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  1. A05GSHO


  2. A05GSHO

    "Cappy Storm"

    Speechless just terrible. RIP Dave
  3. A05GSHO

    "Cappy Storm"

    He has COPD. Not sure what stage if I remember he's at like stage 4 of 5. He couldn't breath very well the other day and his grandson called 911. He's in the hospital sedated on a ventilator with pneumonia. YAAAA FUCK read it yourselves, not good. http://www.snowsledders.com/showthread.php?p=82056#post82056
  4. A05GSHO

    "Cappy Storm"

    It ain't Dave's time yet. He'll be back, he'll be back on the trail. God speed Dave.
  5. Going to the World Championship Torc Off road races tomorrow in Crandon WI.
  6. A05GSHO

    GPS for sled

    I use a Garmin Montana 600 with the Ram handlebar mount. Bought to use on my sled, ATV, and my cars and truck. I have VVMapping on it
  7. A05GSHO

    What's on your desktop?

    Puter was impatient its there now
  8. Be nice you old fuck.
  9. 3618 posts from Capt Storm.....what a whore
  10. and your opinions on Eskimo's?