that says
  7. Destination Elevation

    lucky enough to be a it is beyond great
  8. Meme thread

  9. actor Christopher Lee

    think about the movie industries leading men back in the day. ww2, korean war vets. actors who actually left hollyweird to serve, and vets that started acting after the wars. MEN. look at the pathetic fucks on screen now. (and the ones that act tough. lol)
  10. nice to see someone from outside canada is seeing through this cunt.
  11. Evil Knows

    just watched it for the first time last night. got a hell of a kick out of it.
  12. Chicago LOL

    what the fuck monkey language is that?
  13. we have a bunch of fires over here now, towns evacuated, others on watch. a lot of people here are wondering about these type of aircraft not being used (martin mars for one). what it comes down to is turnaround time. if you can have choppers and smaller planes buzzing repeatadly between lakes and fires it is good. and the smaller craft have an endless supply of big and small lakes and rivers to feed from. the martin mars, that has been used a few times in the last few years has a feeding area that only 15 or so lakes in b.c. can accomplish.
  14. Hope for humanity...

    nailed it. always has to be a new boogeyman since the last war.
  15. Will Canada be the new World Leader?

    please guys. the people that voted this twat into power were frogs, ontario minorities and maritimers on the dole. nobody out west can stand the fucktard. BTW he won the election with just 40% of the national vote. 60% didnt want him. and racinfarmer, thats great clip, that is exactly what the cunt is, a little fuck wanting to hang around the big kids